Your Says of the Day: End of 2015 awards

Date published: Thursday 17th December 2015 1:04

Leicester City: Premier League leaders the Team of 2015

Also, why Sakho needs a new defensive partner at Liverpool, Ancelotti returning to Chelsea would be a “dream” and should Villa prepare for life in the Championship?

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End of year awards

It’s that time of year when every man and his dog are issuing awards left right and center, so I thought us Cyber Warriors should have a bash. I chucked down some categories, please feel free to add more if I’ve missed one. Just remember these awards are based on the calendar year rather than the football season.

And my votes are…..

Team of the Year: Has to be Leicester, finished last season with title winning form and just continued on when everybody had them down for relegation.
Player of the Year: Harry Kane, come from no where to be the highest goalscorer of the calendar year.
Transfer of the Year: Mahrez at Leicester, I bet nobody had heard of him before hand but we sure know about him now!
Underachiever of the Year: Rooney….
Highlight of the Year: Watching the current bus-wreck at Chelsea, sorry 9,nine,9, nothing personal, but I’m loving it!
Villain of the Year: Blatter, finally getting his dues, with Platini a very close second
Manager of the Year: Raneri,
Overrated Player of the Year: Hmmm.. a lot to choose from, I think Dephey sneaks it for me. Might look good on Dutch YouTube but looks like a donkey every time I’ve seen him.
Underrated Player of the Year: Only really watch Spurs games to be honest, caught few others, but Dembele has been a beast for us lately, we missed him badly against Castle last weekend and it showed!


Sakho needs defensive partner at Liverpool

I have been thinking for a while that we need a consistently good performer to partner Mamadou Sakho. TAW (The Anfield Wrap) said in one of their recent podcasts that the fact that Skrtle has been our best defender for quite a few seasons now probably says more about our backline than him as a player, and that when we concede he always seems to be at the scene of the crime but never does quite enough.

The more I think about it the more I agree, I would love him to prove me wrong and build a great partnership with Sahko as I like him, just not sure he has the quality required. He seems to have to many incidents like the defending against Martial.


Pep staying at Bayern?

Pep to make an announcement on his future next week. That can only mean one thing then……He’s staying at Bayern. I suspect he wouldn’t announce he’s joining another club mid-season, especially one where there is a manager in situ already. The only other scenario would be that he only announces that he is leaving Bayern at the end of the season.


Prepare for Championship or gamble?

There’s another Transfer window on the horizon, we’re 8 points from safety requiring 11 wins from 22 games having won 1 in 16! SO do we throw big wages at experienced Prem players like Ashley Cole and the much mentioned ADEBEYOR in hope of a miraculous turn around or do we accept that relegation is a foregone conclusion and plan for a summer clearout and re-build?

Equally should we start playing experienced battlers like Sendeross, Joe Cole, N’Zogbia or recall the likes of Cissokho and Baker?


Mourinho or Hazard

Hazard staying and Carlo coming back as manager would be a dream come true for me. Said it a million times, biggest mistake Roman ever made was sacking him. Great manager – wins trophies, his teams play fantastic football and a decent bloke – Basically everything Roman seems to want in a manager, what the hell was he thinking when he sacked him?


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