Your Says of the Day: Aguero backlash; Liverpool’s missing piece

Date published: Monday 29th August 2016 1:44

Sergio Aguero: In hot water over elbow

Sergio Aguero landed himself in trouble with an elbow on Winston Reid, while media bias and Liverpool’s incomplete squad are discussed.

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Aguero ‘elbow’ divides opinion

You can see that he doesn’t catch him and the referee even looks right at the incident from just a few yards away. Would be hard for a panel to say that they know more from what they think they’ve seen on a screen than their own referee who witnessed the incident. Not sure why Reid went off…



Whether there is contact or not is immaterial, the rules are clear on that. The fact is he threw an elbow out with the intent of making contact. It is violent conduct and is punishable with a ban. The FA will face backlash if they fail to take action.


Aguero might well escape any action if Andre Mariner confirms he saw the incident (and he seemingly had a great view of it) and at the time didn’t think that it was violent conduct, as the FA are loathed to re-ref decisions by referees made on the pitch that they confirm they saw and didn’t deem any action needed to be taken.

If Mariner says he didn’t see the incident then Aguero will be charged and banned for sure, as Hatter says you can only imagine the reaction from Jose if Aguero gets away with it.

Aguero’s fate lies in Mariner’s, hands and you would expect a violent conduct charge if it’s coming to be announced by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

nine nine nine

I think he deserves the ban for that, purely based on the intent, regardless of the amount of “contact”.

Some of us more mature posters on here might remember the mess a certain Fashanu did to the side of a certain Mabbutt’s face many moons ago with a flagrant elbow. It’s not just ‘naughty’ but downright dangerous.

Whether he will or not, that’s a different debate, but what Aguero did is just as dangerous as a two footed lunge in my humble opinion, there is a serious chance for a serious or possible a career ending injury.



Liverpool need additions

Jurgen Klopp: Hopeful over Emre Can

Personally I’ve no idea whether we’ll sign anyone else LB/DM or any other position before the window closes.

Obviously I hope we do but I trust Klopp to get it right but I’m not sure how soon that will be, as many have pointed out we have no European distractions this season, but that fact gives Klopp less opportunity to give fringe players game time and see how they perform in real time and not just on the training pitch.

Scouser in exile


Klopp couldn’t wait for the transfer window to close and that says it all. If Klopp is to buy a LB and a DM, there won’t be enough game time for Milner and Henderson. As he said, there is no defined roles on the field in his team, the players are supposed to be able switch their roles when the need arises.

It will take time for the players to learn to play out of position and there might be occasion blips, but once the players are able to switch roles seamlessly, it will be harder to defend against this team.


I understand that he likes to get value for money, but unfortunately the way football is now, and the position we are in (i.e. no Champions League), we just have to pay the money, its that simple. And to be fair, we have done that with the likes of Wijnaldum (even if I don’t understand his signing) and Mane.

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, swallow your pride, and pay what the selling club wants. As I’ve said numerous times, we play hardball with other teams when they want our players, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to the club when other teams do it with us.

Take Sturridge for example. If we wanted to sell him, how much would we want, £40m? Other teams will say “We’re not paying that, he’s always injured”. But that’s what he’s worth to Liverpool, so they would have to meet the asking price.

I honestly don’t get why the people at the club think that we’re so special that teams will lower their asking prices if we wait long enough. No, it won’t happen.



Media bias an issue?

Danny Rose: Feels challenge from Sadio Mane

Before watching MOTD2 last night I was unaware of how many incidents Masuaku was involved in that could and should have warranted a 2nd yellow. I lost count in the end. He then went on to setup Antonio for the short lived comeback (we could have had another Costa incident there). MOTD2 couldn’t stop showing each and every single incident.

Go back 24 hours though to the Spurs v Liverpool game and I don’t think they showed even one of Mane’s controversial incidents (of which there were a few) that could and should have lead to a second yellow.

The big word from the pundits at the minute is consistency. Some of the media outlets need to practice what they preach.



Look at the Sky pundits involved in the Spurs-Liverpool game. In the studio, not one but two Liverpool players, and the co-commentator, an Arsenal player, not even a neutral.

They did not show the clear Spurs penalty, or as Manthistle says the four or five times Mane should have been sent off.
This is about Sky, not Liverpool – their fans tended to be fair and agree Mane was lucky.




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