Your Says of the Day: Achievements debate; Reds’ final chances

Date published: Friday 6th May 2016 12:47

Claudio Ranieri, Arsene Wenger: Best achievement debated

Liverpool fans are once again basking in the glory of another successful European night at Anfield, while comments from Lauren ignite debate and Sturridge attracts plaudits.

If you have anything to add on these, or any other subject, join the debate right here.

Liverpool taste glory at Anfield, again

All focus from now must be on Liverpool winning this final.

This means that Klopp must choose his teams for the next three Premiership games very carefully. He faces a balancing act of minimising injuries to key players while giving them enough game time to keep them in top shape for the final.

Also players who are off-form such as Coutinho need to regain their form, and the 3 remaining games can provide this platform for them.

Even though we cannot finish fourth, we have to try and win the remaining three Premiership games, so as to continue the winning spirit from last night. In fact these games are ideal for players who are fighting to start in the final, such as Benteke, Lucas, Allen or Skrtel, as they will have to show the manager what they can do.



Get in Redmen. Win the final & we qualify for the champions league. So who used to say it’s not a competition of value?

Winning it is worth more than finishing fourth in the premiership. Sevilla will be difficult opposition as they are holders & going for their third in a row. I’m hoping the painful memory of the Carling Cup defeat will help us in what will be a very tight final. Come on the Redmen, YNWA.



I thought Liverpool were excellent last night and are now just a couple of players away from being genuine title contenders next season and what a job Klopp has done with the same set of players.

I thought Villarreal though were really poor last night, I think Anfield might have got to them but you can only beat what’s in front of you and there was no doubt who the winner was going to be right from the very first minute. Even I was worn out with the energy levels the Liverpool players displayed.

Congrats all now go and win it and I’m sure you will which will give the PL 5 entries into next season’s CL.

nine nine nine


Sevilla is a tough game but they can be got at. We have a massive chance to win it. A one off game.

I wasn’t at the game, I was just at home but you could feel the atmosphere off the TV. It was unreal. That’s what support is. Support for the team coming in on the coach etc. Anfield is a special place on European nights and no doubt the crowd got to villareal players.

Now we can enjoy our last three games of the season and just wait for the final. Keep our key players injury fit and go to Basel in good shape!

Sean the sailor


Lauren comments cause a rumble

Lauren, Arsenal’s former right-back has come out and said that going a season unbeaten was a greater achievement than Leicester winning the title.

Even as a Gooner and a big fan of Lauren’s, I really have to disagree. The whole Invincible thing is more about bragging rights – I’m sure Man United fans would argue that winning the treble was just as much of an achievement (although I would, of course, respectfully say that’s b******s! ? )

It was an amazing achievement and one I obviously hope will never be repeated in the PL (except by my team!) but it just doesn’t compare to a team that takes the title with an entire squad worth the sort of money that the richer clubs might spend on a single player.



The so called ‘Invincibles’ were not so invincible as they were beaten in foreign competition that season.

The Quintuple, is not so easily achieved but has been won by Barca (Toy league, easily discounted) and the mighty Inter of course, all domestic trophies with Jose plus the Champions league and the Club Super Cup.
Now that is what I call ‘invincible’.



A point on the United treble winners vs Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’, I’d like to note that, over the entire season, United actually lost less times than Arsenal:

United – 5 defeats – 1 x Charity Shield, 3 x Premier League, 1 x League Cup

Arsenal – 7 defeats – 1 x Charity Shield, 1 x FA Cup, 2 x League Cup, 3 x Champions League

Yes, Arsenal’s feat was a better one Premier League wise, but if you’re talking about which team was better for each season then I actually think it’s hands down that United trump Arsenal – we went unbeaten in the group of death (with Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the same group), and we didn’t lose in any of the five fixtures against Inter Milan (fat Ronaldo days), Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Sympathy for the Devils


When it comes to achievements, I would class the following as the greatest.

1- Leicester: Shoe string budget compared to the rest, an outstanding achievement, 5000/1 before a ball being kicked says it all.

2- United treble winning season: Lost the less number of games as Arsenal did throughout the whole of their invincible league season, but won more trophies.

3- Chelsea 04/05 season: Probably the best first team squad I have witnessed IMO, with the exception of one or two, most players were world class. Broke so many record, most points total in a 38 game season, least goals conceded and someone who should be compared to Viera, Keane and Carrick ? in Essien, beast of a midfielder.

4- Arsenal Invincible season: A brilliant accomplishment. Reason I have got this as 4th is because Pires dived against Pompey, which would have resulted in a 1 nil loss, coming up with a pathetic excuse of him breaking his leg if he did not dive, Nistelrooy missing a last minute penalty, Manchester United losing their main defender in Rio when they were on par. But the main reason being, it was the worst thing to happen to Arsenal, they went downhill from then on, made Arsene untouchable.



Sturridge in a league of his own?

I’ve never seen him as an out and out striker like Kane or Aguero. He’s much more mobile IMO and is probably wasted at nine. I think he’s more suited to one of the wide roles in an attacking three formation. England certainly has its riches in these types of players. Welbeck is very similar in that sense.

I think Woy has his work cut out picking a formation to play to our strengths this summer. With Vardy, Kane, Sturridge, Welbeck and Stirling all vying for one of the potential front three spots it’s going to be hard to leave someone out. None of those can really be played any further down the field.

If Vardy plays, then I think Woy has to play two up front otherwise he’ll be playing him out of position. I think Vardy and Kane could feature in a front two partnership, with maybe Stirling as an old school winger.



I don’t see how Kane is considered the much better player than Sturridge. Granted he’s always fit, and boasts height over him, but this is about it. There isn’t much between them in terms of finishing, and Kane is yet to deliver any real wow moments.

Sturridge has scored a few ‘worldies’ as they say. I’m not knocking Kane, but to say he is much better than Sturridge, is pretty stupid to be honest.


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