Your Says of the Day: Is Mesut Ozil just an assist king?

Date published: Thursday 23rd June 2016 12:43 - Zach Holland

Mesut Ozil: Was the top assister in the Prem last season.

Our readers discuss Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata, whether Mesut Ozil is more than just an ‘assist king’ and also England’s last-16 game against Iceland.

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Lukaku vs. Morata


Those who read my posts will know that I am not that well versed on European football and while some names are obvious and you know about them the majority are not (for me at least)

So I was pleased to get the opportunity to watch the Euro’s and pay close attention to 2 strikers we have been heavily linked with – Lukaku and Morata

OK – it is only 3 games but IMO, I am far more impressed with Morata. He has good hold up play, has a little bit of bite to his game (but it would appear not as much as Costa), he works hard for the team but once he gets in the box he looks lethal. Lukaku has had (IMO) 2 poor games where he has fluffed his lines badly (especially when I assume he is putting himself in the shop window)

While I appreciate that Lukaku knows the EPL well I simply cannot see that paying circa 60m warrants good value. He misses far too many chances and his first touch can be poor and as seen with Everton last season he can just disappear from games

If the decision was down to me, and granted based on only a few games, I would opt for Morata. KTBBFH


Mesut Ozil- Does he do anything other then assist?

Hi lads. I know Ozil is rightly known as some kind of ‘assist king’, but it seems to me that, when he’s not assisting, he doesn’t seem to do an awful lot else. Am I being harsh, or do many of you think the same way? I just look at someone like Dimitri Payet for example, and personally, I’d rather have him in my team over Ozil. It seems to me that Ozil is unpredictable, and you’re never quite sure which Ozil is going to turn up if you know what I mean, whereas, with the likes of Payet, you know he’s going to perform every game, basically show more consistency. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But for the £40+m you paid, if I were an Arsenal fan, I’d expect a lot more than assists for my money.


Hi Suarez: in light of yesterday’s game against Northern Ireland, I was going to dedicate a post solely on Ozil and in particular, aimed at Thespecialone. Ozil was fabulous yesterday, he was the link to everything good about Germany’s attacks. What I especially liked was the fact that he committed a lot of men on their edge of the box allowing others to vacate the space left behind. Of course, he laid on chance after chance for his teammates and this is what I wanted to say Thespecialone, they were nearly all tap ins, he keeps saying how many times have I seen him put the player one/on-one. Yesterday was a clear and fine example, of how many times he put players in one v one positions albeit for wasteful finishing, he would have got at least 3 assists. Actually I read he had 98% passing accuracy and 6 chances created. Back to your post Suarez, I like the fact he picks usually the right pass at the right time, it’s never panicked or rushed. If the game tells him to play the pass, he will do it, nobody forces his hand.

the bsm walk

The problem with comparing Payet to Ozil is that you can only do it over a period of one season. Payer had a great season but didn’t create anywhere near the amount of chances Ozil did, he scored more and scored some screamers but before he joined West Ham he was extremely inconsistent, much like Hatem Ben Arfa. Ozil offers a threat and and his eye for a pass is unrivalled in the Prem as proven over last couple of seasons, he 100% needs to add more goals but if we had a top striker or taken more of our chances last season you’d of seen a dramatic increase in his already high amount of assists. I get why some don’t appreciate him as he doesn’t score enough, and when he does they are never screamers which the likes of payer seem to score but in the final 3rd of the pitch there isn’t anyone else I would want passing the ball. His role in our team is to create and he does that exceptionally better than any other player in the Prem. I’d rather Coutinho than Payet mind you though.


On Ozil we have all seen first hand that he doesn’t look the most mobile of players and can be pounced on by fans alike for not putting in the effort but what he does bring is assist,chances opportunities and angles which I can’t really think of a player in Europe that does in his position. He’s not as good when receiving the ball with his back towards the goal but when he is looking forward there’s no one better and his stats will back that up. Yes it’s easier to dictate play from deeper with everything Infront of you e.g Kroos, Iniesta but no other player lays chance after chance like him. I for one would love him running after players chasing a lost cause like Sanchez but that’s just not Ozil and his languid style will always be the same. On Payet yes he has had a outstanding season and love his trickery along with his belting goals but next season will be a test as all teams have seen him close up and will have a plan to stop him. so give Ozil something to pass to and he will deliver the goods.


Will England struggle against Iceland?

People were worried about England v Portugal. It would be a far better proposition for England to play Portugal because Iceland will sit deep and with England’s inability to break down a defence, England will struggle.

On paper England should win, but Iceland is a tricky preposition, like Slovakia they will sit deep and wait for the break, with Roy’s inept tactics this might be a huge banana peel.

theMartial Art

England have struggled against defensive sides and it’s definitely a worry. Teams will know they can set out to defend and we will be toothless.


I fully expect us to beat Iceland, so far they have been a bit lucky, they adopt defensive tactics and hit teams on the break but they don’t have that many shots. England have generally dominated games but have been a little unlucky in front of goal, our defence is pretty good, better that what Iceland have faced so far. I think our luck in front of goal is sure to change. A early goal would be nice. Then it could be a cricket score!?

Mancity Jim

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