Your Says of the Day: Liverpool should move for Ayew

Date published: Monday 2nd May 2016 12:39

Andre Ayew: Impressive against Liverpool

Also, Louis van Gaal caused a few chuckles with his post-match comments, Chelsea fans are hoping for a win over Spurs and Manchester City’s attempts to throw fourth place away again.

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Van Gaal in the headlines again…

Louis van Gaal: Back in the news again after post-match comments

Louis van Gaal said, “When I grab your hair now you will react also,”
“Because it’s not in the books that somebody has to grab with the hair. And then pull it behind. Only in sex masochism. Then it is allowed.”

Give him a new 5 year contract.

Johnny Utah


I have to admit that I’m warming to LVG now. Whoever worked ‘sex masochism’ into a footie interview before? Showing both a ready wit and perhaps a knowledge of the intricacies of the Amsterdam vice market. Wonderfully entertaining stuff. The Surreys are such a shadow of their former greatness it’s hilarious. Oh dear…

FC United of Manchester are still working their way quietly back up the leagues.
Don’t worry you reds, your time will come. Ha ha ha!



He did pull his hair, but it doesn’t justify the reaction. Both should have been off IMO. You can’t chin someone with an elbow, but you also can’t pull someone’s hair.

I can’t stand Van Gaal’s football. But I do like the way he has handled the media. He’s a right laugh. Shades of Fergie accusing Ashley Williams of almost killing Robin van Persie, or Mourinho claiming responsibility for the volcanic ash cloud which forced Barca to travel to Milan by bus. Vangle’s comment was much more interesting than Wenger’s usual “I did not see it”.

Football would be boring without crackpot managers.



City throwing it away?

It’s going to be touch and go for City now but I can understand why Pellegrini played the side he did.

Arsenal at home next week will be a tricky game whether City come through v Real or not but United face two tricky away games v Norwich and West Ham and the 4 points lead despite United’s game in hand plus the goal difference which effectively make it 5 points might be just enough to get City over the line for a CL place.

nine nine nine


The current top four will be the finishing top four. I’ve thought that for ages. Every time City or Arsenal throw a lifeline to United, West Ham and Liverpool, the three of us do our very bets to cock it up and piss any glimmer of top four chances up the wall.

A United win yesterday would have given us a huge chance, but United and City dropping points seems to happen in tandem.

Our one remaining lifeline is that City have not beaten any of the top eight clubs apart from Southampton at home in November, so a defeat to Arsenal could keep us in it, as we’d leapfrog City if we keep the pace and win our game in hand. I think we’ll beat Norwich away but our game in hand is then West Ham away, and I think it has a draw written all over it.


If Liverpool had beaten Newcastle and Swansea we would be a point ahead of United.

West Ham away is a difficult game but you have already gone there recently and won. Norwich played quite well on sat and are fighting for their lives. Imagine city didn’t get into the Champions League with Pep taking over? Crazy stuff.City could have clinched it yesterday.

i really did the jose deal is done no matter were United finish this season



Ayew showing Liverpool what they’re missing?

Ayew has done well for Swansea so far, but I’d reserve judgement on him till next season, and see if he can still do it then, when people know what he’s all about.

I’m a Lallana fan, and evidently so is Klopp. I just feel that he doesn’t always give everything in games, and has the tendency to drift in and out of games. However, out of the 2, I’d prefer Lallana. If he can become more consistent, and we keep him fit, I see him as a pretty vital member of the squad


Well unfortunately another good game for Ayew, as I’ve said many times we should look to buy him. He has been a revelation for Swansea this season and scored a range of goals that Adam Lallana could only dream of.

Swansea got him on the free (silly Rodgers), but i would be more than happy to swap him for Lallana. His work rate is high and he can actually finish. Again I’m surprised that the previous regime didn’t go for him; he has enjoyed captaincy of a strong Ghanaian team who for the last three world cups have been THE African team that no one wanted to play against.

Then he was available on a free and made various media statements about how much he loves Liverpool and has supported then all his life. Talk about on a plate!



Blues hoping for London derby success

Think our bubble has been burst to be honest, I’m going for a 0-0 draw, giving the title to the Foxes and confirming us Spurs in the Champions League for next year. I think that draw against WBA last week knocked the stuffing out of us…

I hope we win. Not just to stop Spurs from winning the title but to keep our great record up against Spurs at the Bridge. I think it will be tight but I think we’ll win 2-1. I think the Chelsea players will be up for it and Spurs don’t have Alli.

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