Your Says of the Day: Arsenal manager search must start now

Date published: Wednesday 24th August 2016 12:51

Arsene Wenger: Satisfied despite Gunners firing blanks

The Arsenal board need to plan now for Arsene Wenger’s replacement, while something fishy is going on with Mamadou Sakho and Liverpool.

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Wenger has to go

I have no issues with Wenger honouring the remainder of his contract. And, by “no issues”, I mean HUGE issues BUT I have made peace with the fact that he will be here for one more year. His departure mid-season (which is very unlikely to happen anyway whatever we fans do, as he likes to honour his contracts) could do more harm than good. We’re still in a situation where we can salvage CL football and give a new manager a good platform to build on when he arrives.

BUT… But the big message is that Wenger MUST NOT get a renewed contract. That’s the real message I would like for us to send across to the Board somehow.

This is his last chance, and when you look at how he has conducted himself this summer, I wouldn’t have thought it would have to be a hard sell to the Board to let him go! Either he just has no clue, or he approached this summer as someone who felt he had all the time in the world because he assumed he would get a renewal. He’s either incompetent or complacent. Either way, he cannot get a renewal.

The search for an able, winning replacement should start right now! As I wrote in a previous thread, there are many, many candidates out there that would do a better job, even under the stringent circumstances mandated by the Board.


Kostas Manolas

Arsenal won’t meet Manolas demands

It was in the some of the papers today that we had a scout at the Roma game last night, taking a look at Kostas Manolas which if true, is probably a pointless exercise because they will not sell him for the kind of fee we would be willing to pay.

We have all discussed him before and we should have signed him when he was in Greece and would have snapped him up for a lot less. He moved to Italy for 15 million euros! We won’t even get a sit down with him unless we double that fee.
Apparently there is also a cheeky clause in his deal which means that Olympiakos will receive 50% of any fee Roma sell him on for! That will no doubt put a lot of teams off making a move.

Interestingly enough Roma have brought in 2 defenders this window- Juan Jesus from Inter on loan and of course Vermaelen. Perhaps they are stock piling in the hope that someone will make a whopping offer for Manolas?! Maybe so but one thing we do know, is that whopping offer won’t be coming from Arsenal!



Daley Blind: Wanted by Inter Milan

Blind needs to move

Personally I’d like to see Blind next to Pogba in midfield as I think they’d compliment each other well and I think Bailly and Smalling can build an excellent long-term partnership together.

With that said, changing such positions against a team that has won its first two league matches away from home is not the best idea.

Sympathy for the Devils


Antonio Conte: Transfer market is 'crazy'

Chelsea stuck in a rut

Phwepsi – I have no issues with paying for a player who we truly believe will improve the team and have supported this policy over the years ahead of just promoting from within because fans think our younger players “have promise”

So far, it seems to me that most of our first choices has chosen to stay with their Clubs (why would the Juve defenders really want to leave..?) and then the second choice players are being overpriced. So as a Club we must make a decision as to do we pay over the odds for someone we would not normally look at or not? Obviously the situation is down to us, who we have available, when will Zouma return and will he even be the same player (ands as you say Aina went off last night so limits our options even more)

Sometimes we just have to trust the management and I agree with another poster as to why not pay to get Christensen back if we are really struggling for defenders?

Time will tell but I am still hopeful of getting someone in at what I hope is a reasonable price. KTBFFH



Mamadou Sakho: Still has Liverpool future

 Sakho future in doubt

Totally agree Bob. There’s a crazy rumour going around that he was offered to Sunderland,but Moyes said no. He must be happy enough with John O’Shea lol.

We were led to believe that the issue in America was all sorted out and was,in Klopp’s own words ‘not a big deal’. Now apparently,he is to be loaned out ‘to prove his fitness’. And he has to go out on loan to do that? He can’t do that at Melwood,under the watchful eye of Klopp’s coaching team? Something isn’t right in my opinion. Something has gone on that we don’t know about,that has prompted this seeming desire to loan him out. It must have. Otherwise,it just doesn’t make sense. The ‘fitness’ argument is weak. Sorry,I just don’t buy it.



Wilfried Bony

Bony loan would be good business

The wages definitely make it hard for City to offload in one go. But loans with compulsory purchases at the end like Negredo and Jovetic deals are good business by the club and the next best thing.

PS If Joe starts tonight I expect he will get a great reception and rightly so. Sad to see him leave. Testimonials seem a thing of the past these days.

Mancity Jim

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