Your Says of the Day: Hart and Hodgson in England firing line

Date published: Tuesday 28th June 2016 10:19

Joe Hart and the departed Roy Hodgson are under fire from our readers as they pick the bones out of England’s embarrassing defeat to Iceland.

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Joe Hart’s charmed life

Why does he escape so much media criticism – is he related to a media mogul or something?

He is bang average and was crap in this tournament – yet barely any mention.

I blame Gerrard!



No wonder Guardiola wants to replace him

How many calamities does this guy have in him before people start to point out the actual obvious, that he makes errors galore?

Not even a reliable keeper, let alone world-class keeper. He reminds of of Almunia. Great shot stopper who pulled of the odd stunner, yet within him could never shake the succession of calamities.

No wonder Pep wants to replace him. Rubbish keeper.



The manager is the most important team member

Much has been debated on foreign players in the EPL leaving few chances for English players to prosper at the top clubs. That is in a way correct, but Tottenham and Leicester in a way proved otherwise last season.

What is far more important is the influx of foreign managers in the league. If you look at last season’s league table, you have to go down to 15th place, Crystal Palace, to find an English manager.

In modern football, the manager is the most important player in the team. That has been proven time and again by men such as SAF, Claudio Ranieri, Pocchetino, Lars Lagerback and Heimir Hallgrimsson.

With Roy Hodgson out, you are left scratching your heads because in all fairness to Alan Pardew, Big Sam or Eddie Howe, none of these men have any experience at top level. Let alone international football.

It’s extremely important that young and upcoming managers like Eddie Howe get a chance at one of the bigger clubs. Or better; manage in Europe. Unless you achieve that, you’re always going to have a Roy Hodgson as your manager.



‘Hodgson was a clown’

Unblemished qualifying record so he decides to experiment just to accommodate Rooney in midfield, and with strikers as wingers as we start the tournament itself. Madness. The guy was a clown.

Pick players on form, not the clubs they play for or are fashionable.



To all the ‘know it alls’

ahahaha! This is thread is dedicated to all the knowitalls who said Iceland play boring football and will be easily beaten by England.

I was extremely nervous when we drew Portugal and Hungary and when we beat Austria. Tonight I was nervous for 2 minutes, which was the time that passed between the Rooney’s penalty and Ragnar Sigurdsson’s equaliser. And after Kolbeinn Sigthórsson scored the winning goal, it was only closing down the areas and chip in a few fast breaks.

England had no answers tonight and the first indicator was Roy Hodgson’s press conference, when he didn’t even know the name of Iceland’s joint coach, Heimir Hallgrimsson. The second was when we had our first long throw. Usually Aron Gunnarsson will throw the ball to Kári Árnason who will flick the ball on. This is exactly the way we scored against Austria. Luckily for us, Wayne Rooney was marking Árnason who is probaly a foot taller than Rooney. Easy goal for us.

I was and wasn’t surprised by the lack of ideas from England. Now Roy is gone and yet another rebuilding job begins. For us the adventure is just starting. If you’ve got tickets for Stade de France next Sunday, I’d be willing to relieve you of them for a few quid.



A successful Premier League or successful England?

It comes down to this. Do the FA want a successful Premier League,with some of the best players from abroad coming to play here,or do they want a successful England team? Because it looks like they can’t have both.

As Notoriousbingo has said numerous times,the standard of English coaching is miles behind a lot of other nations,and that is obviously a major problem. Harry Redknapp has now said that he doesn’t trust the FA to find a suitable replacement for Owl Face,and I totally agree.

After all,these are the same naïve fools who gave him the job in the first place. And why did they give him the job? Was it because he’s a good manager? No. It was because he was out of work,and consequently the FA wouldn’t have to pay any compensation. A great reason to give him the job (not). The FA deserve what happened last night. They made a massive mistake appointing him,and last night just confirmed it.

England were losing to Iceland (well done to them by the way) and Hodgson couldn’t rectify the situation. Other managers are reactive,and make the necessary changes at the right time to win the game (think Deschamps vs Rep of Ireland).

Hodgson picks players because of which clubs they play for (Wilshere,Sterling,Kane),and stands or sits in the dugout rubbing his chin or face while Neville and Lewington try and get a performance out of his team. And this is the man the FA chose to lead the national team into major tournaments.

The FA got what they deserved. An embarrassing defeat to one of the smallest nations left in the competition,a team that France will send home. By the way,one of the early favourites for the job is Gareth Southgate. I’m so glad I’m not an England fan



‘I just feels like de ja vu’

I always say football is just a game, it usually takes me an hour to get over a poor result. But yesterday’s result has not sunk in yet, no disrespect to Iceland, who deserved it on their day.

As soon as I saw the team sheet, I had a feeling it may not go our way. I have stuck up for Roy, but yesterday he got it badly wrong. I have experienced 2 years of watching a man(Van Gaal) pick a side just so he is not proven wrong and that is what Roy offered this tournament. What made Roy think he could bring the best out of Sterling after a poor season, what made him think Sturridge and Kane could interchange on the wing and striker role, when one lacked pace.

I was Henderson’s biggest critic before the tournament, but I am more than happy to admit he should been given the role of playing alongside Dier after his performance against Slovakia. His decision to pick Sterling as the only winger, when he was one of the worse out wide players last season backfired badly. Antonio, Redmond, Walcott and even Ashley Young, although not great, performed better than Sterling. Wilshire should not have gone, you can tell he lacked match fitness, so why take a gamble.

What disappoints me is, it is the same old story, no matter who is in charge. Poor squad selection, lack of balance, lack of depth in certain areas and poor starting 11. I feel extremely down after yesterdays result. Just feels like de ja vu.



Too soon for Howe

Eddie Howe is an interesting one, but my instinct is to say that he just doesn’t have enough experience to be honest. One for the future, no doubt, but this is just a little bit too early for him.

The more I think about it, the more I think they’ll just plump for Southgate, citing “continuity” or something like that…. ?


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