Your Says of the Day: Has Skrtel always been a weak link?

Date published: Thursday 31st December 2015 4:30

Martin Skrtel: Close to leaving Anfield

Also, why are Manchester United so bad at replacing outgoing players, do Manchester City need Isco, plus some predictions for 2016.

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Skrtel the weak link in Liverpool defence?

Must admit, Lovren has surprised me with how well he is playing at the moment. He and Sakho both look more composed, more decisive. As a pair, they’re playing really well at the moment. I’ve never been Skrtel’s biggest fan anyway, but looking at Lovren and Sakho at the moment, you have to wonder, was Skrtel the weak link in our defence all these years?


Man Utd terrible at replacing players

Why are we so terrible at replacing top players or managers compared with top clubs?

Bayern replaced Mandzukic with Lewandowski, Shaqiri with Douglas, Schweinsteiger with Vidal, Guardiola with Ancelotti.

What did United do? We replaced Ronaldo with Valencia, Tevez with Owen, Ferdinand with Jones, sold RVP and Chica and replaced them with no one, and SAF with Moyes.


What’s happened to Tottenham?

Where’s my Tottenham gone, sitting between fifth and eighth, having no bottle and collapsing like an England battling line up?

I knew where I stood with that Tottenham. All this best defensive record, 12 different goal scorers in the league, never say die attitude.. This is not my Spurs!!!

It’s all great sitting fouth and yes I do love looking at the table, but the hope the papers, football forums are giving me that Spurs may win the league makes me fall off my chair laughing and crying. I don’t want Spurs to break my heart, this hope stuff is killing me.

I’m enjoying the ride, but at the same time I know I will go flying into a brick wall head first. I don’t want to start believing the hype!


Should Man Utd target Pochettino?

Anyone think we should go all out for him in the summer? At both Southampton and Spurs he has been able to get his players to play to a system. High pressing whilst playing good football. His teams work very hard and are super fit. He hasn’t spend loads at Spurs and rumour is Chelsea want him for next season which means we would have to move quick.


Is Isco what Man City need?

I see that we are in talks with Madrid about a transfer for Isco. Do you guys think he is the player we are need? As we already have Silva, Yaya an De Bruyne that can play the playmaker role. Maybe he is the long term replacement for Silva?


Can Benteke be relied upon?

Obviously, he did manage to score, but what the F is going on with him?

Why does a bread-and-butter goalscoring opportunity all of a sudden appears to be a Krypton Factor Assault Course?

In games like last night’s, we NEED to put any remote chance into the back of the net.

We’re too reliant on this man it has to be said and there’s Question Marks.


Predictions for 2016

1) Rooney to score a goal
2) Klopp to physically combust
3) City to win the title
4) Spuds to win the Cup
5) Chelsea to finish 7th
6) Barca to win Champions League
7) England to reach the 1/4’s in the Summer
8) Wales to make the semi’s….
9) Ronaldo to turn into gold
10) Beckham to make 100 million pounds doing nothing (how does he do it?)
11) Pepe to City
12) Marueen to Utd
13) Maureen to leave Utd
14) Giggs to be Manager at Utd
15) Levy to sell somebody and cause a riot.


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