Your Says of the Day: ‘Nice guy Lucas has dwindling influence’

Date published: Tuesday 17th May 2016 12:57

Lucas: Doesn't have the pace for a modern central midfielder

Manchester United fans are praying for a boycott, while Roy Hodgson’s 26 causes a stir and Liverpool fans question what to do with Lucas.

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England provisional squad divides opinion

Easily forgetting his numerous Man of the Match performances throughout the qualifiers. Hodgson explained he picked Wilshere on merit and correctly so, he’s the most talented central midfielder available for England at the moment.

Sure based on form Noble deserves to go, but lose out on your most talented midfielder? That’s madness. Barkley, Delph and Henderson has had poor seasons and they’re much less capable than Wilshere yet they’re given a free ride. If anything Barkley or Delph should be dropped in favour of Noble.



Gunn04 – I get what you’re saying but “most talented central midfielder” is debatable. It would depend on the role, so he potentially could be but it all depends on the set up. I hate the fact that our qualifiers were all against opposition that would struggle to qualify and doesn’t give a fair reflection of our ability whereas the recent friendlies did.

I think you’re analysis of the other players you mentioned could not be more correct. The only reason I would take Barkley would be if we don’t we would be seriously down on the central attacking front but again it depends on the set up. Could go for a 4-3-3 interchange with 4-2-3-1 to incorporate the in-form and best players.


Fabian Delph England TEAMtalk

Delph out, not enough minutes for City due to injuries and Fernando coming into form later in the season.
Rashford, sorry its just not time yet, surely a future auto include though. (A ballsier person might send him over Rooney). Townsend, big performances when your team is as good as down are not good enough, need to produce when it matters.

Like to see us take Noble over one of Wilshere/Barkley also but guess that’s not an option at this point. I know Wilshere has that little bit that very few in England have but he’ll be on his way home with another 6 monther after the first game.



How do you solve a problem like Leiva?

He’s a nice guy and good to have round the squad and has been a really important squad player for us in the past, however the EPL has moved on and there are so many pacy powerful central midfielders in the EPL that he’s becoming less influential. In fact he has looked better in the CB position in some games.

Klopp is all about dynamism and the likes of Can possesses this (also add Milner and Henderson into the equation).

Bringing Grujic in looks a great move and provides further ability and strength in there and we are being linked with other midfielders so not sure how many games Lucas would get (you could even question whether Klopp will regularly play Henderson).

So great servant but could be time for further changes.



I honestly don’t know if thats deserved this season, he has been average at best. Show some leadership out there in the early stages of the Klopp tenure but faded shortly after that.

I love him but he needs to be more vocal for the club, not just inside the club but as a spokesman. Show up for a couple of interviews and express himself.

Positives to take from the season, no major injuries and if history is anything then we are in for a very good season from Lucas next season. He is just like Skrtel he needs a season to get going.

He will be needed at the club next season, as an example of a professional and a good athlete. In form he will work his way into the national fold and come up with the goods for us. We will see him withdrawn further down the field, he might even pop up as a sweeper a couple of times.

Klopp would love to make a sweeper system…



No doubt Lucas has been a great servant for us and at times has made that holding role his own, but the sad truth is he is now far to slow and struggles with the quicker players, meaning he is more a liability than an asset. Time to upgrade unfortunately but thanks for your efforts.



United fans looking for a show of resiliance

Now’s the time to do it. If ever there was a meaningless game, this is it, and if United fans actually want old shovel head out, they should boycott tonight’s farce. I’m praying the ground will be at least a third empty but, to be honest, I suspect there are enough out there who’ll be more than willing to turn up.



Seriously hope we lose tonight, not for the fans or the players, but definitely for Louis van Gaal and opening the eyes of Woody Woodpecker to see that LVG is not the man for United.

We not in the Champions League, so we not attracting big players, only more scared of losing players at United who kept United in this season. 63 points, 46 scored and a +12 goal difference is horrible for MUFC, the worst ever under a manager who said he is one of the best in the world. This man is making me sick and I am from Holland too!



Everyday my confidence that he will sacked increases.

He has missed top four which nearly 99% means he has breached another contractual obligation.

The fact that Mourinho is also still unemployed and quiet also fills me with more confidence. If the fans show even slight disapproval today like banners and the like it really makes it a no-brainer for Ed and co.

Hell even if Giggs is appointed, I don’t care. Just fire this man dammit.


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