Your Says of the Day: Hernandez ‘perfect’ for Liverpool

Date published: Friday 12th February 2016 4:05

Javier Hernandez: Linked with Liverpool switch

Also, why going Italian is the wrong option for Chelsea, why Louis van Gaal’s language problems do him no favours and why England must overlook Jack Wilshere this summer.

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Chicharito would be ‘perfect’ for Liverpool…

Seeing more and more rumors linking us with him…

I definitely think he’ll be a great addition, his positioning sense and finishing is one of the best in the world, and I think he’s one of the more gettable targets albeit it will be at an inflated price

On the other hand if we are getting a new top striker we would have to sell either sturridge or Benteke won’t we?




…but Benteke must be sold first

He’d be a great signing for us. If it’s a case of having to sell a striker to be able to sign Hernandez,then presumably Benteke will be the one shipped out. Hernandez is a poacher,and if there is even a grain of truth in these rumours,it’s something to get excited about. Whether Hernandez would want to come to Liverpool is another matter altogether,but he’s the calibre of striker we should be going for in my opinion. As Nocturnal says,the fee will be inflated due to his performances for Leverkusen, but he pretty much guarantees goals.



Chelsea must go for Simeone, not Allegri or Conte

If one of either Conte,Manuel Pellegrini or Allegri is to be fronted for the Chelsea job, Allegri will be my last choice in that list. Although he had success with Juventus last season, I wish to remind that at Milan whilst he has won the Champions League, he never left them in good position.

And like Conte he has never worked outside Italy.

My preferred choice is Simone, but all the signals that he had been giving in the last few days suggests that he is in Atletico for the longer haul. Second choice needs to be looked at. Conte is an appealing candidate, and the the drawback will be that he doesn’t speak English, but the same can be said about Simone while his assistant speaks. the ideal situation could have been Conte with Zola alongside him as assistant.

But that won’t happen at least for now. Manuel Pellegrini is also good coach, but being 60+ years of age that will only be his limitation. my second preferred candidate is definitely Conte. if he is out of our reach, then Joachim Loew of Germany, if not available. my 4th choice is Manuel Pellegrini. If we are to move forward tough choices need to be made.


England need to overlook Wilshere this summer

I sincerely hope Jack Wilshere DOESN’T play for England this summer. Arsenal need him more than England do, especially as they have the likes of Alli and Barkley playing brilliantly nowadays.

I agree that Wilshere is more important than Cazorla and Ramsey because when fully fit, he’s the better player of all three with the most to offer. He’s the perfect man to slot into the middle next to Coquelin.

Best possible selection:





Pato the best back-up now to Costa

To be fair, no one has any idea how good or bad Alexandre Pato will be as none of us have actually seen him on a pitch in England.

Remy for me is lightweight and injury prone so if something did happen to Costa then I would look to give Pato a chance first (assuming he is fit)

According to the reports I have read he has been doing 2 training session per day and seeing as he has been with us for nearly 2 weeks now I would like to think he could even feature on the bench tomorrow…? (maybe pushing it a bit but he was keen to prove himself)

I have read that Remy is off to China but only after the PSG game so that would imply that Pato is nearing fitness…? Chelsea/Hiddink would know it would be complete madness to sell our only striker option without having some kind of cover available (bearing in mind they could feel the false no. 9 is an option they are comfortable with..?) KTBFFH



LVG language barrier remains a struggle

It may be his struggle with the language but I can’t help thinking that LVG would be better keeping his replies brief.

His latest, which has infuriated me, is the assertion that Paul Scholes has been responsible for rousing fan ire. Fans have been remarkably tolerant in my view in the face of the most boring football I have witnessed in 68 years a supporter. If we had been more vocal earlier perhaps he would have seen the error of his philosophy and allowed the type of football which is our DNA and which has forged the reputation which we have been rapidly losing.

Big K

Liverpool’s transfer failures

When Luis Suarez wanted to leave, why didn’t Liverpool go all out to buy a striker that had similar playing style to replace him? Who was responsible for this abject failure?

Rodgers on why Balotelli was bought: “…But come the end of the summer when we were struggling to get in the type of player we wanted, the ownership thought this was perhaps a player I could develop…”.

FSG were prepared to give Rodgers time to develop Balotelli into the type of player we wanted, a £50m player. They were looking at this transaction mainly from the commercial point of view. Did a lot of fans wonder why Rodgers persisted with Balotelli for long periods even though we weren’t getting the result?

We had a team on the verge of greatness in 2013/14, and the team fell apart due to those poor buys. Why was no one in the transfer committe held responsible? It is safe to say FSG have the final say on player transfer, not Rodgers or the transfer committee, and they destroyed a team on the verge of greatness.



In response to TT’s blog – Pep was NEVER a United contender

I still cannot understand why anyone (including the commentator on today’s TEAMtalk blog on Mourinho) thinks Guardiola would have given United any serious consideration given that Manchester United have no real relationships with the Arab nations.

Least we forget the cosy relationships between Qatar, Barcelona and indeed Guardiola being instrumental in getting Qatar the 2022 World Cup. Certainly they gave the nation considerable clout when required.

Given that Guardiola has no real relationship with United’s owners while having a constant connection with the Arab block it must be obvious which club to choose. The whole thing is a farce I think but we continue to watch.


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