Your Says of the Day: Pep wrong for City; Reds need consistency

Date published: Wednesday 6th January 2016 12:40

Pep Guardiola: No get-out clause

Also, Cristiano Ronaldo questioned over Bale fee, thoughts on the next Manchester United manager and Stoke tipped for win at Anfield.

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Mourinho facing competition for Man Utd hotspot 

Given how upset he was when looked over by Utd last time round it’s no surprise he still hankers over the job. But it will be interesting to see where he goes now. He may need to take a step down.

LVG looks like he is staying for now, may leave in the summer and then it’s not clear if Utd will go for Mourinho, or try for Pep or Simone, someone else or promote Giggs.

If Utd don’t move for Mourinho he may find it difficult to get a top club straight away and may need to take something from the 2nd tier of clubs.


Problems if Man City appoint Pep Guardiola as manager

My concern if he came to City would be that the criticism often levelled at Guardiola (though it may be unfounded) is that he doesn’t stick around very long. What we need is someone who will look at the academy and think ‘these guys are going to win everything with me’

Is he that guy? I can’t see him fancying a complete revamp of the Utd squad either though they probably don’t need that just someone a bit braver than LVG.

If it wasn’t for Soriano and Begiristain I’d say Chelsea were his most likely destination, as it is I think it’s dead level between us and them. Abramovich is evidently keeping his options open by having Hiddink as the interim manager.

For any team though, Guardiola’s only the Messiah if he sticks around to complete the job and the clubs in England have a long way to go before matching the consistent domestic dominance and European performance or a Bayern or a Barca. The dominance on a domestic level may be unachievable here in England now with the TV £$£$£$£.

And what if Pellers wins the league? Bit awkward.


Advice for Ronaldo after journalist told not to report Bale fee

Someone give Ronaldo a comfort cuddle and explain to him the concept of inflation…and that technically he very likely still costs more than Bale. Remind him of his achievements as well. His insecurities should lessen.



Wenger on a mission to continually be thrifty

When he says he’s going to be busy it doesn’t mean he is going to actually sign the players we need. He will buy the Egyptian and that’s it. Wenger is on a mission to prove he can win the PL & CL without spending, he can’t and he won’t but he will still persist with it.

Roger Kint


Berahino behaviour makes him a no-go for Spurs

Everyone knows which position is urgently needed at Spurs.

My only wish(apart from capability of course) is that whoever we sign does not upset the balance, spirit and mindset of our team- all of whom currently play their hearts out for the shirt. If this proviso excludes some “”fancy Dans with big price tags(and wages to match) then so be it! I would have liked Berahino but his “work to rule” attitude at WBA has left me less enthusiastic lest he “infects” our players. Thoughts anyone?



Stoke tipped for Capital One Cup turn-around

Surely Stoke will overturn this result in the second leg. LFC cannot match Shaqiri, Bojan, Arnatauvic, Afellay!



Geoff Cameron red card overturn doesn’t correct injustice

That is great news for us, but it far away from being justice. There is a good chance that we would not have conceded the second goal had Geoff stayed on the field and possibly have got one ourselves. And, Yacob seems to have got away scott free.


Liverpool need to be more consistent

The players should demonstrate their ability week in week out….not just in the cup or 1 or 2 matches in premier league.


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