Your Says of the Day: Howe + Arsenal = Rodgers + Liverpool

Date published: Thursday 8th September 2016 1:28

Eddie Howe: One more recruit

Eddie Howe’s link with Arsenal is reminiscent of Liverpool’s gamble on Brendan Rodgers, while Yaya Toure is finished at the highest level, apparently.

Howe’s link with Arsenal 

If Howe gets the Arsenal job, it’ll be a similar situation to when Liverpool appointed Brendan Rodgers. It would be a massive gamble and could set you back years.

Arsenal would be going from one end of the spectrum to the other (ie replacing a man of experience,who has been at Arsenal a long time,with a rookie manager who has won no trophies,and is young and inexperienced). Could he handle the pressure at a top club like Arsenal? Would he be a popular choice amongst Arsenal fans (purely guessing here,but I’m guessing that he wouldn’t be).

With respect to Howe and the job he’s done at Bournemouth,Arsenal should be aiming for bigger and better than him. They could certainly attract a top manager. I’d be looking at the likes of Simeone, Tuchel, the fella at PSG who used to manage Sevilla whose name for the life of me I can’t remember, Laurent Blanc, Ancelotti… even closer to home, you’ve got the likes of Koeman and Bilic who would probably jump at the chance to manage Arsenal.

Eddie Howe? A massive gamble in my opinion



What next for Toure?

I would agree his missed the boat concerning the top European clubs, maybe one of the Turkish big boys might snap him up, my money would be on China to be honest, they’ll likely throw the biggest wedge on the table… I think we all know “money” is a key factor in Birthday Boy’s camp!


Yaya Toure: Left out of Man City's CL squad

Red Letter reply

Dave Tindall’s weekly view on Liverpool

Great in theory but I’d suggest we will see quite a few games like Burnley where we dominate but don’t have that cutting edge required to put games to bed. Maybe after a full season together we will really see the goals start flying in as cohesion builds but with our defense & stuttering attack I think a top 4 finish is a bit too much this season.



City’s derby debut duo

I see Gundogan & Sane have been back in training for a couple of weeks.

Would you risk either or both ? I’d probably keep both on the bench to start with.



Anfield redevelopment’s role in Reds’ regeneration

The new stand is obviously a step in the right direction and the extra fans will be a help providing there’s not too many tourists.

It’s an obvious positive but Arsenal went into the Emirates 10 years ago and they’ve yet to put in a real title challenge so improving the capacity and Arsenal went from a mid 30’s capacity to a 60,000 capacity provides no guarantees.

I would love to see another Liverpool v Chelsea game at a redeveloped Anfield though.

nine nine nine


Liverpool’s last marquee signing?

So when did we last sign a big signing? I can’t even say Luis Suarez because we took a gamble on him, as with Daniel Sturridge and Phillipe Coutinho.

Fernando Torres, we gracefully built into a top-top-player. So when was the last time, we simply made a BIG SIGNING?

I can only recall as far as Stan Collymore and a then record 8.5 million paid to Sheffield Wednesday in the summer of 1995.


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