Your Says of the Day: ‘Arsenal pathetic’ for celebrating second

Date published: Monday 16th May 2016 1:12

Arsenal: Manage to stay top of North London for another season

Arsenal’s ‘achievement’ in finishing second is debated among fans, while Man Utd’s abandonment left fans questioning who was to blame.

If you have anything to add on these, or any other subject, join the debate right here.

Arsenal delight as Spurs fail in battle for North London

Another celebration for the Arsenal record books. One that will be forgotten next week.

To celebrate finishing one point ahead of us shows how poor the level of expectation and lack of investment there is at Arsenal. Pathetic.



Surely then it’s okay to spin it around and say that all Tottenhams ambitions are is to finish ahead of Arsenal?

C’mon – if the shoe was on the other foot, your lot would be bringing out dvd’s or heck Blu-Rays of you guys finishing above us. Comical.

 The bsm walk

I speak for myself only and I’m glad Leicester won the league. Even when we were top in January I wanted Leicester to win it. I’m glad we ‘bottled’ it. This year was incredible and I’m honoured to have witnessed it even if it meant my team fell short. If it were United, City, Chelsea or Spurs beating us to the title then yes I’d be embarrassed that we threw away a strong position but as it was Leicester, I feel nothing but happiness.

Spurs though, should be the ones feeling embarrassed as this was their best EVER season in the premiership and they’re STILL in our shadow. Not just because of one ‘obscure’ result, but over the course of the season we were the better team…as usual.


Arsenal should have walked the League this season and they would have done had Wenger taken his blinkers off last summer and bought the 2/3 outfield players that they needed.

Arsenal have a mentality problem and Alan Shearer is right they always come through strong when the pressure of competing for the title has gone.

If Wenger can solve their mental problems and has a sensible summer in the transfer market they would be in a great position given where everybody else is of winning the title next season.

nine nine nine


This thread was not started in order to discuss Arsenals failings this year (we know this season was a failure), us Gooners are just happy that we have received the unexpected bonus of finishing above Spurs this year a month ago it didn’t look possible.

Like a typical politician you jump into the thread and claim that Arsenal should have walked the league, you get a couple of responses and you claim they are muddying the waters. No sir, the only one trying to muddy the water is you.

Is it so wrong that us Gooners are enjoying the unexpected final day usurping of Spurs.

It’s happened again, oh it’s happened again!



United forced to wait for final game outcome

Mobile phone strapped to a gas pipe, from the sounds of it, but everyone seems to have a different story.

The policing of the situation was excellent, to be fair. It could have created hysteria, and you could have ended up with scenes similar to Hillsborough with too many people going through narrow exits all at once. They kept everyone calm, the exiting was phased and paced impeccably to prevent such situations. Thankfully no trouble outside the ground either, just a bit of confusion as to whether or not we’d be going back in. The Police’s advice to postpone and the Premier League’s confirmation of the postponement came almost 45 minutes apart.

If it was a bomb, then the reality of today could have been hundreds dead. It really is pretty grim to think about, but thankfully the right action was taken and quickly. The fixture itself is now a bit meaningless.


What a embarrassing state of affairs, feel sorry for those who travelled the long distance to get to the game and the costs they incurred. Be interesting to see what action the Premier League take against Man Utd for this. A fine is worthless so a points deduction seems the only appropriate punishment.


Let’s be fair here, can you really blame United for this? They maybe the biggest thing since slice bread according to some on here but even they don’t actually have their own bomb disposal team who run regular training drills.

Blame the obviously thankless task on the poor sods who dedicate their lives to everybody else’s safety with a serious amount of risk to their own person involved. Somebody may have cocked up, but this cock up could have been a lot worse!

Let’s just be thankful this is something we can all laugh at now, rather than the worse case scenario…



Newcastle finally perform in rout of sorry Spurs

Aarons is back, and hopefully, with a good pre-season we’ll get the best out of him. We also get Arma back next season, at championship level to nurture his skills. I think we’ll retain Darlow and Lascelles. It would make sense cashing in on Krul and Elliot, promoting Woodman to number two.

Championship is a marathon league, much tougher/physical than the EPL, not a place to play Townsend. It would make sense sending him out on loan to a premiership side next season. I would also not play Mitro and Shelvey there, because of their temper.

I remember sometime back, people telling me that we needed a clear-out. I thought coaching was the problem, and had hopes that Steve McClaren with his staff would remedy to our problems on the pitch. Now, I hold my hands up, I was wrong, we really needed a staff clear-out. My apologies. All hail Rafa!



How can anyone stay away from here after the amazing result yesterday? To be fair, Tottenham were pretty awful on the day, but our team played positive and showed what they can actually do, even though it means very little, credit to Rafa on keeping them focused.

Shop window for certain players, especially Sissoko. Sissoko has performed in 2 games this season 5-1 against Tottenham, 6-2 against Norwich. The performance that he can play at is outstanding, but for some reason he has only done it on two occasions, who is to blame for that?

If anything, this result proves the way Ashley has run the club, actually does work, with fine margins in determining whether it is successful or not on the pitch, which is very important, but off the pitch, clearly successful to a certain degree.



The notion of Rafa staying is moonshine. If he was going to stay, yesterday would have been a perfect time to announce it – end of the season and an emphatic win. Noo, we’ll get Warnock or Maclaren Mk2 and some cut price players and sit in the Championship for a few years.

Penguin- a- aGoGo

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