Your Says of the Day: Jose proving worth; Klopp to win sack race?

Date published: Wednesday 20th July 2016 1:39

Jurgen Klopp: Swore on live TV

Fans debate the race for the top four and their expectations for the season – with one Arsenal fan fearing the worst, while Jurgen Klopp is tipped by one of our readers to be the first boss to lose his job.

If you have anything to add on these, or any subject, join the debate right here.

Season predictions

The title is not a realistic aim for Chelsea. The top four and reintroduction to the CL has to be our aim. Winning the FA or League Cup might also be on the cards depending on the draw as we’ll have less games than City and Arsenal. Chelsea to scrape 4th…



I’m really worried for the first time about Arsenal not only dropping out of the top four, but quite possibly out of any European competition at all. Every season we screw up and have held onto top four by the skin of our teeth, usually due to someone else having an even worse season – or even some dodgy lasagne.

Had Chelski and The Manchesters had their normal seasons last year, we would have finished fifth behiond them and Leicester.

If Wenger pulls his finger out finally, we could actually win the thing, but in the likelihood that he doesn’t, I’m predicting 5th or 6th at best.

Al The Gooner


I would like to think Liverpool can sneak in to the top 4, but the big spending of our rivals does concern me. I also want a cup run…our semi final defeat to Villa 18 months ago still hurts. I want a trophy!

Hightown hope 


Mourinho already proving worth

Jose Mourinho: Tipped to trim Man Utd squad

Mourinho is going to bring back the “us vs the world” mentality at Old Trafford and is already planning to take all the criticism and hate from both the opposition and the general media rather than letting the players take it. For me that is a very smart tactic from his side as United’s players have suffered tremendously mentally since Fergie left so this will hopefully prove to be better for them.

Sympathy for the Devils


Allardyce the right man

At least with Allardyce you know what you’re going to get, the other managers have just talked the talk and have flattered to deceive. Do I think he is the right man for the job? Well if no other realistic alternatives can be offered then why not. He can’t do much worse than Hodgson and he will at least bring some fighting spirit into the team and crush the divas with a dose of reality.


The sack race

Jurgen Klopp: Room for improvement

Mine is between Mark Hughes and Jurgen Klopp.

Hughes, I do not rate as a manager. I think many of the players he brought in will start to underperform very soon and he never seems to know what to do when they hit a slump.

Klopp, I’m really surprised at the poor transfer activity I have seen to date from him. I really expected such a well respected manager to bring in some hefty names, but so far the names are no more impressive than what Ranieri has landed. Pool need serious investment across the park and I think patience could wear out very quickly by Nov if it doesn’t start gelling.


klopp wil be given plenty of time. Even if we finish 6th. the problem is , he might walk before then as he has already said he is shopping at aldi while utd and city shop at harrods.

no sane liverpool fans expects klopp name alone to be able to attrct top stars. Why would it when have absolutley nothing to offer them in terms of european football etc. We have won one trophy in 10 years. We are shopping in the 2nd tier and have been for yeaars. Klopp needs to pull off a miracle for us to get back into the cl and attract better players

Sean the sailor

Who ever takes over at Sunderland…


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