Your Says of the Day: Does Giroud face unfair criticism?

Date published: Tuesday 31st May 2016 1:22

Olivier Giroud: Spending time on Arsenal bench

An Arsenal fan believes Olivier Giroud faces unfair criticism, while Manchester United fans debate whether Juan Mata and Daley Blind should stay at Old Trafford.

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Does Giroud come under unfair stick?

Okay, first of all – I’ve probably been one of the most vocal fans against Giroud and my issue with him as our main striker has been expressed and beaten to death. But I have to say – he really does come in for a lot of undeserved stick IMO.

He has his limitations and (believe me!!!) frustrations. His return as the spearhead of our attack leaves a lot to be desired, and a lot (and I mean A LOT!!!) of our attacks die off with him due to poor decisions or poorly executed passes.

Many will point to his 14-game drought as the reason we didn’t win the league. But I think it is unfair to put our failure to win the league on just him. For one, the buck stops with Wenger who refused to be proactive last summer, and who saw this 10-12m signing as a worthy replacement for RvP and the man to step into the shoes of some of the game’s deadliest and prolific strikers who have graced Arsenal’s history. And, whatever you think of Giroud, you can’t deny that he at least puts in the effort in attack and defence to earn his wages – unlike our very own (in)conspicuous 140k-a-week ghost. I will also say that you would be hard pressed to find many better impact subs than Olivier!

This vitriol is starting to creep into his national side support, and I just had to say something. Let the guy enjoy his home tournament, hopefully score some goals and come back to us with some confidence. I do not want him leading our attack next season, but he is a very useful member of our squad – and is good enough to be!


What’s the verdict on Martial’s first season?

He came with a huge price tag, and given his decent (but not great) goal scoring record many wondered if he was good value.

I think his first season was a great success for such a young lad, and he has shown he can cope with the pressure of playing for United. He has much more to his game than just the goals – he is incredibly strong, great balance and pace, and a natural first touch that can’t be coached.

I think it was a good signing by United and he will be a big star for a number of years for them – I hope he can stay injury free and show what he is capable of. I enjoy watching players like him, and it will be interesting to see what Mourinho does with him.


I’m very happy that we’ve signed him and very happy with his first season. United have been horrible attacking-wise in the last two years yet he has still managed to shine brightly. In this day and age it’s not about the amount you spend on a player because cash is free flowing for big clubs nowadays, it’s about nabbing the best players who will fit into and improve your team – and Martial has undoubtedly done that.

Sympathy for the Devils

Mata and Blind out?

I’d be a bit surprised if these two went. I know Mata has a load of haters on here but there is no doubts he’s a better player than Young, Lingard and countless others. Any clear out should be for the real crap first. Its all well and good saying all these players out but do you really think we are going to buy about 11 replacements. No chance so for now get some real crap out Rojo, Young and add real quality.


Think Blind would be outstanding in midfield, reads the game brilliantly, great passer and a good eye for a pass, Mata is excellent but is slow as a wet week. Would be harsh to get rid of them but if we’re looking for fast counter attacking football they’re out of their depth.


Who could Spurs be in for?

Well look what does the team actually need? As I see it we only have one striker, Harry Kane. Son (and Chadli) is more of a support guy across the wings and no.10 spot. N’jie from the 2 minutes he played looks like a tricky winger, certainly not a no.9.

With the added demands of champions league we need at least 3 strikers if not 4. Why couldn’t someone of the calibre of Ibra be one of 4? Preferably someone younger.

We used to have Berbatov, Keane, Pav, and Defoe. Now we have Kane. No wonder he got the golden boot…there was no one to share the load.


Balotelli – to sell or not to sell?

I think we signed Balotelli on a 3 year deal on something like £80k per week, roughly £4m per year. Correct me if that’s not quite right.

Obviously needs to be sold. There are plenty of rumours going around, but I just feel like this might be a drawn out one, with clubs haggling as much as possible and trying to get another loan deal and even being cheeky and trying to get us to pay some of his wages! He might turn away other clubs from lesser leagues like China or turkey, and want to go to an Italian team – they seem to always go for these loan with a view to buying and never take up the option (thinking of aquilini saga here)

That being said though, if we just take what we can get in terms of any transfer fee offer, hopefully he will agree terms with that club! What a waste of space he has so much ability but has scored 1 goal this year in Italy! I have a feeling we will try to get at least £8m, and that might make this a drawn out affair, then end up selling for about £4m way down the line.


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