Your Says of the Day: England panned; worry over Coutinho

Date published: Saturday 12th November 2016 5:30

England: Flatter to deceive against Scotland

England’s display against Scotland and the selection policy comes under criticism, while Liverpool are worried Philippe Coutinho will leave.

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Three wimpering Lions

England are rubbish. I was there last night and we move the ball way to slowly. It’s like every player has to have more than two touches of the ball. The quality of English talent is poor and the only real bright spark is Lallana.

There is no urgency when in possession. Sterling is awful and what Southgate and Pep see in him God only knows. His touch is poor, passing poor, and as for finishing, his miss sums it up last night.

Having said all this, I know it when booking a ticket to watch England so I’m not that disappointed when we win. In summary, good win, another slow and boring performance but a win is a win and it’s nice to get such a win other the old rivals and we’re top of the group


Selection policy stinks

AshCFC, I hope you were joking mate about Sterling being MOTM, he was terrible. Bad touch, poor passing, only two runs at the Scottish defence and generally making fouls out of nothing to spend more time on his backside.

Missed an absolute sitter too. Stones was nervy too in possession.

The majority of the lads played, bar the two mentioned. Lallana had a game of two halves, average 1st but much better second. Classy header by him, needs to be adds goals regularly to his game throughout the season of which I’m confident he will secure around the 8 mark.

Not sure how he beat Rose for MOTM who was solid all night and assisted. If it wasn’t for the very well executed header by Sturridge he had a pretty average game.

So many players, in form, deserving of a spot in the squad that weren’t included (Redmond, Carrick, Austin), too many earning a place on reputation or past performances (Rooney, Vardy).

Kane has just come back from injury has 3/4 of a match and is apparently fit for international duty? Give over.

He hasn’t played enough to be selected and it’s not as if we are playing in a World Cup final so his place was completely unwarranted. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded.


Gnabry regret

Another player misused by the manager, he always had potential but Wenger never really showed much interest in him. I fear Jack Wilshere is going to go the same way and we will live to regret that as well.

The Oracle

On the topic of Gnabry personally I don’t know where all this potential was on show when he played for us yes he looked like he could beat a player but wasn’t any better or showing more potiental then the likes of ox or Walcott.

It’s interesting to see him and his goals assists in the under 20 comp as well as the German league and what he will end up with at the end of the season.

I always thought he was a player with the wrong attitude but similar to Ibe from Liverpool more of a old fashion winger which doesn’t really suit our play, now it’s not unthinkable that he has a buy back clause and if he improves I don’t mind getting him back if he improves the team. Yes and Wilshire and ox are interesting ones this season because if they don’t kick on and prove there worth I can’t see either staying with us for too long.

So all in all some players do need time or a different settling to flourish look at Kevin de Bryune and the likes of Matic.


Worry over Coutinho

Keeping Coutinho is imperative for this club. No man is bigger than the club but we can all see how long it took us to recover from Suarez.

Some might argue that Coutinho is not as important or more disposable than Suarez but I still think we would suffer somewhat significantly from his loss. Dont get me wrong I think Klopp will be smarter than Rodgers in terms of reinvestment if Couts does go but a sale is never really a positive outcome. A

lso we need to end the stigma of being a feeder club. With all the money that we have in English football its time for Liverpool to flex their muscles and give Couts a new contract to fend off Barcelona. That being said if Couts wants to go hes going to go.


Don’t panic!

I honestly have no idea why you guys are even discussing the possibility of a move for him in this window.

When was the last time we shipped out a first teamer in the January window? There is no room for him in the Barca squad, FSG have taken a real hard-line stance on player sales. There is a reason why no other club in the world of footie has recouped as much money as Liverpool in the last 5 years.

He does not even have a release clause so technically Liverpool FC can demand 100 million for him.

The chances of him moving in the next window are less than 1%.


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