Your Says of the Day: City limp out; Chelsea fans not biting

Date published: Thursday 5th May 2016 1:05

Real Madrid: Through to the Champions League final again

Manchester City go out of Europe with a whimper, while Liverpool fans look ahead to the chance to reach the Europa League final and Chelsea supporters discuss possible departures.

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City crash out of Europe without a bang

City were really gutless. I mean, its a Champions League semi-final. Losing one-nil. Why play so safe?

City should take a leaf out of Liverpool’s book. We may well go out against Villareal, but there is no way we go out in similar style. Their defence and keeper will have to be at their best and lady luck must smile upon them to progress.

The City/Madrid tie was not one sided, but Real didn’t really sweat for it, did they? Shame really.


Modric was good but looked extra special because not one City player was within 10 yards of him. Aguero played like he always does in the CL.

In a cup game you may as well go for it, if you get battered then so be it. Not like you have to worry about goal difference. Anyway they got to the semi finals which is a decent run.


I said City had failed tactically in the first match and I still believe that – they needed to win the first match to put the pressure on Real Madrid; no Ronaldo or Benzema meant they should’ve had a chance in the first match to get a goal or two and hopefully not concede. Yesterday’s match was a formality in my opinion – Real Madrid didn’t get out of 1st gear and still won quite easily.

Poor from City in my opinion.

Sympathy for the Devils

In terms of City, they were poor. Keep it cagey to start but with 20 mins to go you need to start thinking about committing men forward. Aguero was far too deep. Whether he was told to or not but Fernandinho took it upon himself to fill the void Aguero left by coming deep to get the ball. Very similar to the way PSG played at the Etihad. They also seemed to have no urgency or desire even though they needed to score.



Excitement high ahead of Anfield second leg

If Sturridge doesn’t start Thursday (I think he will) it would be to protect Sturridge’s value, imagine if he got another injury now.

Accumulated fatigue affects everyone, and sure a player is more likely to get injured when not at 100%. It’s not the case of Sturridge being unable to play 90 twice a week, as a case of the club wanting to protect their assets.

Hopefully Sturridge’s recent comments will have hit home, and if we try to protect him too much he’ll just leave anyway. I think the time has come to just let him play, and take the risk.

j c

It’s not just the players who need to turn up it’s the players, the supporters, the groundsmen, the programme sellers, the char ladies, the board in fact everyone involved with LFC (I’m sure that they all will) I’m afraid I won’t be there but we have to show Villareal what “support” is all about and frighten the sh1t out of them, we’ve all seen fantastic European nights let’s hope the atmosphere is electric and that that rubs off on the team, I think we can and will do it! YNWA RIP the 96

Scouser in exile

What about living in the moment? These are days to be enjoyed.

We got Can back, the lads are roaring and wanting success after tasting that bitter final. They managed to channel that defeat into a turning point in the season. They know what they are up against, have a little faith. They will have focused on this one game, against my wishes, for a full week now.

Anfield will be berserk this time around, it will want to show Villareal that they were wrong to celebrate in Spain. This ain’t over yet.


Chelsea fans not biting on exit rumours

This follows quickly on the heels of weeks of speculation regarding Hazard leaving, only for him to commit himself publicly to the club last week, all of which suggests to me that the tabloid media don’t really have a scooby what’s going on, but just write stories that “appear” to make sense, given the rubbish season we have had, with a view to making mugs click on their websites so they can drive their advertising revenue’s ever upwards.

What price Costa will be the next to commit himself to Chelsea next season?


Atleti pesident recently said costa would be “…near on impossible to buy…” from us this summer and the same applies to Courtios and Hazard.

We have Money and they all have a long periods left on their contracts. The only thing that would change our position of strength would be player power and if one started pushing for a move. A relief to see 2 of 3 making the right noises.

Super frankie

This is what I have been saying for weeks when so many felt that all players wanted to leave and we had a massive rebuilding task

I have no idea what prompted Hazard to make his comments and was it these that actually prompted Courtois or was he always going to stay anyway?

Just shows that we should not believe everything that these guys try to print as we all know they have an agenda against us and if they can cause any kind of disruption theN they are satisfied.

So, and just to play devils advocate here, what if all players decide they want to stay? Would Conte be happy with the squad? Does he just cut players he feels are not up to scratch? Certainly makes his life a lot harder if no one wants to leave – or does it?


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