Your Says of the Day: Gerrard ‘distraction’, Mata wanted elsewhere

Date published: Tuesday 4th October 2016 12:48

Liverpool: New training plans

Jurgen Klopp could do without Steven Gerrard hanging around on the Liverpool staff, while one title-chaser fancies Juan Mata in January…

Klopp doesn’t need Gerrard distraction

Gerrard will be 37 before next season kicks off, his playing days even in the US are numbered and at 37 he’s too old to play for a top club in the PL and playing him from the bench as a bit part player which in reality is the only option merely blocks the path of a developing player.

There is no room for sentimentality in football and Klopp certainly doesn’t look like the sort of manager who would endorse sentimentality.

Other than as a coach in the Liverpool academy I doubt that there is a bona fide Coaching role for him at Liverpool and as bofa rightly says bringing Gerrard back to Liverpool even as a coach might well provide the kind of distraction Klopp doesn’t want or need.

nine nine nine


Juan Mata: Linked with Valencia return

Can Spurs tempt Mata?

OK, only 7 games in and this sort of post is a bit premature (and tabloidy) but what, if any, areas of the squad do you believe should be strengthened?

I know that our midfield options have been bolstered somewhat, but I’ve always felt that Juan Mata would do very well at Spurs. He’s a decent attacking midfielder with great Premier League experience, can also play on the wing, and he’s a good man for the assists. He’s obviously got his issues with Mourinho, so perhaps Poch could show him the love and put in a cheeky bid?



Tottenham: Celebrate their opener against Manchester City

It’s our year!

We will win the Premier League this season!! It’s making me go all giddy just thinking about it.

Obviously we were very impressive yesterday, the depth in the squad is amazing! No passengers this season, everyone fighting for a starting place and the attitude of players not starting is great, no chips on shoulders. Team spirit seems even better than last season and the belief is growing.

You can sense Poch and the players deep down believe they can make history this season, Poch is making the club mentally strong and I think us the supporters need to be a bit bullish and openly say we are 100% in it too win it. I’m not saying we are pessimistic supporters but we often fear the worst, always keeping quiet and just waiting for us to balls it all up.

I think we need to change that mindset to be more inline with the thoughts of our manager and team. Bring them all on, this Tottenham manager, Tottenham team and Tottenham supporters fear no one. We will be Champions come May!

Maybe, maybe not…

…I love the glass half full attitude and I want to be a believer, I really do, but it’s way too early to put the bunting out. I think a bigger indication will be the next game away to WBA to be honest. Going toe to toe with the big boys isn’t an issue, I fancy our chances against any team who don’t set up defensively. It’s the 10 men behind the ball teams that worry me. Have we learned how to break those down yet?

Oh, and not to rain on your parade, you are aware we have exactly the same points from the same fixtures as last season?

I do love the fact we can actually have a serious debate about whether we could be CHAMPIONS or not!! Who would have thought it?

Going to be a cracking season one way or another, that’s for sure!



Laurent Koscielny: Arsenal's last-gasp matchwinner

Arsenal concerns

What frustrated me about Sunday was how slow our passing was. Every player wanted 2 or three touches on the ball before moving it on, as such Burnley found it easy to keep a solid defensive shape.

The Walcott goal against Chelsea started from one touch passing between Iwobi and Ozil, that’s the tempo we need to play at more. I find our playmakers, Ozil in particular, need to move the ball on quicker to score more goals against a defensively minded side.

New Era


Bob Bradley: First US manager in Premier League

All change at Swansea

Harsh to say the least. Not to mention sacking Francesco on his birthday. OK they’ve had a poor start to the season, but they’ve only played 7 games. Crazy. Sacking him after narrow losses to both Man City and Liverpool, 2 games that, judging on their performances, they could have got something from on another day. Were the Swansea hierarchy expecting them to win both of those games then? Presumably the American investors have had a big involvement in getting Bradley in, but even that is a crazy appointment. Why not go for someone tried and tested? What’s Bradley’s track record with struggling teams?

I watched Guidolin’s interview after the game on Saturday, and I have to commend him on his class and dignity. It can’t be easy to lose a game in those circumstances, where his players have lost their composure,given away a late penalty,and then missed a sitter that would have got them a draw,to then have some tool with a microphone asking him about his job security. Credit to him for the way he handled a tough situation. Guidolin won’t be short of offers I’m sure. I can’t get my head around Bradley at all. Why him? Smacks of panic to me


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