Your Says of the Day: Hazard or Coutinho? United ‘precarious’

Date published: Thursday 10th November 2016 1:10

Hazard and Coutinho: Who is better?

Our readers debate who is the better player between Eden Hazard and Philippe Coutinho, while the dark clouds are gathering at Manchester United.

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Hazard or Coutinho?

Taking off my Chelsea blinkers – I would choose Hazard over Coutinho.

How many players in the premier league can take the ball on the half way line and take on 2 or 3 players?

Hazard is more of a threat as an individual than Coutinho. Coutinho is more of a creative player who sees a pass/run and can thread a ball, and he does have a decent shot from range.

Hazard has proved himself to be consistent over a season and Coutinho hasn’t. Also Hazard was one of the reasons why Chelsea won the league a couple of seasons ago, Coutinho yet to do that.


The difference between Hazard and Coutinho to me is, when Coutinho plays poor, he rarely does something out of nothing. You do not notice as much this season because of the good form of Firminho and Mane. A quality player on his day, but can go missing now and again.

Hazard, when he plays poor, he will do something out of nothing. This makes him on the same ilk as Aguero.

Both are quality players, I would opt for Hazard now.


Unprofessional United

We are in a “last chance saloon” as a club and we have no choice but to trust Mourinho’s judgement. He is clearly upset with the whole setup and I just get a feeling that he is not satisfied with how the club is being run generally – an unprofessional feel.

I remember last season was such a shambles that it became commonplace for us to arrive late for fixtures, unprepared, with Lingard taking selfie videos on the bus and whatnot. The China tour was also a shambles with one match rained out while the hotel and travel arrangements were also rubbish.

I want every football related person at the club to pull their socks up and I hope the board, fans, and Woodward give Mourinho carte blanche to do as he pleases.

He’s the best possible candidate and if we sack him without letting him change things we will officially be a joker club (people are already laughing anyways). Who would we possibly replace him with???

Give Mourinho time and space. If he f**ks it up then hell, at least we tried. If he fixes this loser culture then he will have resuscitated the club after SAF and we are all winners. His ego can take all the glory and we can finally say we are competitive again.

Precarious times indeed.


British is best

I think all of the teams in the Prem should have a solid core of British players. I personally would like to see United start pursuing the best British players ie Alli, Kane, Bale etc.

When you look at teams from Europe like Bayern, Juventus, Barca, Madrid, they all have a solid group of some of the best players of their nation. Do this would also better English players.


Chelsea’s wing-back options

Ake does not appear to be getting games so not sure how, or if, he has progressed since Watford (where I felt he did well).

Kennedy is another not featuring that much but never felt that LB was a good position for him as he liked to get forward too much so cover for Alonso would appear to be more suitable

I would also agree that I see no reason why Willian or Oscar could not do a job as WB. Both can track back, both can get forward and score, Willian would appear to have the better engine but I feel Oscar is better suited out wide. I still believe that they may feature as and when they fully get over the recent bereavements

Not sure of his specific role but Atsu is doing well at Newcastle and so may be another to be considered for the WB role..? KTBFFH


Talking tactics

Right now 4-2-3-1 has been over used, and by playing other formations you are able to give the opposition a set of problems they are not used to, and therefore find it more difficult to deal with. I suspect more teams will now line up with three at the back.

The 3-4-3 formation seems to suit chelsea perfectly and has freed the likes of hazard and perdro to cause defenses more problems. I was initially skeptical about the formation but have now embraced it fully. We are playing some lovely free flowing football, creating lots of chances, scoring goals and keeping clean sheets. Happy days!

Udom Richard Ifeanyi

Remembering the SAS

This squad is better balanced but we shouldn’t underestimate us under Rodgers, charlatan or not – that team was pretty damn good.

Also not sure if Suarez would have played as well as Sturridge, all I would say is that Sturridge whilst not as good as Suarez was pretty damn good that season and setup a lot as did Suarez. They we’re unplayable as a pair. Gerrard also contributed to the offensive play as did Sterling.

So whilst we have a better coach now – both Teams were equally good in there own right.


FA Cup de-valued?

I don’t think our pulling out of the FA Cup was the reason why it’s not seen as a major trophy anymore. I just think that it’s an easy stick for our rivals to try and beat us with. It’s easy to just blame Manchester Utd.

We were given the option of fielding a youth team of sorts in the 3rd round but it was decided that we didn’t want to disrespect the cup by doing that so pulled out completely.

The reason the FA Cup is not valued as highly anymore is because of the lure of CL football and the massive revenues that come from the premier league. The top clubs prioritise the CL so take the FA Cup as an opportunity to rest players and the other premier league clubs focus on premier league survival so see any cup as a distraction or unnecessary injury risk.

Plus the FA having to recoup the cost of Wembley by hosting the semi finals there has devalued the competition.

Does the new Wembley have the magic of the old stadium too?


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