Your Says of the Day: Why Gunners whine, Scholes wrong

Date published: Tuesday 6th September 2016 1:30

We have reactions to Paul Scholes’ latest comments and an Arsenal fan tells us why his fellow Gunners are the Premier League’s biggest whingers.

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Is Scholes right?

Premier League is a turn-off, I’d rather watch Salford

I don’t think so. Funnily enough, I turn it off whenever Scholes comes on the telly, so he is right in a way. His style of ‘punditry’ is not my cup of tea. He says that he’d rather watch his son’s team,who won a match 5-4, as it was ‘entertainment’. Liverpool won a match 5-4 last season. We’ve also had a 4-3 this season, as well as other high scoring games featuring other teams. Maybe he just doesn’t like the fact that football has changed since his day. There’s more money in the game, less loyalty etc etc.


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Biggest whingers

We Arsenal fans (myself excluded) are the biggest whingers against our own team.I exclude myself because my expectations dropped the moment Abramovic and the sheikhs came into the game.

I accepted from then onwards it would be tough/unlikely for us to win league titles, so it doesn’t hit me hard every year that I’m proven right.

The whingers among us are those that are jealous of United/City/Chelsea recent successes and they can’t understand why we don’t spend like those clubs do to ensure we’re as competitive as them.

I’m not jealous, I accept they jumped well ahead of us with the money they inherited, and I’m actually proud of the way Wenger has attempted to maintain our status alongside those clubs by nurturing youth rather than spending cash. He seems to have bowed down to fan pressure lately though as he’s abandoned his policy in favour of what the fans are demanding.

I feel like Wenger was doing a tremendous job with his previous squad of kids that he’d brought through together, like Fabregas, RVP, etc. They were on the verge of greatness until the Eduardo injury set them back. Then the minute Fabregas left, it all fell apart as everybody followed him out and Wenger had to start all over again.

This squad isn’t the one he foresaw when he began the stadium process. This squad is built by fan pressure and is nowhere near close to the potential the previous squad had.

It’s all understandable though, therefore I don’t whinge about it, I just appreciate the efforts that others fail to see.



Loan snarks

Interesting to hear Lucas Piazon’s view on being loaned out to five different clubs. From the players point of view this must be soul-destroying.

I really believe that Chelsea should take much more responsibility with these youth players – they are, after all, just teenagers who probably thought that signing for Chelsea was the ultimate move in their career to date, to find themselves passed from one club to another, and apparently in many different countries.

This makes even less sense when at the end of August the club are scrabbling around trying to buy defenders at widely inflated prices, when they already have six defenders out on loan.

Perhaps loan spells should be limited to one or two, and then either sign or sell the player. I have to say that after hearing the player’s point of view I am pretty disgusted by tactics used by the club. As a Chelsea supporter I appreciate that we are not the only club guilty of this, but it does appear that we are the worst offenders by a long way.

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Sam Allardyce: Schedule taking shape

England apathy

The Premier League and the Champions League are now so dominant in most fans minds and England have been so disappointing over such a long period and as mufc rightly says the main thrust of support at England games is seemingly from supporters of the lower league teams.

A successful England side and a good performance in an international tournament could change all that though look how the country got behind the team in 1996 thirty years on from our greatest ever achievement.

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I would actually happily do away with International football, totally.

It isn’t realistic to ask for something like this but perhaps friendlies during the regular season could be done away with, then we’d only have the qualifiers as a risk and even they could be put out of the way to some extent.

The effects of European club football on the regular season is bad enough but these pointless friendlies and constant qualifiers for tournaments that are years away. . it’s just too bloody much.

International football is boring as **** also. The quality is way too low to be worth the trade-off. Maybe it’s just me. . .


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