Your Says of the Day: Arsenal problems; Man Utd ‘uncertainty’

Date published: Monday 18th July 2016 1:19 - Mark Holmes

Olivier Giroud: Striker unpopular with supporters

Our readers suggest defence isn’t the problem for Arsenal, where Manchester United are lacking, and their favourite football quotes.

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Defence not the problem for Arsenal

Anyone who will increase our goal tally for me. Preferably a world-class striker, but a top wide-man in the Sanchez catagory would be a lot better than nothing.

I’m still not convinced that our defence is a major problem or, at least, that new personnel will make a massive difference.

Can we improve on what we have there? Of course, but defending forms a tiny, miniscule part of Wenger’s game-plan anyway.

Besides, with us, it’s often as much about who’s protecting the defence as the defence itself. Coquelin made a massive difference there and while he seems to have fallen out of favour with the manager, Xhaka should also offer protection there, even if he doesn’t just sit in front of the defence the way Coq does.

Barber, that list you posted summed it up, I think. Had we had someone sharper up front, we could and should have turned enough games from losses to draws and draws to wins to have won the title at a canter. I just can’t see that a tighter defence would have made anywhere near the same difference.


Manchester United squad ‘uncertainty’

Personally. its as good as any but I won’t be happy until we have an established spine of quality players. The only player who fits that bill for me is DDG,

Valencia Young Jones are established but far from quality. We can add Smalling to that. He’s better quality but he’s no Rio Vidic.

Herrera, Schneiderlin, Darmian are in their prime but for whatever reason have failed to establish themselves are core players.

Bailly; Mkhitaryan, Pogba, Ibrahimovic are new signings so we have no idea how they will perform and in any case cannot be considered established United players

Rooney Carrick are past it.

The rest are pretty much young players where the jury has to be out. They are certainly not established senior players though a couple look almost certain to become that.

The bottom line is other than DDG we have uncertainty almost everywhere. We do not have that spine. It should of course come but at the moment its like giving me an egg and asking if the chicken is going to be tasty.


Favourite football quotes

In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.

– George Best


“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” – Bill Shankly

Still my favourite football quote.


“A football team is like a piano. you need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.”

Bill Shankly


Chelsea’s defensive needs

Chelsea need to address their defence more than their midfield. The likes of Ivanovic and Cahill are not good enough anymore and have become liabilities. Terry will be used appropriately but a immediate or long term replacement must be brought in, arguably Christiansen is the guy ready to step up. Obviously he has moved for financial reasons but ultimately he has only been at Leicester one year therefore no long running loyalty and they will chuck obscene levels of cash at him, admittedly something that I disgusted by but this is the nature of the game now. If Mahrez moves too, I bet Vardy will regret not moving and will falter next season.


Klavan a good addition

While Klavan may seem to be our 4th choice centre-back, just like Toure last season, he might end up playing far more often. This is because of injuries, international duty (Africa Cup of Nations), suspensions etc.

Klavan will not be coming to Liverpool just to make up the numbers, he will be competing for a starting place, even though that will be difficult considering the defenders we have. But as is well known, competition breeds success, and Toure even dislodged Skirtel from the team towards the end of last season.

My opinion of Klavan is he seems to be a solid defender with good experience of a top league, and as an international is captain of Estonia with over 100 appearances. Hope he can make it in the Premiership, which can be so rough, fast and unforgiving to humble even the best newcomers


Phil Jones’ future

There’s been a few occasions where he’s run the ball out of the defence tricking his way past oncoming attackers. At times he looks really good but at times he looks like he’s never been on a football pitch before. He’s just got to stay injury free and get a run in the team, then he can be judged. Everyone was writing off Smalling for similar reasons and he’s turning into a top quality CB so maybe Jones can do the same, who knows.
rs83 – If Mourinho does see him as “our JT” then who are you to argue?


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