Your Says of the Day: ‘Fat’ Firmino must improve; how bad is Walcott?

Theo Walcott: Now a right winger again

Theo Walcott: Now a right winger again

With pre-season well underway our readers have given their scathing verdicts on Theo Walcott and Roberto Firmino, while a new Arsenal captain is suggested and Memphis Depay would “sulk” if he was loaned out.

Have Your Say on any of these issues, or anything else you want to get off your chest.

‘You cannot loan out Memphis, he’d sulk’

I’d loan out Januzaj too. If he can get games elsewhere, get his confidence up and show some sort of form he can come back and fight for a spot. If he fails then let him go.

I don’t think you can loan out Memphis. He’d see it as a negative and wouldn’t try and prove himself. He’d just sulk. He needs to be given games. He seemed to do better last year in the European games so maybe he should be a starter in those games plus the odd league game to get his form going.



‘How terrible is Walcott?’

Oh my god; how truly terrible is Theo Walcott?

The guy just doesn’t see or know the game. He has no awareness that a team mate is overlapping and just doesn’t know what to do when the ball is at his feet. I absolutely laugh at those who suggested we should get rid of Ox and keep Theo instead! Ha!

Ox showed more ability in the game against the MLS All-stars than Theo did since he’s been with us! I don’t care if players are rusty or unfit, what is Chamberlains excuse for putting in a great performance then?

He should be equally unfit and rusty as the rest of them? People think I’m being harsh as its only pre-season but hand on heart who thinks Walcott has got a lot to offer apart from pace?

Even then it’s pace off the ball which is only half way useful…

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Give Xhaka the Arsenal captaincy

I saw Xhaka do more in 45 minutes that a captain should be doing(Organising the team,Communicating) than I have seen Mertesacker or any other current player we have do in their entire careers.

I’m really excited about him,he seems like a perfect arteta replacement. Already looks accustomed to a holding midfield role which is what we needed if anything there.

However, I fear for him.I think Our club just might ruin his mentality over here and turn him into a loser like they’ve done so many players.

Look at Petr Cech, he was a proper leader at Chelsea and use to communicate with his defence all the time. Last season at Arsenal, I literally can’t think of one moment where he’s organising or providing leadership which concludes he has changed at Arsenal.

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Improvement needed from ‘overweight’ Firmino 

Firmino can play as a striker,but I’m not convinced that he should be playing there over someone like Ings,and I don’t think he will once the season gets underway. As the lads have said,Firmino is inconsistent,and tends to drift out of games a lot. Not what you want from someone who is leading the line.

In contrast,Ings and Origi work hard for 90 minutes,and are well suited to Klopp’s pressing game. Firmino has to improve,without a doubt. Coming back overweight is just unprofessional. If I was manager,and he came back overweight,he wouldn’t be playing. Simple as that.



Let Diego Costa go

Personally I believe we should let Costa go – you cannot keep a player that in his heart wants to go back home – his very unlikely to perform as he did in first year- rather find another striker somewhere – Remy is still there but if he also goes than we have to go with the likes of Solanke and co. as 3rd and 4th choices for back-up and who know they may just set the place alight if given the opportunities like Rashford was given.