Your Says of the Day: Fans need to join in ticket price protest

Date published: Tuesday 9th February 2016 12:34

Liverpool fans: Protest led to review of ticket prices

Also, Manuel Pellegrini is not the right choice for Chelsea, Joel Campbell is making Arsenal fans eat their words, while West Ham need to give Dimitri Payet what he wants.

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Liverpool ticket price row

Whether FSG respond by lowering the ticket prices or not, the question remains on their understanding of the sport and the UK culture around it.

It was nice to see someone confirming above just how little the ticket price increase mattered in terms of the clubs revenue and when shown alongside agent fees, it’s a little disheartening.

The fact of the matter is, the price to go watch football in the UK is crazy. Look at German footballs ticket prices and ask yourself why we can’t have that?

If the other PL clubs fan-groups come together on this one, we can drive prices down to where they should be.

I am still thinking that FSG should look to sell the club though. it isn’t just ticket prices as I’ve said above, I don’t think they understand the game at all and no matter how much they might be willing to re-invest in players, it doesn’t matter because they are choosing the wrong ones. We’ll never succeed under them.

FSG Out.


Pellegrini not the man for Chelsea

Personally, I’m not a fan of Pellegrini as our next manager, given the squad he inherited at City and players he has bought in, Mangala, Otamendi, Bony,De Bruyne and Sterling all for big money, whilst their playing style is very good, he seems to make the same mistakes repeatedly and doesn’t seem willing to adapt his style. City can only play one way and usually its more than enough, but when it gets challenging he doesn’t seem to know what to do. Given the big transfer fees, poor record against rivals, zero use of the academy whatsoever can’t say I look forward to him as our manager although I fully respect him.


Campbell ahead of Walcott and the Ox

For me on present form neither walcott or Chambo deserves to be playing on the right-side. Campbell looks more dangerous than both, has equal if not better distribution than those 2 and his work ethic is twice that of Theo and chambo. I slated campbell at first and i am glad to be eating my words, that is an example of how young players should be taking the step up (chambo should take note) Walcott needs to be deployed through the centre and i would drop giroud against Leicester and do just that. Giroud is so off the boil at the moment its painful to watch.
Gabriel i would keep in the team, he hasnt put a foot wrong and his aggressiveness is a joy to see in our team. Might be clumsy sometimes but he offers fight in a team that has none of it.


Palace writing off this season

We need 3 more wins to guarantee safety and the sooner we get them the better it will be for the club to start checking out possible lineups and weeding out unwanted players for next year


West Ham need to pay up for Payet

If West Ham don’t pay him this, he will most definitely get it elsewhere. He and Riyad Mahrez have been the shining lights in midfield this season and I can see both getting hunted down by the big guns.


The resurgence of Stoke City

I’m old enough to remember both the Matthews return as well as the Coates “second coming”. I’m sorry to sit on the fence but I think both were equally significant as far as the long term health of the club is concerned.

There is no doubt that the return of Matthews galvanised the club in a way that few other signings could have done. Gates were low before his return and kids of my age had never even been able to imagine what a crowd of over 20k in the Victoria Ground would look like until his comeback game. There is no doubt that the genius of Waddo and his directors took full advantage of Stan’s return and the next 13 years or so saw a steady improvement in the quality of the team.

However, in those days the playing field was much more level than it is now. Clubs even got a share of gate receipts for away games in the league just as they do now for cup games. That benefited the smaller, less well supported, clubs and helped to bridge the gap between them and the bigger well supported clubs like Everton, Arsenal and Spurs.

These days the odds are much more stacked against the medium sized clubs in financial terms. That isn’t to say that a club such as Leicester can’t come out of the pack and surprise us all. But, in the main, progressing out of the Championship into the Premier League and staying there is a tough ask. So, I think the current efforts by the Coates family are as significant as those heady days in the 60s and 70s which followed Stan’s return. In 50 years time Peter Coates and Stan will both deserve to be at the top of the tree in terms of their impact on the club.


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