Your Says of the Day: Is Pogba worth a world-record fee?

Date published: Thursday 7th July 2016 1:05

Paul Pogba: May be set for United return

Manchester United fans mull over whether a world record fee for Paul Pogba is the best bit of business, while Wales leaving the Euros and Ibe’s sale discussed.

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Pogba United bound for record fee?

United will look silly buying a a player back for so much money but who cares?

It’s like Chelsea buying Matic back; it’s a bit embarrassing but if United win the league like Chelsea did then no one will care.

He is one of the top 10 players in the world if not top five. He is 23. It’s a massive signing and he is only going to get better. Huge player and what a signing. I think United will break the record to get him. I’d say say the whole deal will be nearly worth 200m considering his wages and signing on fee etc. but again, United have the money so who cares.

Sean the sailor


If Juve get a 100million offer then do you think they are stupid enough to reject it? Money talks.

He’s obviously not worth that much, but United have the cash. Juve would accept that offer within two seconds.



Is Pogba really one of the world’s best players ala Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Suarez, Neymar ect? If Pogba joins United, I’d still rate him blow the level of influence offered by say Sanchez or Aguero. 100m for Paul Pogba, give me a break.

I remember watching the CL final, and he spent 90 mins chasing Iniesta, Rakitic and Busquets. Now you might say its no shame to be outclassed by that Barcelona trio. But then, if your going to be the world’s first 100m midfielder, you shouldn’t be outclassed by anyone.

If Pogba comes to the Premier League, I don’t think he will offer the level of influence the likes of Lampard, Gerrard, Keane and Viera offered. Pogba hasn’t even excelled playing for France. Griezmann & Payet are leading that team. West Ham midfielder acting as the tip of France’s spear. Yet United want to spend 100m on Paul Pogba. 50m tops.

And if it does happen, I can see many United fans being seduced by the price tag, only to be disappointed when Pogba is not out of this world special.



Will we not look like absolute idiots if we sign Pogba back for 100m? Regardless of how good a player he is/could become – are we really going to do this?

How embarrassing would it be for Fergie and the club?


Welsh spirit not enough as Portugal progress

Bale wasn’t amazing in my honest opinion. I’ve seen him play far better for Real, but that’s not exactly surprising when you consider the difference in quality between Real and Wales.

The Welsh lads played their hearts out, but without their most important player just didn’t have the quality.


Not the performance everyone was hoping for from the Welsh Tonight,They can hold their Heads up very High after their overall showing in the Tournament,Just One step too far but they will no doubt be in the 2018 World Cup Finals IMO.


Bale was ok, but like Ronaldo relies mainly on pace and power and the ability to finish off most of the time.

As for Portugal, they had the easiest run in ever recorded to reach a Euro final. I know there are no easy games nowadays but they were fortunate enough not to come across any big name countries.


Feel gutted. Commiserations and kudos to Wales for everything they given to this tournament. Individual quality in Portugal shone through but if the two were to meet again, I certainly wouldn’t bet against the Welsh to come out on top.

It’s been an enjoyable journey and Gareth Bale for me has gone up in estimation – top man.

Regarding what we now have left, ironically, I may end up cheering on Portugal given that I’m not a fan of neither the Germans or the French.



Ibe to move on from LFC?

Looks like we’ve accepted a £15m offer from Bournemouth for Ibe.

A lot has been written about the guy on here recently, where he seems to be heading and his stagnation over the past year. I can’t find the previous threads on it so started a new one.

I feel it is a shame, I think he didn’t have a great year this past season, but at only 20 has shown some great potential.

With that being said, £15mil is pretty decent for a young player with some issues with his recent form. I think he will turn it around and improve. And maybe being away from a big club and the spotlight will help him to do that.

Would this mean that ojo, markovic and mane will be our only winger options this year? Markovic has had his own form and injury issues.



£15m for Ibe is pretty good money for him but I hope we’ve put in a buy back clause.

At the minute we have Sturridge, Origi, Ings, Firmino, Mané, Coutinho, Lallana, Ibe, Markovic and Ojo all trying to fit into 4 positions in order to get games, and that’s without any European football. Thats without even mentioning Balotelli, Benteke etc.

There was always going to be casualties. It’s now looking like we could come to near the end of the window with a pot of money to spend so if a players pops up looking for a move we could be in a good position to pounce. We may even go back in for Götze.


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