Your Says of the Day: Depay, Januzaj solution; ‘win, win with Coutinho’

Date published: Tuesday 15th November 2016 1:55

Adnan Januzaj and Memphis Depay: Should be sold

One Manchester United fan has the solution regarding Memphis Depay and Adnan Januzaj, while it’s win, win for Liverpool regarding Philippe Coutinho.


‘I feel for Sturridge’

I feel for Sturridge in moments like this! I tend to agree with him that the team needs a focal point – it does frustrate when watching footy and there is nobody at the top of the pitch. However, that’s not to say that if Sturridge tracks back that someone like mane can’t fill his shoes at the top of the pitch…much like when a player like henderson filling in at CB if matip runs forward.

He certainly doesn’t sprint like he used to before his long injury lay off…and you don’t know if he just can’t do it or doesn’t want to try out of fear he will have another injury. I don’t believe it’s because he is lazy. That’s just a lazy point to make, and doesn’t even go anywhere near analysing what is actually going on in this situation.


‘Madness’ to sell Sturridge in January

There’s now a story about him today leaving in Jan. I don’t believe it.

It would be madness to sell him in Jan. If we are serious about a proper challenge for the title this season then none of our first 15/16 players should be sold.
The only one I can see going is Sakho.

Sturridge may not be a starter now but it only takes an injury or 2 and we will be very thankful for having a quality striker to call upon who knows exactly how we want to play. Remember Mané is set to leave In Jan and miss 6 games which include some very important matches.

Come next summer Sturridge may not be happy with playing off the bench for much of the season and decide to leave. Klopp may decide to sell. He I said after all on big wages and would fetch a lot of money but for the time being he should be going nowhere.


Depay, Januzaj should be sold with a buy-back clause

Depay and Januzaj are two players that typify the problems and decline that have besieged the club over the past 3 years.

Players that have undoubted talent but a horrible attitude. Once they get a massive contract they focus more on spending their coin and living the lifestyle than actually trying to perform on the pitch. Depay struts around like he has 5 league titles and a couple of CL winners medals in his locker.

The reason we are going backwards is because we are waiting on this player and that player to settle and start performing. Giving players more chances than the devil is getting us nowhere.

We could afford to do that under Fergie because we always had the nucleus of a winning team. Sending them out on loan does nothing either, as Januzaj proved at Dortmund last year.

For me they should be sold with a buy-back clause. If they go elsewhere and prove what they can do and want to return like Morata at Madrid then great. If not, then they can **** off because they have been living a great life and stealing a living of the back of the club and its fans for too long.



Gnabry is no Messi

I liked him as a player but I think he did have chances and showed nothing on loan, we have too many passengers taking money and taking up squad spaces, he COULD become good but just because he has bagged a few goals doesn’t mean we have lost the next Messi, some rose-tinted glasses here I think, if we kept him then it should have been at the cost of Ox or Theo……




Hazard learning from Henry

One thing I did notice was that Hazard gave a lot of credit to improvements in his game to working with Henry in the Belgium set up.

Obviously Henry played a similar role, out wide, cutting in and either creating or being positive and having a go at goal.

What I am hoping is that Michy is also taking lessons and note of what Henry is saying. May not be the same type of player but I am sure that Michy can glean some pearls of wisdom to improve his game and help him as and when he gets his chance. KTBFFH



Abraham still has ‘a lot of developing to do’

The thing is if Tammy Abraham didn’t have the ambition to be scoring goals in the PL in 3 year’s time he wouldn’t be much use to Chelsea anyway.

Lets just hope he develops sufficiently to do it at Chelsea!

Currently despite his goals on what I have seen of him live and in the flesh on several occasions at Ashton Gate as recently as last week and despite his promise and obvious potential he still has a lot of developing to do and he probably needs to go out on loan to a PL club next season where he will get some decent game time and develop still further.

nine nine nine


Philippe Coutinho Liverpool

‘Win, win regarding Coutinho’

It may be as innocent as that but no matter what, the caption on his tweet isn’t going to say “Hello, Barcelona?”.

He’s scored a million goals, I can see the hello mom thing for his first goal maybe.

As far as this season goes, it’s a win-win for us regards Coutinho. He is playing for a massively improved contract or a move to Barca at the very least. .

A few months ago he made a strange comment about how he misses winning trophies (which he hasn’t ever really done much of at all), so he has a chance to do that right here, right now.

He’s a fantastic player who is world class on his day but I’m not forgetting last seasons EL final and he’d do well to remember it himself.

Mr Makaveli


Can Liverpool provide a platform?

As I and others pointed out a couple of years ago the trouble with having a transfer policy where you rely on developing youth is that when they do fulfil their potential the bigger clubs will just swoop in and pinch them.

The only way to combat that is if Liverpool FC can provide a platform for these players to fulfil all their ambitions with us, both financially and sporting.

A coupla years ago we were nowhere near providing that platform but now, under Klopp, we look much more able to do this.

A starting point would be to give Coutinho a massive pay rise, doubling his money or better. He’s currently something like our 6th highest earner which does not reflect his importance to the team.

Many of these South American players foster dreams of playing for Real or Barca since when they were kids. There not much we can do about that except provide an excellent atmosphere at the club where they are lived and appreciated in the hope they realise the grass isn’t always greener.


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