Your Says of the Day: Sacrifice Mahrez for Theo; Pogba ‘worth fee’

Stewart Dent
Riyad Mahrez: Brands transfer rumour mill crazy

Our readers discuss why Arsenal should go all out to sign Riyad Mahrez and sell Theo Walcott, how Paul Pogba could be a £100m ‘bargain’ and why investment in youth is a thing of the past.

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Pogba worth the money

Paul Pogba: Frenchman divides opinion


I think its entirely possible that within the first 7 days of the release of Pogba’s shirt Man United could recoup the money paid to Juve. And there’s Wenger scratching his head wondering why anyone could pay £100 mill. for a player. It’s all about maximising business opportunities. Real Madrid have been doing this for 20 odd years; Man United have just started to realise the prospects; Arsenal have yet to jump on the bandwagon.



All I’ll say is that Pogba is a fantastic player and has the potential to improve immensely. He is also a global marketing star for Adidas and hopefully United. Do we not remember that CR7’s shirt sales in the first season brought in over £100m?! Pogba and Zlatan will have enormous shirt sales. Don’t worry about the finances. We need the quality. And Pogba is quality. Reminds me of a more skilful Yaya!



Jose – The manager you love to hate

I absolutely despise Jose. It wouldn’t matter what club he was at, but I loved his meltdowns last season. After the Southampton loss, i just couldn’t listen to him anymore. I dont read anything about him, but I would love him if he was manager of my club as he is a winner. We all have players we loved who opposition fans absolutely hated. Chelsea have Costa, Liverpool had Suarez, United have young – you know what I mean.

Jose is not going to change. He will be still moaning every decision that doesn’t go his way and will ignore the calls his teams gets. He will do anything to win but he for me he is the best tactician in the game. The small details he thinks of that none of us fans would. Zouma on Fellaini always springs to mind when Liverpool/Spurs had been destroyed by Fellaini in previous weeks. He wins big games. His teams can play good attacking football and they can also play out games and win them 1-0.

I fancy United for the league as Jose wont burn his players out this time as they have no CL football. He knows the league inside out. He has got a bargain in mykhitaryan who I think is a much better signing then Pogba. This man is a pure footballer and will take the league by storm.

Sean the sailor


Sacrifice Walcott for Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez: Chelsea-bound?

I would love Mahrez at Arsenal. Imagine him, Ozil and Alexis together in tandem. Mouthwatering prospect….
To push it over the line, I would offer Walcott to Leicester. Maybe subsidize some of his wages for a while. He is on 120,000 a week apparently.
Walcott has no future at Arsenal. His form, confidence, popularity has dramatically gone downhill.
Time to move him on….

Jet 7



Costa to go

The Costa situation is a concern and it is questionable whether Atletico Madrid will pay circa £40m plus for Costa having bought Gameiro for £28m who has quite a similar style to Costa, and worryingly if Costa stays and his head is not right we may get the Costa from the first half of last season.

Even if Costa stays I think we are still a striker short. If we are going to play predominantly two up front we still need a centre back and a left back too with Baba going to Schalke.

I think it’s been a difficult window for everybody with crazy fees being asked for by the selling clubs, but at some point we are going to have to bite the bullet.

The next two weeks will be crucial with Conte back at Cobham after the Milan game on 4/08 and on record as saying that he will be advising the Board who should leave and who should be loaned, and hopefully things will progress from there in terms of incomings.

nine nine nine


My view on Costa situation is that its messy. With 2 weeks before the season kicks off we find ourselves similar position as last season; with neither a central defender or left back signed yet. The Costa situation is threatening to derail our season. If he has his heart elsewhere then we have no choice but to demand as much as we can. I would like it sorted before the season starts.



Stones a risk worth taking?

The biggest concern I have with Stones is his confidence. We already have one damaged English player in Sterling which is hard enough. I still want him though because we simply need to do something, we can’t start with the same back four which were shambolic more often than not last season. I have little confidence in Mangala and Otamendi and all of our fullbacks are over the age of 30. Our defence really worries me.



I think the Stones saga now is , first, City have rightly dug there heels in and given them our best offer. Is he worth it? Like most I am not convinced, however, Pep has a better football brain than me and I would guess he is looking at a player who he thinks would fit well into the plan he has, with some added coaching. Pep maybe right or wrong on this, we all have an opinion but he is seeing something I cannot at the moment. Last season when I saw him play I would have preferred Mangala!!!! We will know, all in good time and at a young 20’s it maybe a gamble worth taking for the future.

Brian blue


Karius injury not a problem

Simon Mignolet: Facing selection battle at Liverpool

To me it’s no big deal that Karius has been injured. Mignolet, despite his occasional blunders, has 2 years experience playing for Liverpool in the Premiership, so no one can complain that we are weak in the goalkeeping department.

In fact Mignolet will strive to play even better knowing that Karius will be after his place when he comes back from injury, and he will certainly not give up his place without a fight. In a nutshell, competition breeds success, and may the best goalkeeper win. If they both perform to the best of their potential, it is Liverpool FC that will benefit.

The injuries to Matip and Skho are more concerning, as we now have only 2 fit centre-backs.

As for strikers, we will not sign any new striker, we are adequately staffed in this department and Klopp plays with one striker most of the time anyway.



Class of ’92 will never be repeated

Very few big clubs churn out youngsters at a regular rate who form part of their first team, or even squad players – most are sold on to make small profits so that they can get in bigger players; Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the only exceptions to this rule as they do have high quality youth systems, however the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus, all English clubs, have one, maybe two regulars in their starting XI coming from the youth team. At United we have Lingard, Januzaj, Rashford, Fosu-Mensah, McNair, Borthwick Jackson, Periera and Wilson who have been in and out of the first team over the last few years, which isn’t bad at all.

People keep expecting to have a Class of ’92 coming through because that’s what we’re used to, but the truth is that no club in history has ever brought in so many youngsters into the first team and managed to succeed over a long period of time (not even Barca’s youth promotion of the likes of Xavi and Iniesta had so many youth team players). The promotion of youth at United is fine.

Sympathy for the Devils


The class of 92 was a dream, it will never be repeated. Nothing more appealing than seeing a academy filled team lift trophies driven by their love & pride for the club. Seems like the galactico way is our way now.



The class of ’92 was the last time our academy created world-class talent. We have never created world-class players since then and that’s a fact. Our famed youth system is a myth.

Januzaj will never become a world-class player, there I said it.

Lately we have seen some better youth products, but it remains to be seen if they can actually make it as world-class players. Funnily enough, our best youth product in recent years is Pogba and we are about to shatter the world transfer record to buy him back. Fosu-Mensah (LvG buy) and Rashford could become great players but they still have a long way to go.