Your Says of the Day: Giggs has missed his chance at Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 25th February 2016 12:48

Ryan Giggs: Coach in frame to replace Louis van Gaal at United

Plus, Chelsea would be making a mistaking appointing Antonio Conte, how Man City will look under Pep Guardiola and Liverpool’s chances in the League Cup final.

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Too late for Giggs to be given a chance

I have said this before. United messed up on Giggs big time if they ever wanted him as a manager IMO. They should given him a player coaching role when Queiroz left back in 2008/2009 when he was 34 and he could make his way up. Working and learning alongside Ferguson, Moyes and Van Gaal. Which one would you learn the most from? He has zero experience, yet under Ferguson, he may have had more responsibilities compared to Moyes and Van Gaal.


Conte not the man for Chelsea

I still disagree for Conte’s appointment for the reason I’d mentioned: he won’t be available until after Euro. He won Serie A with Juventus, he is a good manager. However, he is not the right choice for Chelsea. We need to have a good pre-season. We need to have our transfers done early in the summer. Remember when Jose had identified Fabregas and Costa and wrapped up the deal early. We won that season fairly quite far above the others. If our future manager is too busy managing his national team for Euro, he won’t have time at all assessing his future situation at Chelsea and identifying the transfer targets. He may be favorite, but for me Roman A. and friends should think further before hiring him.


Guardiola’s Manchester City team

All pretty depressing on here lately, so in order to add some levity, lets try to predict the team for next season under Pep

Hart / Alaba, VK, Otamendi, Zabba / Fernandinho, Pogba, Garcia / Aguero, KDB, Sterling

In other news, its crazy watching the likes of Barca against the english sides (including us), the Premier League is light years behind the top teams in Europe atm, hopefully Pep and a couple of additions of players who would actually get in to the Barca team will help to address the balance …


City favourites – but Liverpool can cause an upset

If both teams play to their best ability then city will win. They have the better players but im more confident going into the final then the game tonight.

be no supirse if sturridge gets injured tonight and he misses the final. We have to try and exploit cities defensive line when they sit back on the 18th yard and try and play offisde. They use that tactic so well. Kompay really orgainses the defence so well and we took full advantage of him missing in Nov. We have the players to hurt city. We can give them a game. A trophy would be massive for klopp. It doesn’t matter were we finish in the league. Just to win a trophy in his first season would be massive. Tough game to call.

No probelm losing once we give it our all. Last season our performance in the fa cup semi fianl as pathetic. Just dont lose with a wimper. Turn up and give city a game. We need to be at our best.

Sean the sailor

Writing on the wall for Aston Villa

I think Steve Hollis has come in and basically begun evaluating already what the hell is going on under the different guise of ‘helping’ the current CEO, and with Mervyn King now involved as well it’s a perfect time to start sorting out the administration of the club. You simply don’t come into a club at the level he is at in the midst of a relegation fight and basically accuse the players of not being good enough and say the results on the pitch show the recruitment policy has not been good enough when all the architects of the situation are still very much in place. Unless of course that you are firing a warning shot across the bows of the people who are incumbent that you don’t think what they have done is fit for purpose. Not spending any money in January is further evidence, I just genuinely feel sorry for Remi Garde as I actually like him – he tells it how it is, is very concise and talks a lot of sense, he has just been hung out to dry due to the situation and I don’t think we will get to see what he can actually do as a result.


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