Your Says of the Day: Arsenal’s defensive issues; Mou wrong on duo

Date published: Monday 7th November 2016 12:52 - Rob Conlon

Laurent Koscielny: Defender concedes penalty

Our readers suggest Arsenal remain vulnerable and stick up for a number of Manchester United players.

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Old habits die hard

Once again we were found wanting defensively against The Spuds. Whilst their defence looked solid and well organised ours was all over the place again. Both full backs were constantly missing and both central defenders were poor, Mustafi was given the run around from early on, poor decision making and caught out for pace time and time again. Koscielny went back to his old self by giving away yet another penalty and his reckless tackling cost us the 3 points. There’s not much positive to say about the game really, no one played particularly well and The Spuds without a number of players looked the better all around side. Whenever Monreal plays the opposition attack down their right hand side because they know he’s a weak link. Iwobi should not have been recalled, he has been off the pace for some time, Walcott came the closest for us but he didn’t look fit and Ozil and Sanchez were bogged down throughout. Our goal was lucky and to be honest I’m glad we managed to get a point out of the game. I’m worried now about the Man Utd game although we seem a lot more dangerous away from home where we get more space, at home against sides that know how to defend we are short of ideas and our build up is far too slow. What this game really told me is neither side have what it takes to win the PL. Sadly I can’t see any further than Man City or Chelsea for the title unless Wenger miraculously sorts our defence out and he’s has 12 years to do that so I won’t hold my breath.

The Oracle


Manchester United scapegoats PT I

Yeah, it all seems a bit strange to me. Funnily enough those two players really don’t strike me as players not willing to put their bodies on the line. Shaw is a powerhouse fullback who runs all day long, is obviously getting back to full health after that horrific leg break. So he’s bound to have a bit of burn out along the way and, perhaps, some psychological issues from it? And Smalling is the only defender we’ve had since Vidic who will actually throw his head in when he could get hurt. He loves the physical aspect of the game. Plus he has made a huge turn around from his injury days, last season he was almost ever present. Maybe he’s just making sure he keeps his body away from those niggles which cost him dearly a couple of years back.
I agree that there are prima donna’s in the squad and players who think they’ve made it as soon as they arrive at Carrington – just never thought it would be Shaw and Smalling…!


Manchester United scapegoats PT II

Don’t understand the criticism of some players on here. Results are generally better when players like Mata, Carrick, Rooney and Young start yet they are the first to be criticised if the result or performance is below par. Surely we can’t be getting results if these lot are simply passengers in a game and we don’t win because of them, we win in spite of them.

Mata has started 11 games and we’ve won 8 of them. Only won 2 of 7 without him.
Carrick has started 5 games and we’ve won all 5. Only won 5 of 13 without him.
Rooney has started 10 games and we’ve won 7 of them. Only won 3 of 8 without him.
Young has only started 3 games but we won 2 and the other one was the draw against the Scousers.

They are the only 4 players that average over 2 points per game.



Super Sturridge

As for Sturridge yesterday, that is the Sturridge I want to see, moody, arrogant, hungry and trying to score at every opportunity, but also creating chances.

Did anyone see how fast he took the corner that led to the 6th goal, the ball was actually moving. He just did not want to leave the pitch without scoring!!!

Of course I would always start with our usual front 3, but the intense competition for places is what has led to our good start this season, and hopefully beyond. And with the intensity of the Premiership, you can only win it if you have a strong squad anyway



No longer feeling blue

I don’t think too many Chelsea fans after the Arsenal defeat expected Chelsea to go on the run they have.

As Koeman himself said in his post match interview “it was not about the system today it was about the difference in quality today on the pitch in every aspect of football”.

Tbh I think pretty much whoever Chelsea had been playing yesterday at that level of performance by Chelsea they would have won the game and whilst it could be said it was only Everton but Everton took a point away at City recently and Chelsea couldn’t beat them last season across 3 games also it’s not like this is a one off 5 games on the trot have been won now since changing the system with 16 goals for and none against with Leicester,United and Everton being beaten 3 nil,4 nil and 5 nil in consecutive home games.

Of course based on where Chelsea now find themselves they are currently in the title race but I still think this team and indeed squad are some way away from what Conte wants and that when push comes to shove a real title challenge will probably be beyond them this season.

But it’s impossible not to enjoy the quality of football played by Chelsea yesterday even the pundits were extolling it’s virtues and it’s 3 more points towards hopefully returning the club to the CL next season which given how competitive the PL is now still won’t be easy!

nine nine nine



West Ham woes

Playing three at the back can be effective but as you rightly say your centre mids have to be better than ours. I think the system suits Obiang better than Noble and a partnership with Kouyate might be more effective. We are missing Kouyate driving runs. Noble can’t do that. With Noble missing the Spuds game through suspension we might have seen them together but with Reid injured it looks like Obiang will partner Edmilson or Nordveit unless Slav changes the system. i would like to see us start with two up front against the Spuds but on current form it’s difficult to pick a team that would inspire much confidence. Ahew is a better player than we saw on Saturday and I have feeling Slav will tinker with the midfield with either Payet or Lanzini missing out against the Spuds. The lack of movement and finding space is making it difficult for both Payet and Lanzini to contribute or get into goal scoring positions. Antonio is like ‘Roy of the Rovers’ playing almost every position at present and looked very frustrated at times against Stoke. I can’t wait for Carroll to return. He would have punished Stoke for sure. I can’t see Slav dropping Adrian. Overall he still just about edges Randolph. I was talking to some Stoke fans after the game and they were disappointed with the draw blaming Hughes for being too cautious and not going for the win.

Big Mal


Terrific Tottenham

It was an impressive draw at the Emirates.
From my point of view key was not to lose. That is not being negative but realistic given our form and Arsenal’s form. However we played well enough to win it in the end.
When I saw that we were playing Wimmer I just assumed Dier was playing in midfield with Wanyama with Dembele pushing further up in the Alli role. It was great to have Kane back. He looks refreshed (going by the tan anyway!!)
Anyway onwards and upwards. Still unbeaten. No one else can say that in the league. We’ve played City, Liverpool and now Arsenal from the top 4. COYS.


Vardy a one-hit wonder?

In comparison to last year, he’s been feeding off scraps so far this season.

Think it was inevitable after achieving what they did last year that a few would take their foot off the gas a bit, and also losing Kante has had a big impact on the way they play.

Don’t think Vardy’s level has dropped necessarily, but he’s not had much service in comparison to last year.

j c

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