Your Says of the Day: Auba deal leaves Iheanacho on scrapheap

Date published: Wednesday 8th June 2016 12:40

Fans discuss whether Man City are starting to neglect their younger players and if Arsenal have a plan B if they fail with their bid to sign Jamie Vardy.

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What now for Iheanacho?


If reports of Aubameyang joining City are true. Where does that leave Iheanacho – on the Man City scrapheap is my best guess.

Considering some think Mourinho neglects youth, what does this say about Pep?


We invest all this money into our youth set up, and talk it up. Yet we are bidding big for players which will block our promising young players. Whilst apparently wanting to spend big money on Stones and Bellerin who themselves were youngsters at their own club.

I’m not one for pretending, and I refuse to believe our youth investment is anything other than a vanity project we have no intention of fully utilizing.


Kelechi would always be City’s number 3 striker, and with Aubameyang coming in and Bony likely to leave that will be no different. He will get his chances still and continue his development don’t you worry about that.
Funnily enough his stats for this season for minutes on the pitch and goal ratio was far better than Rashfords, as was his international strike rate, but where Kelechi isn’t English this was not talked about as the media are too busy wetting themselves over England’s saviour and next big hero.



Aubamayeng has a proven record of playing on the wing alongside being a clever goalscorer as well.

And please,don’t you even try comparing Mourinho and Pep.
The latter given numerous chances to youth talent,which is why I respect him.Mourinho throws them on the side and sells them,not even a chance.

Are we actually going to see Man united fans defend Mourinho throughout the year,really???He’s a good manager(not even the greatest) but with a blank chequebook.

the specialone

the specialone – In fairness it’s not like Pep won’t have a blank chequebook at City, it’s one of the reasons he took the job. He has always spent money, a lot of it but no differently to Mourinho. It’s sad that football is decided by the balance sheet rather than the ability of coaches, that’s why I respect Wenger. He has principles (keen on buying and developing youth) but unfortunately they can only last so long.


Aubamayeng might play on the wing, but I doubt that is the reason why Pep has bought him considering most of his goals have come from Aubamayeng playing as a striker.

That is not exactly what I ask, what now for Iheanacho. He has Aubamayeng and Aguero to compete against now. Surely this will stutter his development.

Your view on Pep and Mourinho is one eyed. Pep at Bayern only gave 1 or 2 youth players a chance because of injuries. He sacked the medical staff at the club because of this. He then went on to buy a 32 year old Alonso at the expense of a replacing a 24 year old Kroos, Vidal and Benatia, who are both close to being 30. Look at the CL game against Atletico, there were zero youth players that he brought through in the side. At Barcelona he did well, give him that. But their ethos is on bringing players through.

It is funny you are quick to state United hamper Rashford’s career by bringing in a 34 year old for a year, yet your views quickly change when Iheanacho career is being stuttered by the potential signing of Aubamayeng. Matter of fact I am looking at the Bayern squad now, there is not one youth player Pep brought through that he has given a proper chance to.


Guys,I’m not saying Pep dosen’t join teams which are already established,or that he dosen’t sound money.At the end of the day,football has become like this.If your rival clubs are going to spend ridiculous amounts to achieve success,then you’d be naive not to.

However,He does gives a fair chance to youth and is a better manager in developing players.If you give me a team full of young players and ask me a manager to select between the two,it’d be guardiola without thinking twice.It will be interesting to see how much chance the young players get at those two clubs.

SAF and wenger are the only two managers mixing experience and youth.But again,times were different then and there wasn’t certainly as much completion financially.

the specialone


Do Arsenal have a Plan B?

I hope Wenger ain’t putting all his eggs in one basket over the Vardy deal. I honestly thought it would have been a done deal by now,and that concerns me more as time goes on.i would honestly force Vardy into a decision in the next day or two,or pull the plug on the deal and go for plan B. I can understand that Vardy is looking at whats best for him but so should we. The longer it goes on my gut feeling tells me he’s staying put, and the last thing i want to hear from Wenger is excuses that we didn’t have time for an alternative.i’d like Vardy because it’s great value for money. There might be something going on that none of us know about but AFC must play hardball and look after it’s own house.i would not wait till after the euro’s for Vardy that’s for sure.


Winston Reid: Suffered an injury against Liverpool

Absolutely agree mate. Said much the same thing to the fellas on another thread.
None of this works in our favour. Our interest in him is very public now. The longer this drags on, the harder it will be to sign an alternative if he says no.
The Euros make it almost impossible to conduct business for a lot of clubs. If we have to wait until July onward to find a forward, suddenly, clubs know we are becoming more desperate, so fees go up by stupid amounts. In turn, it starts to become more likely that we will end up with no one or a total panic buy!
I also said earlier that Klopp was pictured watching the Argentina game with Higuain’s brother who is also his agent. Strong rumours suggesting he is on the move. If we even get a hint that he is available, surely we have to try?! We are talking about a seriously WC striker here.

The lack of noise about it signing a defender is making me feel a little uneasy as well……

CB is a massive priority in my opinion but I don’t think Arsene agrees!
There are 2 simple ways he could go…..

Either he is totally ruthless and he goes out and tries to get a top class CB and throws some money at it or he goes for an older head/short term option and tries not to hamper the progress of Gabriel/Chambers.
Domestically, I’m not sure there is much to pick from. Pires said this week, we should try and buy Stones from Everton. Is Wenger likely to spend 40million plus on him? someone who has had a very uncertain season all things considered. I can’t see that.
I thought maybe Ashley Williams as a short term option? I didn’t realise though, that he turns 32 in August. Can’t see that appealing to Wenger either.
I think Winston Reid at West Ham is one of the best CBs in the league at the minute. Really impressed with some of his performances last season. He seemed to be agitating for a move at one stage but then settled down when it didn’t come off. Think we would pay decent money for him but he is PL ready.

Laporte at Bilbao looks like a brilliant young defender but again, he will command a huge fee and we won’t get involved in budding wars.
Aleksander Dragovic at Kyiv is a no nonsense defender but whether he could make the step up from that league to ours is a different matter. Will be one to keep an eye on for Austria in the next few weeks.

One defender who we are linked to every single window is Howedes at Shalke. Solid but hardly spectacular. I think he would be a good replacement for Per. Doesn’t have too long left on his current deal either so price may be more appealing than some other options and at the age of 28, he may want his last big move to be a new challenge?

andy 528

Second/third that, guys. For all the reasons mentioned AND for the fact that we’ve seen Wenger in the past (allegedly) chase a prime target, only to refuse/run out of time to look at and acquire alternatives.

As you say, Andy, I would be flabbergasted if we’re not also keeping tabs at least on what’s going on with Higuain. The way I see it, one major stumbling block beyond the cash required is whether Wenger would be willing to forget that he could’ve gotten the marksman for half the asking amount three years ago and just get it done.

On the other hand, I see the attraction of Wenger to Vardy. I had a mate in stitches yesterday when I compared Vardy to Suarez, but I was dead serious – they’re the sorts of players whose style of acting as a first line of defence and harrying defenders not only complements our high line in applying pressure and squeezing, but also FORCES us to play more directly. And this time we will have no less than two archers to nail target runners and switch the game much more quickly from defence/balanced modes of play to attack. It may end up being more of a coerced alteration in the way we will play rather than a profound upheaval in system and overall tactics.

But I digress – I hope we’re looking at other options… and I don’t mean of the level of Colak. Talented with decent technique, but with a lot to learn still.


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