Your Says of the day: Bailly a better bet than Stones

Date published: Wednesday 10th August 2016 1:04

One Man Utd fan is happier to have landed Eric Bailly rather than rival City for John Stones, while Wilfried Bony to Arsenal makes sense to one contributor. 

Bailly a better deal for United

If we lost out to the Stones of 2014/2015 I’d have been disappointed, however having seen his “progression” last year, I’m not overly fussed – he hasn’t kicked on from his original potential yet (one can say he’s heading in the same direction as a certain Phil Jones).

Of course I could end up with egg on my face and Stones turns out to be the next Rio Ferdinand, but at this point in time I’m much happier that we got Bailly instead who already looks like he could do very well for us.

Sympathy for the Devils


Wilfried Bony: Striker left out of squad for Arsenal friendly

Backing Bony for Arsenal

We can agree that neither Lacazette, Icardi nor Bony are in the category of world class but track record shows that Bony was impressive for Swansea, scoring 34 goals within 56 matches and if we’re forced to at least bring a striker in, I’d say go for the safer option and sign Bony for either £25-£30 million rather than signing Lacazette or Icardi for more than £40 million. No guarantee that Lacazette or Icardi will adapt well to the English Premier League but Bony has proven himself, so much so that Manchester City signed him as a second choice striker to Aguero.



Trouble at Tottenham?

It seems it’s that man Daniel Levy at the centre of the debacle, forever the one to hog the spotlight for better or for worse.

Paul Mitchell has had a mixed bag of success since joining the club and Levy’s notorious hardline approach doesn’t help to provide the club with smooth and uncomplicated transfers. There are many reports stating his unhappiness of little job satisfaction but it looks like ambition is playing a big part with Leicester looking to sign his up as Assistant Manager and/or Head of Recruitment. I’m all for ambition but has the guy gone about this the right way? Arguable and Levy does not easily forget.

There are only a few signings that we can attribute to the man, these being Son, N’Jie and Janssen. Son has been hit and miss, N’Jie hasn’t been able to show what he can do due to injury but what I have seen, personally I’m not impressed but Janssen could be the notable success. The likes of Toby and Victor we cannot give him credit for as Poch worked with Victor and we all saw Toby play in the PL. Alli was recommended by Pleat so he cannot claim credit there. Can we honestly say we are going to miss out? With fantastic academy players coming through our senior recruitment has been minimised and there are plenty of other scouts who could fit the bill.

Onto the N’Koudou deal, which has reportedly for one French source, Le Phoceen. There have been many reasons cited for complications such as N’Jie loan, presidential resignation, fee change due to fitness, the Marseille negotiating team and now Mitchell/Levy breakdown. The guy would be an excellent signing for us and him waiting in London, apparently causing fitness to be a concern, has led to a valuation shift by Levy and now the deal could be deal in the water. Levy needs to relax the purse strings a bit more, although his approach for getting the best possible deal on all arrivals and departures has been beneficial to the club financially, it has hurt us on the field. This would include the current Eriksen contract situation which needs to be resolved so just give him a good contract and be done with it. We “faff’ around too much and it’ll hurt us, potentially causing further unrest within the squad and the coaching team. We should be looking to the glorious lights of the new stadium and our future, though our present problems could dim those significantly.

Sort it out Levy.



Mourinho spouting off

It seems that he’s getting his digs in early. Calling Liverpool & Arsenal small clubs. We play them in our opening fixtures so he’s continuing his ongoing war with Wenger & trying to pick one with Klopp. He won’t criticise Chelsea, and Guardiola already made him lose the plot in Spain when he eye-gouged his assistant back in 2011. Horrible person, but a huge test for Jurgen next season with so many good managers to play against. Premier League is the hardest league to win games in. So many sub plots & history to games.



Adnan Januzaj: Left out of touring squad

Sell or loan Januzaj?

I’m two-minded as to whether we should sell Adnan, I hear Moyes is interested. Still young with bags of potential but lacking the determination and drive to make it big. I honestly think playing with Pogba and Lingard can help boost his confident which he clearly is lacking. If we sell him with the current market I would expect £15-20million; anything less has to include buyback clause. Not sure why clubs in the Premier League don’t implement that, especially with us. Our players are always going for cheap.


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