Your Says of the Day: Giroud not the man for Arsenal

Date published: Wednesday 30th December 2015 1:03

Olivier Giroud: Not worried by Arsenal goal drought

Also, Liverpool’s need for a new goalkeeper, a refusal to panic at Manchester City and the battle between the broadcasters.

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Giroud still not good enough

Giroud gets more flak than most because he is the striker and we have been blessed with strikers in the past who were able to pull the team through games we were crap in (wright, Anelka, Henry) Those 3 won games with only 1,2 or 3 chances even if we played rubbish. Giroud unfortunately for him doesnt have that ability in his locker. A good striker he is, and when he is in a purple patch he is awesome but when it isnt going his way he is nowhere to be seen and offers less than nothing to the team. This is where peoples frustrations come from. I like Ollie but for me he will and should only be option b, he lacks the quality needed to lead the line for team who ambitions should be to win the league and CL (not just one or the other but both comps). If we had someone’s ability of say higuain, benzema, players who have that ability to score when they only have 2 chances a game we would win alot more. The amount Ozil puts on a plate for our strikers and they dont finish is shameful, and that not me picking out Ollie that goes for theo as well. We need a top striker and we need to spend big on someone who can deliver and change a game, there is few out there who can but we can sign them and should go for them.


Liverpool in need of new goalkeeper

It’s scary how many keepers we’ve had who have just not been good enough. Let’s hope,if Mignolet and/or Bogdan are replaced,the new keepers actually turn out to be good signings for a change. Has anyone else read that Peter Schmeichel apparently wrote to Liverpool asking for a trial before the Mancs got him,but we weren’t interested? Imagine if we’d signed him instead of United


No reason to worry at Manchester City

We have kept the most clean sheets this season so far – 8.

We have scored the most goals this season so far – 37.

We are the only team in England that’s still competing in every major competition.

Not too bad.

Only three points off the top of the table at Christmas and historically our form gets better the second half of the season. I still think City will be champions come the end of the season


BT Sport vs Sky

I have to say coming to the end of the end year, tonight’s studio analysis with Steve McManaman and Robbie Savage have been passionate and first class – something of which I don’t often see with Sky Sports, and Gary Neville is missed, it has to be said.

Carragher has definitely added something, but I’m not 100% in favour of him if I’m honest as he comes across as a bit of a know-it-all when he himself made bundles of mistakes in his early days at Liverpool.

Souness is often stuck up.

Redknapp, I think he would actually be better suited to BT as I do feel he is forced to mince his words and say what he REALLY thinks.

Obviously, Sky Hold a prestige and a history, and they’ve had the challenges in the past against Setanta and ESPN, but it seems with BT Sport, it’s a different ball game altogether and pleasing in my view to see a different Broadcasting network in England being able to screen a portion of Live Premier League matches over the Christmas period.


Baggies to blame for Berahino

Largely agree with you and feel sure he will be sold in January but quite how have we contrived to reach this state with the most successful product of our academy to date? I can’t imagine this happening in quite the same way at any of the top clubs and without knowing what has occurred on the training field I have watched the demise and disinterest of this player with sadness. Pulis has never given him a run in his best position and he is just not equipped for the 40 yard airborne punts downfield that represents our preferred method of attack these days. Not sure what message this conveys to the likes of Nabi but don’t expect to see him anywhere near the first team under this manager.


Hughes deserve another chance at big club

Mark Hughes has improved greatly as a manager and coupled with his vast playing experience I think he would do very well at any club including clubs like United or Chelsea.


Delighted Spurs

The team is doing better than anyone would have predicted and everyone involved deserves praise for this.

Of course, if Chelsea, ManU and ManC had reached their potential this season we wouldn’t be sittin pretty in the table, neither would Stoke, Leicester or Crystal P.

Spurs ain’t playing great week in – week out but we are harder to beat than we have been for a long time and we always seem to have a goal or two in us. Add to that a very young and together squad without drama or unrest being leaked to the press. We have to love it, right?

At least I am!


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