Your Says of the Day: Bielsa for Man Utd, Carroll for England

Date published: Monday 11th April 2016 3:23

Man Utd should be rivalling Everton for Marcelo Bielsa. Also among the day’s best Your Say posts: take Carroll to the Euros, and Arsenal and Leeds fans have had enough.

Bielsa for United

Everton are in talks with Marcelo Bielsa. He would be an revelation at Man Utd.

We are in this sh*t to the neck for years to come. Thanks, Fergie.



Vardy having a party

The test for him will be next year, when people know what he’s about. He’ll be a marked man, and will have to learn how to cope with that. It’ll be interesting to see how Leicester cope as a team next year as well.

They’ve had very few injuries this year, which has undoubtedly helped, and will obviously have the CL matches, so playing twice a week, with their squad, is gonna be tough.

They will need about six or seven signings in my opinion, probably more if they lose Mahrez and/or Kante. As for Vardy (went slightly off thread there), he just keeps going, credit to him. He’ll be a big asset for England in the Euros (surely he’ll be going?) and also in future.



Take Carroll to Euro 2016 

I’ve said this before so it’s got nothing to do with Carroll’s three goals, Carroll offers England something completely different and would be a great alternative for England off the bench, he’s virtually unplayable in the air and European defences aren’t used to the kind of aerial power and presence he offers.

If I was Roy despite how many strikers we have fighting for inclusion I would definitely be including Carroll in my Euros squad.

nine nine nine


Harry Kane: Can they continue good form at Liverpool?

Spurs on the march

Wow! What a game against Man Utd. We destroyed Utd, got a clean sheet and only allowed them one shot on target. Great performance all round.

So what if Leicester win the rest of their games? Nothing we can do about that. If or when the Foxes win the league would I prefer to be a Leicester fan? No. Simple. In the long term we are a HUGE club bristling with promise.

Even if they win the league this season who would seriously prefer their squad over ours? Not me. Its also extremely young. We have a young manager to boot who looks likely to be world class AND he is extremely happy where he is (calls the club his family and his own family are extremely settled in London). Training ground is one of the best (perhaps the best) in league and our new stadium will be. We have a rich owner who – seeing our better position in league – may\will cough up more cash. We have no debt. Players are happy (poss happiest squad in the league). It’s a great time to be a Spurs fan whatever the outcome. So much so that despite having moved back to Northern Ireland from London a few years back – I am considering applying for a season ticket once the new stadium is built (or at least get in the queue). Simply awesome.



Arsenal fury

Until this weekend I’ve kept on believing we were still in with a shout of the title no matter however slim it may look only because the teams above us (Spurs and Leicester) were inexperienced of a title challenge and they lack depth in squad. So for that reason I’ve believed by some miracle we just might have nicked the title.

But 13 points adrift of the title leaders with five games to go, it’s all but over. And it’s unacceptable, inexcusable and if the fans have any passion for the club we would start protesting right now to change both the board and Wenger. Now that the title is gone there would be no point in holding back our criticism for the club.

People need to realise, Wenger needs to go. Instead of being a bunch of cowards on the side fearing the departure of Wenger will worsen us and drift us far apart from even top four, we should be willing to take the risk and take what’s coming. I mean don’t you guys want to see something different? I’m so tired of seeing us qualify for the CL knowing 110 % we’ll come nowhere near winning it. Forget the players we’ll sign or might not sign. That is not even the main problem, it is the mentality of the club and I’m so glad much weaker sides have proved it. Or else, we would always be hiding under the blanket of excuses of lack of as much financial power if City or Chelsea would’ve won it again.

Anyway, like I said it’s the mentality. It will be the same boring predictable season if there is no real change within the club!

the specialone


Liverpool v Dortmund anticipation

This is a very tough one to call. I think Dortmund will score. I’m hoping Bender starts as he is their weakness. He’s a central midfielder playing at centre-back. I’ll be surprised if he starts. Klopp outwitted Tuchel in the last game. Dortmund will be better prepared this time around. I think we have them a surprise on Thursday.

I think it will be the same team with maybe Allen for Henderson. Set pieces against are a real worry. I’m expecting a much better performance from Dortmund. We will get chances so I’d start Sturridge but I think it be Origi up top.

Sean the sailor


Steve Evans Leeds United

Evans out!

Adam Pope, Radio Leeds: “Steve, are you concerned with no win in four?”

Steve Evans “No!”.
A bit of info for you Steve – YOU BLOODY SHOULD BE!! You promised us a lean, mean goal machine, yet the player you persist with is absolutely useless as a striker.

My Grandad could have buried those chances and he was 5’6″ and nearly blind. I’ve lost any patience I had in Evans now. Yet again his substitutions baffled everyone but him. The other players must be totally fed up with the chances Wood misses. They don’t make a lot for him, but when they do put in a peach of a cross, the plank misses the target – from 18 FEET out! TWICE!!

Over the 90+ minutes I thought we held our own, but yet again, the final third lets us down.

But Hey, as long as Steve’s not concerned we can all relax and enjoy our weekend.


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