Your Says of the Day: A new low, he’s got to go; Fellaini storm

Date published: Friday 11th March 2016 10:50

Louis Van Gaal: Time up at Old Trafford?

And, are Liverpool bound for the Europa League final? Meanwhile Tottenham’s second string are slated.

Defeat was another new low; ‘his time has to be up’

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said this…

That was the worst performance of the season. Each game we manage to be worse than the game before it.

Take nothing away from Liverpool, a very deserved win, should have had 4 or 5 realistically, but, that also must have been Liverpool’s easiest game for ages. Liverpool’s goalkeeper and defence are there to be got at, but we didn’t. Not even once. We had no midfield presence. All we could do was hit it forward and hope someone can run on to it, but nobody came close.

5 months in to the job, Klopp has Liverpool heading in his direction. Even in the games they lose, you can see their purpose and their overall obligation. LvG has 20 months at United, and where are United in terms of reaching their objective? Nowhere near. As far away as we were under David Moyes. That just cannot be excused.

I’m not one for always sacking the manager, and I even thought David Moyes deserved more time despite being truly out of his depth. But Van Gaal has had 2 summer transfer windows, a sizeable overhaul of players, an eye watering amount of money invested to build HIS team, but we take one step forwards and twenty five steps back. Last season was good, inconsistent but signs of purpose. This season, he pressed the reset button, abandoned everything that worked last season, introduced what is essentially 4-4-2, and we’re playing slow, laborious, pedestrian football, whilst nearly every player on the pitch is playing out of position, or is given a task that doesn’t play to their strengths. No other manager does this. This is a Van Gaalism.

20 months, and it’s been a quick improvement, followed by a very steady but consistent decline. It can’t be excused. His time has to be up.



Van Gaal’s comments on Fellaini ‘sums it up’

Utd just look like a disjointed team. Their only tactic in the 1st half was to lob the ball into Fellaini when he dropped out left. They did this last season but they played football. Last night in the 1st half, they didnt even try to play football.
they did get better when they went to 3 at the back but the game chnaged back in our favour when Allen came on. Firmino was excellent and ie getting better by the week,

Manthistle, made a good point about utds signings a few weeks back, saying they were not bad signings but good players playing under a bad manager. Thats a fair commnet. Utd have some good players but they just look poor in this team. LVG saying felliani was one of the best players on the pitch sums it up.

liverpool fans shouldnt be going overboard at all. Utd get an early goal next week and the whole tie chnages. Just like anfield was up for it last night so will old tarford next week. This tie is not over. Livcrpool havent become a great team over night. We can produce good performances like last night but we can also be very very poor. We are still to inconsistent. We could easily implode next week. You can see what klopp is trying to do. Last night we were very good but we need to play like that more often.

still, very good result and performance from us but no way do i think this game is over

Sean the sailor

Fellaini should get a ban

Fellaini will almost certainly get a retrospective ban for that elbow.

As good as Liverpool were United bar De Gea were a shambles and had it not been for De Gea this tie would have been well and truly over as it is United have a mountain to climb and Liverpool already have one foot in the Quarter Finals.

Having said that an early goal from United next week and it could make things interesting.

How good did Dortmund look though? Whoever goes through won’t want to be drawing them.

nine nine nine


Anyone think the final is beyond us?

We have a full week to rest, recover and prepare for the away fixture.

Utd have an FA cup match this weekend they have to prepare for and hope they don’t pick up any knocks. I can also see retrospective action being taken on Feliani for his elbow.

Basically this is ours to throw away. If we fail to progress now we have no one to blame but ourselves.

That will be us into the last 8.

Anyone think the final is beyond us??



Spurs ‘rubbish’ second string exposed

We have an excellent first XI but a rubbish second string, fact. When you look at Dortmund you can see the strength, even Liverpool have better second string players and they’re still terrible! Carroll was godawful and Mason wasn’t much better but at least he put in a few last minute challenges.

They where anonymous at set pieces and their general performance affected the entire team, this does not protect others from criticism though.

We need strength in depth badly, hopefully we can invest in the summer and our league position will help dictate the level of our attraction to foreign clubs. We need another 2 CM’s, 1/2 strikers, 2 AM’s a good left back and another promising centreback.

We must secure Insigne, he would definitely be open to the move and with the recent events in his private life (burglary) will only help this. Goals and assists, exactly what we need. Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg would be my ideal LB, Rose and Davies are great backup but neither demand a first team spot.

Dortmund were great on the eye to be fair and can see why they are breathing down Bayern’s neck.



Spurs line-up disappointed

I was seriously disappointed with the Spurs line up last night.

The reason clubs strive to do well in the league and qualify for Europe because of nights like last night.

Testing yourself against the best teams out there. What’s the point of playing your best team against the minnows in the group stages only to concede defeat when you finally play a team of note?

You could argue a bit more in the manager’s favour if they had the NLD this weekend but they don’t. They have the easiest fixture you could ask for after a European excursion. Disappointed.


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