Your Says of the Day: Jose ‘engineered woes to get to Man Utd’

Date published: Friday 27th May 2016 2:54

Jose Mourinho: Journey to Man Utd now complete

Manchester United fans have had their say on Jose Mourinho’s arrival – but it’s not all sweetness and light, while Liverpool fans discuss the missing piece of Jurgen Klopp’s puzzle.

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Jose’s balancing act

Jose Mourinho: Journey to Man Utd complete

Jose is the latest and increasingly desperate attempt to stave off long term decline at the home of shirt changers…

I pointed out that a decline was beginning a few years ago (to dog’s abuse) but it seems to have gained momentum. Maybe it’s a law of football physics that success and popularity like United’s suffers from some law of diminishing returns.

Jose’s reign will be all about results. United need European football, they don’t mind which ugly route they travel to get it.

It will be strange to see them with a tight man marking defence, doubling up on the flanks, lightning pace down the wings, I might enjoy watching them for the first time since the sixties (not that they played like that then).

Unfortunately for Jose he hasn’t got a Sneijder or Cambiasso, or any one of a dozen players from his past that could a job for him, and such players don’t grow on trees.



That is the way football is, most United fans were panning Jose a year ago, saying he can’t build a team, is a cheque book manager, saying he never gives youth a chance. Why not just admit it, you were hammering him when he was Chelsea boss.

As far as Rashford goes youngest ever scorer for United in Europe, third youngest scorer in the league for United, youngest ever scorer in the Manchester derby in Premier League. Rooney was only 18 when he became a first team regular are you telling me Fergie was negligent?



I find it strange that so many United fans are against having Rashford as our main striker purely because he is only 18. Rooney was only 16 when he started and was a first team regular at 18 when he signed for Utd. We made the mistake with Pogba in not giving him a chance and paid the ultimate price. Lets not hope history repeats itself.



It’s clear Rashford is a great prospect but it’s also clear we need reinforcements up front. We’d struggle to find a top class player happy to deputise for Rashford and I’d be against throwing him straight in as our main forward at that age. Signing someone like Zlatan who will only be around for a year or 2, whilst allowing Rashford to learn from him and be ready to go when Zlatan or whoever departs is a great plan in my opinion. I stand by that whether we end up with Zlatan or not. Getting a 24-26 year old absolute top level striker I’d be more against as it limits long term the progress Rashford could make. They’d no doubt be around a fair bit longer



I really get the feeling that Jose is now where he wanted to be all along. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn, years from now in an autobiography or similar, that he engineered his exit from Chelsea once he realised Louis van Gaal was struggling.

If the above is even partly true it’s a bitter pill for Chelsea fans, and will be even tougher if he then starts sniffing around our squad for purchases.



Liverpool’s missing piece

Mario Gotze: Future will be discussed in May

I was sure Gotze was coming – until we missed out on a CL place!

I’m not sure that Klopp made the right selections in our PL run-in as we should have made top 4 without the EL chase / obsession ( but it was a great ride!).


We need at least one top quality signing – I mean £25M+ – and not neccessarily £50M.
At the moment I see Benteke staying.

Not the Porto guy though – we need a player like Sane or Mane perhaps. A new Suarez or a top striker from a Euro 2016 team.
Nolito ?
Who else could come good?
I’ve seen Dzeko linked so could he do a job?



If Marquee signing means expensive or big money signings, I d’rather we spend the money on proven players from La Liga or Bundesliga. For example, Reus, Aubameyang or Suarez (a man can dream). Please spend for the sake of it. Eg, Brahimi or some other big teams’proven flops like Lucas Mora.

If those famous players like Reus refused to join us, just try to sign more potential youngsters. I want to see the unearthing hidden gems ability of Klopp.



We need talent, which doesn’t necessarily mean Marquee. Leicester have already proved that. Problem is the big teams sometimes get lazy and spend big on Marquee players whilst the EPL upstarts are using their dough much more wisely getting more bang for buck.

If Klopp can get the right mix and it can be coached well then anything is possible next season. The fastest and most skillful players don’t always cost £20m+, but some big clubs are (sometimes) pressured into Marquee buys because of sponsor and fan pressure.

I would rather see carefully considered purchases than panic or empty glamour buys. I think we’re gonna have a good summer, Klopp will never have had as big a transfer war chest as he will this summer. He will be excited to overhaul this team as much as we are. I think we are going to enter a few years where the quality of the manager is not important than the players in the squad and I’m glad we got Klopp on board for that ride.


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