Your Says of the Day: Allen to be culled by Klopp

Date published: Saturday 24th October 2015 2:25

Joe Allen: Called 'average' and a 'waste of money'

Also whether the Premier League could lose a Champions League spot, Yaya Toure’s role at Man City and why Wayne Rooney ‘plays like a donkey’.

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Rooney ‘plays like a donkey’

Wayne Rooney plays like a donkey. Another sleeping pill delivered by LVG’s ‘philosophy’: Bore your opponents to death!



Premier League to see Champions League spots cut?

The Premier League could soon see its UCL quota cut from four teams down to three if English clubs continue to perform poorly in Europe. At its height, the EPL had 8 Champions League finalist in between 2005 and 2012, winning three (Man Utd played 5 semis and 3 finals, Liverpool played 3 semis and 2 finals, Chelsea played 6 semis and 2 finals, Arsenal played 2 semis and 1 finals… ) But events of the 2 and half years have threatened to ruin all that hard work… Two out of the last three years England have failed to produce a UCL quarter finalist. Man City have spent nearly a billion since 2008 and can’t even make it in the quarter final. Doesn’t help when West Ham and Southampton can’t beat a couple of minnows in the playoffs. It’s frustrating to see sides like West Ham (along with Villa and Bolton in previous seasons) treat the Europa League as a distraction, when it should be the pinnacle of what most Premier League clubs (exception of the usual top 6) can hope for. The money of the Premier League damages the competitive spirit of the English clubs, with teams just happy to float in mid-table mediocrity season after season rather than go all out to win trophies. England’s ranking going down as a result.

Honestly given how big of a concern this is, clubs like Tottenham and Liverpool need to start taking the EL more seriously. Their goal is to make the CLs but if a spot is lost, they have to beat out two of Arsenal, City, Chelsea or United. Honestly, Liverpool and Tottenham both have a very low chance of finishing 3rd in the next few years and so the best chance of doing making it to the CL is to win the EL or at least do well enough that England keeps its spot. Italian teams are taking the Europa League seriously and this is where they are closing the points. The quicker people start to accept the fact that for whatever reason EPL teams are not competitive enough in Europe, the quicker the problem can be solved!

theMartial Art


Managers in it for the money too

Modern football managers are just in it for the money.

Tim Sherwood is quoted by bbc football: “I will be watching directors box for movement, if it happens it happens that’s part of the game.”

Not verbatum this shows that all he cares about is the money at the end of the day, with it reported 3/4 mill pay off – why should he worry? The managers union is too strong. OK, give good payouts maybe after a sacking, but why shouldn’t there be a clause saying this is limited if results have been poor.

Don’t perform,  your gone , or why not a warning system like industry 3 warnings and out?



Allen could be culled by Klopp

Joe Allen isn’t a bad footballer, he’s just not a very good one either.

£15million wasted on what is an average squad player.

Chased shadows on Thursday night.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he was culled in January or next summer.



Yaya needs pushing forward by City

If Yaya played like he did against Seville in (say) 7/10 games I’d be delighted.

He needs to be pushed forward particularly without Aguero and Silva available. Play the 2 fernands as holding on Sunday and Yaya with de Bruyne and either Navas or Sterling wide. Not sure whether to play Iheanacho or Bony up front.



Tiote can thrive alongside Wijnaldum

I think Cheick Tiote can thrive with Georginio Wijnaldum in Newcastle’s team. It allows him to concentrate on winning the ball, breaking up play and NOT passing which is his obvious weak point.

Remember when be played with Cabaye? He got the ball, gave it to Cabaye and he ran the play.

I think they same can be done with Wijnaldum, combined with Colback who knows how to hold the ball up and keep possession when needed.


Tottenham’s striker problem

Simply put we need one of our strikers to lead the line and not get caught up trying to get involved with the build up, we need a focal point.

It’s clear that Harry had the most success last year from doing just this, getting involved when needed but staying up top rather than dropping deep helped Eriksen’s form as well.

Harry is fantastic but he seems to have the mentality of “it’s all up to me” and as a result gets too involved giving our attacking mids or even those on the counter, no focal point to aim for, someone who can push their defence back.

On Thursday night against Anderlecht, N’Jie kept drifting wide from his central striking role which left our midfielders forever passing sideways. It’s not his fault as he isn’t that type of striker but there needs to be an outlet up top.

Harry needs to be more disciplined and refrain from dropping too deep but he is young, naturally talented and his workrate is second to none. The boy will be a legend in no time.



Must win game for Leeds

Saturday will be another in the very long line of must win games for Leeds. I do feel a bit of encouragement from the way the team went about business against Fulham in mid week. One or two players, like Wood and the whole of the defence need to up their game. But yeah I think 3 points will come our way.

As for the manager I don’t think the results matter. MC would get rid of the Head coach if he was minded to even if the team was top of the league and on a winning streak. Very unpredictable and contrary



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