Your Says of the Day: ‘Wenger is tunnel-visioned’

Date published: Thursday 30th June 2016 1:31

Arsene Wenger: Reported candidate for England boss.

Our readers debate who is better value Sadio Mane and Henrikh Mkhitarayan, Liverpool’s chances next season and Arsene Wenger becoming next England manager.

Mane vs. Mkhitarayan- who’s got the better deal?


On the face of it,United seem to have got better value for money but people also said the same thing last year when we signed Firmino and they bought Depay, and I think it’s safe to say that Robbie had a better season. Mane has had a couple of seasons playing in the PL and Mkhitaryan is new to English football. There’s no telling how well he will adapt to the PL. Both good players,but let’s reserve judgement until they’ve settled in,and we’ve seen them play over a consistent period of time. I like both players,and think they’ll improve their sides massively.


Mane can be quality, who knows if he can settle in quickly? He has PL experience which should help.

Mkhitaryan is coming off a very successful season in Germany. Everything is new to him though, so it might be the following season til he shows if he is good enough. Di Maria and Kagawa arrived with glowing reputations and were disasters. In fact, Kagawa and Mkhitaryan are arriving in very similar circumstances. The Man Utd fans on here said Kagawa was the third or fourth best player in the world when he arrived. Now it’s Mkhitaryans game has no weaknesses. In reality all transfers are a risk and only Messi has no weaknesses. Time will tell!

Johnny Utah

Mkhitaryan is some player. Like Mane, he can operate anywhere behind the striker.

Love watch Mkhitaryan play. Great eye for a pass and can finish.

Mane has pace and powerful. No idea how it is going to work out for either but if they play like they can then both will be a success. I’d much rather have Mkhitaryan to be hones.

Sean the sailor

Liverpool’s best left back?

fabio aurelio

Following on from the in & out / Moreno debate on another thread I feel the need to champion Fabio Aurelio as he was a class player – injuries apart. Another great spot by Rafa.
Won’t ever forget his free kick goal vs Utd in the 4-1 win at OT but more importantly the way Ronaldo didn’t get a kick against him at any time.
We should look to Brazil for another of his type!


Arbeloa for me, underrated but effective. And could play on either flanks


Wenger- horrible option for England?

Am I the only one who thinks that Wenger would be an atrocious choice as England manager? I’m quite confident that it won’t happen in any case however, even if it did, I can’t see it being any sort of improvement on Hodgson in terms of results (he’s a better manager but I don’t think he’d get the improved results at all). My thoughts are based on the following:

– Wenger’s main strength is being able to buy youngsters for cheap from other clubs and develop them into better players; at international level you can’t do this and only have to work with what you have. England simply do not have the talent to compete.
– Arsenal under Wenger have been well renowned for bottling when push comes to shove – and England already have a weak mentality in major tournaments (the fact that the team has NEVER won a competitive penalty shootout says it all). I can’t see Wenger breaking the mentality England currently have.
– Recently he has invested in English youth however in the past his teams have been known for severely lacking in English players – I can’t see him getting the best out of a group of purely English players.
– He has been at the same club for close to 20 years, changing from that comfort zone to, most probably, THE toughest job in world football would be too much for him to be able to get the results required.
– He has an obscene obsession with Wilshere and I can imagine he would force him, Walcott, Oxlade Chamberlain and Gibbs down every English fans throats should he take up the job in the very near future.

Those are my thoughts in any case. Cheers

Sympathy for the Devils

Beat me to it mate, I was just about to post about this. I would love to get rid of Wenger, but not at the expense of England.

What England need is a manager who will look at the best players he has available and work out a system that will play to their best strengths and that’s something that Wenger has failed to do, time and again, for Arsenal.

He is the most tunnel-visioned manager I think I’ve ever come across and, unfortunately, his early successes have given him an unfounded confidence in his own tactical nous.


Is change needed at Liverpool?

Do people really think we can challenge for trophies and top 4 this season? Every summer we hear the same thing. People and pundits predicting top 4 challenges and for us to win a trophy.

We have had one too 4 finish in 7 seasons. We have bottled the league, 2 semi finals and lost 2 cup finals in 2 years. I can see no change this season. Isn’t it time we faced up to the fact that we are really only a 6-8th table team. The golden years are well gone. One trophy in 9 years. Disappointment after disappointment, season after season.

Some point to klopp as the saviour but it’s clear to see even with him, we can’t attract the top players. I predict a 6th to 8th table finish and out with a wimper in both cups. People will say wait to see who else we bring in but they say that every summer. People say we have klopp but look at who city, Utd and Chelsea have. All managers who have won more then klopp. People expecting miracles will be disappointed. We are not a top 5 club. That’s not been negative. That’s the harsh reality of were we are. I live in hope but I can’t see any change soon.

Sean the sailor

I think we could possibly win either of the domestic cups next year,but as for league finish,I don’t see us challenging for top 4 unless teams like Chelsea,Arsenal or Tottenham have a poor season. The one thing we do have in our favour is obviously having no European distractions,so logically,we only have 1 game a week to prepare for until the domestic cups kick in,so we can put all our energies into our league form.

The fixture list has been horrendous to us early doors. Arsenal,Tottenham,Leicester,and Chelsea all before the end of September,with only one of those games being at home. That is very tough. That’s not to say we can’t win those games,but they may be a drain on the players physically going into October,November etc,so Jurgen may have to rotate,which is not ideal,as ideally you’d want a settled side. It’s also going to be an eye opener for the players that we’ve signed from abroad,as they may not be used to the tempo or physicality that the PL games offer,a real baptism of fire for them.

Obviously,I’d love a title challenge,but this group of players have let us down so many times,so it’s hard to be optimistic Sean. Let’s not run before we can walk. I think we will probably finish around 6th/5th. I hope I’m wrong obviously,but I think that’s a fair reflection on where we are right now as a team and squad.


I don’t expect to challenge for the title but I do expect a top 4 finish.
City, Chelsea and Utd will all have new managers, will they all settle into the league easily? I’m not so sure.
Spurs won’t push as hard this year as last as I think they may be a bit deflated after missing out last season for the title but they will still push for top 4.
Will Leicester push as hard this year again and take people by surprise? I’m not so sure.
All will have European football to contend with.

From the turn of the year our goal scoring was very good. Origi will have a Prem season under his belt, Ings will be back and hopefully Sturridge will stay fit for most of the season. Firmino will be accustomed to the Prem and now we’ve added Mane.
Our weak link was our defence which has been improved by a young but relatively experienced keeper who is highly rated and one of the best centrebacks in Germany. Can will a year older and more experienced with Henderson hopefully overcome his injury problems. We can’t say much about Grujic and Zielinski (if he arrives) as they are relatively unknown.

All this under the command of an experienced, top notch manager who will have them flying after a full pre season and he himself will have a greater understanding of the league and his opponents.

I genuinely think top 4 is very do-able.
Don’t rule out a cup either.


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