Your Says of the Day: Allardyce’s successor; Chelsea’s blues

Date published: Wednesday 28th September 2016 12:54

Arsene Wenger & Eddie Howe: Potential England candidates

Reader’s discuss who should be the next England manager, Chelsea’s transfer failures and Mamadou Sakho’s situation at Liverpool.

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Who should replace Sam Allardyce?

I did back Eddie Howe before Fat Sam was appointed, my only fear is the job could ruin him. I don’t think it would as other managers have bounced back from England failure, (well got decent jobs after). If it is not Howe I can’t see any other English alternatives, the only other way is going foreign, yes we have tried that in the past, but never with a foreign manager that has worked in this country and knows the players, also we have tried going with the best English candidate how many times? I wouldn’t mind giving Potch a go, I know many Spurs fans won’t like this but I think he is a very good manager.



If I had any input I’d urge a brave new direction rather than another bang average old English git.

If you want fish & chips and a cup of tea I’d nominate Eddie Howe.
If you don’t mind something a little more exotic, my vote is for Jurgen Klinsmann.



Klinsmann is a good choice and so is Wenger. The rest you mention are average at best. Why not think outside the box this time and go for Lagerback. He knows how to create a working system and how to handle the star players (Ibra).



The FA have notoriously taken reactive decisions after the debacles of previous managers.

Sven was a reaction to Keegan. I think it was the then FA chief exec Adam Crozier who said they’d be getting a big name in…only the best for England. While Sven’s tenure might not have been disastrous, he never felt right for the England job. They just panicked, got a big name in, paid him a fortune and hoped for the best.

Then they reacted again by adopting an Englishman, thinking this was the way forward now – go English. He’s been with the camp under Sven, McClaren will be perfect. Idealist thinking without an ounce of careful analysis as to whether he had the right experience and qualities. He didn’t.

Then they reacted again – get another big name in, only the best for England. Capello perfect, he’s got the record we need, glazing over the fact he came from a very tactical league which just wouldn’t necessarily correlate to doing well in tournament football. It didn’t.

Another reaction, let’s go English again. That’s definitely the way forward now. Roy’s got a track record and is English. Perfect. He was far from it. Another uninspired choice who’s end was as predictable as day turning to night.

Another failure, what do they do then. Feeling English was then the way forward, they then felt that Big Sam deserved an opportunity. You almost sense they appointed him through gritted teeth, though they still appointed him nonetheless. And lo and behold, the most scrutinized position in world football opened up a character with a past full of question marks over his business. What a surprise.

So what now? You’d think they’d get a good appointment eventually, if not by accident by the laws of probability, though expect them to try their best not to.


Chelsea’s transfer blues

Two very poor consecutive summer transfer windows where bar Kante we have failed to sign a definite starter has cost us dearly as has not identifying and purchasing the ideal replacement for JT over the past two summers..

If I was Roman I would want a roots and branch investigation as to why we as a club have performed so poorly in those windows it might not all be Emenalo’s fault but as Technical Director he has a significant level of responsibility in failing to deliver the key players identified or their back ups.

I dont believe any of Djilbodji, Hector or Rahman were the manager’s signings and that is something that needs sorting out going forwards because all first team ins and outs should be the manager’s decision only.

nine nine nine


Seen the fee quoted for keane too! crazy crazy market. would be nice to see a utd reject develop into a worldie for us tho.

The way I see it though we have needed two defenders for a while. an upgrade on cahill and a replacement for terry.(excluding the full back problem, which fingers crossed alonso will solve). imo luiz is an upgrade on cahill, but we cant mess about with who we purchase next. Bonucci and chiellini as unlikely as they seem are exactly the type of defender we need and that conte deserves to be provided with if roman wants CL football and title challenges.

Ben davies is a very decent full back but we would be silly to pay what spurs would probably demand, has at least 2 years on his contract left surely?

If I can indulge myself, I would love to see bonucci come in and would give up matic and fabregas for a player like nainngolan or vidal. I MISS YOU FRANK LAMPARD



Super Spurs

Great performance from the boys last night! To play away in a hostile atmosphere, missing keys players the pressure was on. Thought we controlled the game well, CSKA were obviously going to have chances at this level all teams do but we kept our composure and got the result needed.

I stay we kept our composure, it actually went missing soon after we scored but luckily Winks came on and calmed us all down. How about that a young lad with a mature head, playing simple passes and taking the sting out of the game. Future is indeed bright!

Janssen made some great runs but just didn’t get the ball played through early enough and also in my opinion he needs to take more responsibility, great example last night he let Dele take the ball of him in the middle of the park when really it was him who should have drove forward with the ball. He will come good and N’Koudou, wow that boy looks exciting!!

Bring on City!!



See ya, Sakho

The latest report claims that Klopp has informed Sahko he is unlikely to play for Liverpool again unless there is an enormous injury crisis. I might be wrong but there weren’t too many big clubs asking to sign Sahko when it was reported earlier he could leave on loan or even be sold. It might be down to his attitude.

I personally don’t rate Sahko, there were games that I felt he was playing for himself rather than the team. Sahko is a good defender but he isn’t a good team player. Our win over Dortmund does not hide the fact that our defence were torn apart by Dortmund quite easily. Klopp would surely have taken note of this.

I am very certain that Matip, Lorven or Klavan, given time will play better as a centre back pair, and we will concede less goals this season.



Eagles not quite flying

I just thought I’d add a couple of points to the game that seemed to have been missed or glossed over. Firstly Sunderland were lucky to be one up at half time thanks to an error from Ledley, their second goal was offside but more importantly we failed to clear the ball.

Now our first goal was due to a major deflection the other 2 goals were brilliant. My point is that in the first half we had all the possession but without Zaha terrorising their defence and with Townsend having an off day we looked insipid up front and with no Dann our defence looked unsure of themselves.

It should also be remembered that Townsend was let into an open goal and fluffed the chance, so the game should have been over before Benteke’s goal.

I know I will get criticised for being pessimistic but I just wanted to put a practical spin on where we are, yes a good win but against a team who without Defoe will be lucky to win any games with their present form. Everton is our litmus test and hopefully a result will see us on our way for a mid table finish or higher?


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