Your Says of the Day: Is Gary Neville the next Man Utd manager?

Date published: Thursday 31st March 2016 12:25

Gary Neville: Ready to return to Sky panel

Also, why Arsene Wenger should bring Bundesliga ace Granit Xhaka to The Emirates, and Premier League football is back on the menu…finally!

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Bring Gary Neville to Old Trafford

Great timing in my opinion. Sack Louis Van Gaal and bring in Gary Neville give him a 6 year contract to build a new dynasty. He is the perfect candidate in my opinion to replace Louis Van Gaal, he is a Manchester united legend, knows the club inside out, came through the youth system so “gets the philosophy” he will have the right support structure around him – SAF and Bobby Charlton, Nicky Butt etc so everything is there for him to take us back to where we belong.

Tactically he is up there with the best, you only have to listen to him analysing other managers and teams on Sky Sports to understand he knows what he is talking about. Much better than Louis Van Gaal. Come Ed Woodward do the right thing.



Jose Mourinho is a modern manager

Mate you will find that Manchester United love buying young talent for ££££. Jose Mourinho always balances the books on either selling these players for top £££ or promoting them into the team to prominence.

This is where your argument falls to pieces. Romelu Lukaku was sold for good money and Kevin De Bruyne was what would maybe call a miss.

My point is that Jose Mourinho is the quintessential modern manager. He knows what he is doing mate. Your argument is built on an ideal which is mythical – promoting class players from an academy that doesn’t necessarily produce the required levels to succeed at Manchester United.



Watching Liverpool v Spurs in the man cave

Liverpool at Anfield is one of the toughest games left in Spurs’ run in and Spurs probably need the win too. I think the game might turn on the strength of the Liverpool side selected by Jurgen Klopp with Dortmund away coming up on Thursday, and on the Liverpool players having their minds fully on the Spurs clash rather than on the forthcoming Dortmund game.

A strong Liverpool side with the Liverpool players fully focused on Spurs and Spurs will be fortunate to leave Anfield with anything, in my opinion.

I’ve told my Mrs she’s lost me from 5:30 pm on Saturday night as I will be in my man cave watching Liverpool v Spurs followed by Barca v Real Madrid with a nice glass of Rioja. It doesn’t get much better.

nine nine nine


Why would Ter Stegen choose Manchester City over Liverpool?

I just read the story on the homepage, that Marc-André ter Stegen will snub Liverpool to go to Manchester City as back up to Joe Hart. Why? The reason he’s unhappy at Barcelona is because he only plays in the cup games so why would he go to Manchester City to do the same? If the story is true he must have been given guarantees that he will be number 1, otherwise why not stay at Barcelona or come to Liverpool and play every week?



Fans to Wenger: Bring Granit Xhaka to Arsenal

I’ve got an old colleague that works in Germany and seen a few games live and plenty on telly. Granit Xhaka is a good, solid midfielder that is good on the tackle, can move the ball around, and appears to have an awareness of the game in the middle of the park. In my mind that’s really important. He is NOT a DM in the way that we want but I had a long debate about this and I decided that our midfield should ultimately be built around Francis Coquelin and either Mohamed Elneny or another box to box (which could be Granit Xhaka).

We are going to lose a lot of dead wood this summer in the midfield area and I really think that we should be building a midfield that does not rely on a Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere. I’d love to have that British Core (see my earlier post about this) but we need to be realistic and are that they are not the long term future of Arsenal.

Whether Granit Xhaka is worth £35 million is interesting. I’d say no. He is no better than Mohamed Elneny, but he plays in Bundesliga so his price is what it is.

In defense of Arsene Wenger, I’m inclined to think that his best signings are not your Mesut Ozil’s or Alexis Sanchez’ but rather Laurent Koscielny, danny Welbeck, Nacho Monreal and Mohamed Elneny. Didn’t break the bank, we all took the pics but we love them now.

Conclusion – midfield of Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, and Granit Xhaka with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere thrown into the mix and I’m happy.



Chelsea have time on their side in manager hunt

Why is there such a panic…?

Chelsea have a manager until the end of the season and although it is abundantly clear we want a new man in place for the pre season (or sooner if we want to get involved in the transfer market) we do have time on our side.

Antonio Conte seems to be the chosen one and I agree that Chelsea must have done their homework over the court case to have even been bothered to follow this up. Stalker being in Italy is no coincidence but this does not stop other teams making an offer does it…? As Pagan has said, Gary Neville is now available and although that was said in jest (I trust…) the fact is that other managers may also become available before the end of the season.

With the Euro’s taking place I am sure that many clubs will hold off until after them in terms of who they buy in case a player emerges or consolidates their recent club form. Like all, I do not like the uncertainty and would much prefer to get this wrapped up sooner rather than later, but this is a significant decision and appointment that the club will be making so if they take their time to get it right then I am more than happy to live with that.



Cheering for Leicester

Everybody has been expecting Leicester to drop points for months now and simple logic says they surely will at some stage. They’ve won their last three in a row 1-0 and have looked perhaps a little shaky at times (maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part) but they keep grinding the results out. But then again, part of me is cheering for them.



John Terry back in an England shirt

So, certain fish-wrappers are claiming that John Terry could be in line for a recall to the England squad. Assuming it happens and John Terry accepts what do the rest of us feel about it? Not a big fan of Terry the “Man” but as a player I think England could do with him to be honest, those CB’s aren’t looking great right now and a Cahill/Terry partnership might be the ticket. Not 100% certain but certainly leaning towards the “Good idea” camp.


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