Your Says of the Day: Conned by Courtois, Rooney’s rule

Date published: Tuesday 13th September 2016 1:28

Chelsea backed the wrong man when they chose Thibaut Courtois over Petr Cech, while one reader wonders what hold Wayne Rooney has over managers and the media.

Misfiring Chelsea?

Too early to call misfiring Chelsea. Ten points and nine goals scored us up there with the best. The league is only four games old and we have won three of those four games. But some are already calling us misfiring Chelsea. This is an exaggeration of facts.

We are still unbeaten to add to our misfiring season imagine. Yes we made mistakes on Sunday, but who doesn’t make mistakes? I have full confidence on A. Conte that he will eradicate those mistakes from our game. Conte only took charge five competitve matches in which he has won four of those games. This team is heading in the right direction. I’m disappointed with the result at Swansea. But overall I’m happy with our season so far. If I was offered this I would have grabbed with joy. Ten points from four games is excellent compared to four points at this stage last season.


Courtois doubts

We were all duped by his perfomances at Atletico and I’m still stunned we allowed Cech to leave. Our problem is not our defence it’s our egotistical goalkeeper who thinks he’s more talented than he is.

Someone I would love for us to sell, it’s no coincedence that that number of goals we conceded as a team has shot up dramatically since Courtois took over the reins from cech.

But it’s a decision that can’t be reversed only rectified by replacing T-bo in the next summer window. How many games since he’s been keeper has a team had 1, 2, 3 chances in the whole 90mins and he lets all of them in?!


Thibaut Courtois: Could be sold by Chelsea

Rooney debate

I really dont understand what hold Rooney has over managers. It seems every manager picks him to play despite much negative feedback from fans (most tend to agree he should not be there). Pundits are the same, Phil Neville was talking about how he must start and they must find a place for him. Why? maybe if someone else came in they might do better than him?



Where does Coutinho fit in?

I’ve been critical of Coutinho before, I’ve lauded him plenty of times before. I too don’t want to bash the wizard but he does need to work extra hard to round off his game a bit more, in order to gain that consistency/avoid being marked out of matches.

One thing is for sure though, I wouldn’t drop either of Firmino or Lallana in order to bring Coutinho back in. I say that knowing that if Coutinho does start, there is a good chance he could come away with a MOTM performance, but we just don’t know which Coutinho will show up and TBH I’m not sure that we can afford to take the risk when you have players like Lallana, Firmino, Sturridge, Mane fresh off the back of a great team performance.



Shkodran Mustafi: Poses in his new shirt

Mustafi concerns

I did tell everyone when we signed him that he was not that good in the air and that his mobility was questionable. I’ve seen him play live in Spain twice and obviously on TV for Germany. His club history is not great and Everton dumped him on a free for not being good enough a few years back. It’s his debut so he may have tried to hard and he has to learn how to play in our system. The key will be can he form a partnership with Koscielny and also how will he play when Koscielny isn’t in the side. For £35m he is definitely a panic buy and not worth that sort of money.

The Oracle


Waiting for Wijnaldum

He’s not exactly lighting it up in the same way that Mane is but maybe that’s half the problem. Wjn already has two assists, which indicates that he’s started quite well for us but Mane, well he’s another story, he’s an absolute revelation. Not everyone can have this kind of start at a new club.

I agree though, I’m not entirely sure where Wijnaldum is meant to fit in here, am I the only one who thought he was an out and out attacking midfielder when we signed him? Before people mock me, I’ve previously admitted to knowing very little about the guy.



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