Your Says of the Day: Gundogan gamble; Giggs can’t cut it

Date published: Thursday 2nd June 2016 1:35

Ryan Giggs: Man Utd settlement reached

Fans share their opinions on Manchester City’s latest signing and the recent rumours regarding Ryan Gigg’s exit from Old Trafford.

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Is £20m for Gundogan a waste of money?

£20m is not a lot of money nowadays (OK it is,but in terms of a transfer fee,given the way they’ve escalated over the years,it’s not a lot). I think the key thing to note here is,if he is injured for a long period of time,City have more than enough players to cope in his absence. On the other side of the coin ,if he doesn’t suffer a lot of injuries, City have a very good player, so if it is a risk, it’s one worth taking in my opinion.


Top player. But is he the type of player that will give us a real edge? Probably not. I dont see him as a better, or even worse player than Xhaka. Although baring someone signing a Pogba like player, Gundogen and Xhaka look likely to be the best midfield recruits in the premier league.


Great player, but the injury is a gamble.

£20m isn’t a lot, but it could turn out to be a signing like Hargreaves, which was a frustrating signing for us.

Pep obviously knows him from Germany, so he must think he is worth the risk.


I’m not disputing Gundogan’s ability, he’s genuinely a world class player. However, I have to question his fitness. Gundogan has missed a significant amount of football over the last number of years and is still facing another five months out before he can make his debut for City.
Given that he can’t seem to stay fit for a prolonged period of time, is this a lot of money for a player who would frequently misses a lot of time and many fans would call a sicknote!


Apparently his latest knee injury should help him be injury free. Whether that hampers his ability is another story. Players who have serious knee surgery do not come back the same players i.e. Torres. Maybe Pep will be able to change his role, Gundogan does have good passing ability.


Giggs has done nothing to prove he can cut it at United

Personally, I’m not sad to see Giggs leave if he decides to go. I think he’s been a great player for us and that he IS Manchester United through and through, but he’s done nothing to prove he’s ready to be a Manchester United manager and I feel there’s a self-entitlement there that’s unwarranted.

If LVG failed in the hot seat, or Moyes who had about 10+ years experience before taking on the job failed, how do we know that Giggs would be capable? Zidane, Guardiola and Mourinho all have earned their big club moves through either working in a management system or going from club to club – what has Giggs done?

Giggs doesn’t need to go and win trophies, but he needs to leave and sample what it’s like to have everyone look to him for leadership. He’ll always be welcome at Old Trafford, and maybe when Mourinho is gone, he’ll have gathered enough experience to take over.


I could not see JM agreeing to have him as assistant knowing he covets the job and would be eager to plunge the dagger in his back.

It is also indication of who needs who. LvG needed the job so gave way on the matter of Giggs. United need JM so gavve way on the matter of Giggs.


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