Your Says of the Day: Arsenal fans go into meltdown over Xhaka

Date published: Wednesday 25th May 2016 1:34

Granit Xhaka: Happy to be an Arsenal player

Arsenal fans react to the signing of Granit Xhaka, while Jose Mourinho continues to be centre of debate and fans attempt to predict next season’s events.

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Xhaka to get Gunners firing?

Arsenal have gone and spent 33 million pounds on Xhaka – a central holding midfielder. Not only have they signed him before the transfer window opens but they have signed a highly rated midfielder – in a position they need filled – for big money AND it’s an outfield player!

What the hell is going on here? Wenger what are doing man?! So out of character this.



Looking at Arsenals midfield options. Wilshere, Coquelin, Elneny, Xhaka, Ramsey, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Iwobi, Walcott, Campbell, Chamberlain, how does Wenger get away with not doing better?

Fans go on about the strength of the City midfield, but the quality and quantity of Arsenal’s midfield options is incredible. How many other clubs have 13 capable midfielders? Wenger has no excuses this season. No other manager in the league has that many quality midfielders to choose from.


Given a chance to only sign one more player for next season, it would have to be world class striker considering the statistics of the previous season.

But I strongly disagree we would have won the title with a world class striker last season,and we will win it with one next season. I also don’t agree with the statement that without Vardy they wouldn’t have won the title.

Let’s be honest here, before this season Leicester didn’t even have one world class player.And I’m not sure they do now as one season is too little to judge. But they won it because of their performances, togetherness, resilience etc. If Vardy wasn’t there, someone else would’ve stepped up.

Coming back to the main point of this thread, it is not to neglect a world class defender for next season. Sure people are suggesting which centre forward we should buy, but I believe it is just as important to buy a top class defender/leader.

The specialone


Dispelling the Mourinho myths

At Inter he built a decent side, it still had Sneijder, Eto’o etc. in it. He left because Real came calling. He was controversial at Real Madrid. But that is not the point I am making. How many have stopped this Barcelona side in Spain before and after him?

You are talking about the greatest club side ever assembled, with arguably the greatest ever player in it. Real after three years of Mourinho leaving are still struggling against them, just like two years before he arrived they were struggling.



People don’t criticise Jose’s stint in Madrid for not promoting youth. It’s criticised because he had the most expensive squad ever assembled in world football and was forever in Barcelona’s shadow.

Even in the El Clasicos his team would spend 90 minutes trying to take lumps out of the opposition, which is a common theme for Jose in big games, as well as encouraged diving.



This isn’t getting a bit out of hand at all is it? Let’s just agree that Mourinho is the kind of guy you despise (rightly so) on the opposition team, but would defend to bits when he’s on board because he’s actually good. Such is the fickle nature of football fans.

Whatever happened in the past is irrelevant. He’s now United manager and let’s wait and see how he goes into this new role. It clearly is much more challenging than his previous stints and that’s only good for the BPL.

The worlds best (Pep, Conte, Mourinho) fighting it out, and our very own Wenger with a last chance saloon. Add to the mix top managers with ever improving squads (Poch, Koeman and Ranieri) and we are definitely in for a treat. The title really is not easy anymore and no teams have a divine right to win it.



Premier League tough to call

I don’t see Spurs challenging for the title next year, its to soon.

This is our first year back in the CL, after a few years. this season we chucked in the EL to push for the title but still fell well short. I don’t see us fielding week teams in the CL.

We are over reliant on 3 players. Kane, Alli and Dembele, if any of those can’t play we are going to struggle (Dembele is already banned for four games).

We MUST add some new signings, but to have them hit the ground running is unlikely unless we get a couple from the PL.

My two teams to challenge are Arsenal and Liverpool. I am very impressed with Klopp, I think he is the best manager in the PL and that includes the newcomers, added to no European distractions I see ‘Pool doing very well.



I think Liverpool need to brace themselves for a slow build – they lack the star players they had under Rodgers in 13/14, though I understand the hope that people have with the impact Klopp has had this season.

Klopp also took over a mid table Dortmund side with them coming 6th and 5th in his first two seasons. Doesn’t mean it will be like for like, but I would tend more to that than a top 4 or title charge next season. We’ll still struggle for consistency as the new players come in, even more so if they’re younger players, though top four could be achievable.



If City can have a bit more luck regarding injuries next season, and Pep can replace a couple of the older / underachieving players (Gundogan in for Toure, Laporte in for Kompany, Aubameyang in for Bony) then I can’t see many teams finishing above City.

The notion that a new manager to the PL can’t win it because it takes them time to adjust doesn’t quite work considering Pellegrini won it in his first season and smashed every PL goal scoring record there was in the process.


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