Your Says of the Day: City job will be Pep’s toughest yet

Date published: Tuesday 2nd February 2016 12:11

Pep Guardiola: Leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season

Also, Morgan Schneiderlin’s regression at Manchester United, anger at Tottenham’s transfer failures and how Mark Hughes has shown himself an astute buyer of players.

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City job will be Guardiola’s toughest yet

Those saying the move to Man City is an easy one for Pep Guardiola?…The Bayern job is easier domestically. IMO there would be less initial pressure in Europe at Man City. Again though, he always wanted to manage in England and with the way the league is at the minute only City and Arsenal seem to be playing anywhere near their potential.

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Its discussed on the Utd pages day after day but I firmly believe that we have a good squad full of potential (some others think they’re all bang average and need replacing already) which under a decent manager good flourish. The gauntlet was set for Pep but he decided on the ready made model that only requires a few tweaks.

Excellent appointment for City as Pep will attract the best of the best to the club. This is no doubt his toughest job and his biggest test to date so it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

PL 2016/17 could be the best one yet!



‘Dignified’ Pellegrini can ‘teach Jose a few tricks’

Manuel Pelligrini has always carried himself well. Jose Mourinho could learn a thing or two from this man.

City fans should be ecstatic. Huge coup but it’s not a challenge either is the Utd job. A challenge would be Spurs, Everton or Liverpool. Teams just outside the top 4. You walk in city and utd and its a blank cheque book. Happy to see him in the pl and if I was a city fan I’d be delighted. Would lile to see city win the cl. 10 years ago no would ever thought it could be possible.

Sean the sailor


New suggestion for United job

I genuinely hope Mourinho doesn’t get the Man Utd job, he’s the same as LVG. I’d love if they took on Jorge Sampaoli, formerly of Chile. Any of the potential ‘top clubs’ in Premier League are a challenge of sorts as it’s the hardest league to win.

Two seasons ago would have been over the moon about Jose, but I think the magic is fading a little. Can’t doubt his CV but recent Chelsea stint really gives me the heebie jeebies about him.

I don’t think his style of play matches what we seem to be crying out for. Even in first stint with Chelsea he had Robben, Duff on wings, Drogba, Lamps, laden with talent and still 1-0, 2-0. He the flip side of the same coin as LVG.



City now England’s biggest pull – but still need to grow

Man City can now be regarded as England’s best club. But are they now a bigger draw than Chelsea, United & Arsenal? Arguably so, I say.

However, you’d expect attendances to increase with the Guardiola appointment but they’re still playing catch up in that respect but you don’t gain tens of thousands of match going fans over night, that takes time and as kids grow up with City being the dominent side in the north west kids will choose them over United & Liverpool and so the club will grow.

I can’t think of a higher profile managerial appointment in the prem but that’s no guarantee of success. I imagine City wasn’t the only offer on the table and I very much doubt money was his only motivating factor despite what some are suggesting. I think this is a monumental appointment both on and off the field and if it works out for city, good on them.



All hail Mark Hughes and Stoke for their signings

You can tell by his signings that Sparky knows his football. He buys the right players in the right price bracket and in the right age. I wouldnt mind having him as manager at Man United. The man is a legend,no one had a better volley than Sparky.

The classy center he was i think he would need a good number 2 beside him specialized in defending. Very much like Wenger has at Arsenal.



City transfer rumours going into overdrive

And already it’s started: Alaba, Lewandowski, Sanchez, Ramsey, Pogba, Neymar, Pique, John Stones, Thiago are ready to either ‘follow’ Guardiola, or ‘want to work with him’ at Manchester City – if various newspapers and internet reports are to be believed.

My favorite the the blind assumption Messi can be persuaded to sign for City based on his relationship with Gaurdiola – a strained relationship that fractured in Pep’s last season at Barcelona.



Schneiderlin’s regression at United

When Morgan Schneiderlin signed for Man United he was the signing that excites me the most because he was undoubtedly the best holding mid in the league. His regression can only be due to the coaching setup in my eyes.

Memphis was the best player in his league, Darmian was the best RB in Italy when he arrived as well. Herrera was called up to the Spain squad before he arrived the list goes on.

The pattern shows that players get worse under this coaching setup. My finger is pointed squarely at them.



Fuming at Tottenham’s failure to sign new striker

Transfer deadline day has come and gone and as I feared Spurs have not signed a striker….I am disgusted!!!.

We have never been in such a strong position where we care challenging on all fronts but I think now we have made a huge mistake in not adding back up for Kane…it is baffling,how can a top club only have one striker? What are we going to do when Harry gets burnt out or injured?

How come it is obvious to everyone in football that we needed a back up striker, except Spurs? I love Spurs but if we fail to make top four this season it’ll be just typical.

The Dembele situation is very strange too…ok Fulham wanted him back on loan but wouldn’t that be the lesser of two least we would have him for next season and for a knock down price,now we don’t have him at all.

I really hope I am wrong but I think we have made a huge mistake by not adding a forward.


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