Your Says of the Day: Jose’s ‘lost the plot’; North London derby jitters

Date published: Friday 4th November 2016 12:55

Jose Mourinho: Unhappy with injury problems

Our readers have gone Mourinho mad after Manchester United’s latest defeat, while the nerves are building ahead of the North London derby.

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Mou problems

As good as Mourinho is perceived to be by many people there is no denying that the Jose that we are currently seeing is closer to the Jose of last season than it is to the one who won the league the year before.

I agree that you dont become a bad manager after 1 bad season but with Mourinho it looks like he has lost the plot. He is like a stubburn old man who wont accept anything other than his own opinion, he is never wrong.

I can only see this ending one way and that is that he will end up walking away. Maybe he should take the Portugal national team job and recharge his batteries a bit. He seems very beaten down, but I think its all his own doing.


Players to blame

Wayne Rooney: Captain not a part of Jose Mourinho's plans

As I have repeated several times already, I am fully behind Mourinho for at least 18 months.

I am still looking at the common denominator here and that means the players (except Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, and Bailly).

It is generally the same squad that has been serving up the dross we have been subjected to for the last 3 years and a knee-jerk reaction like (again) sacking the manager will only solidify the “untouchable” status of these players who are stinking up the shirt with their attitudes.

The only player who seems to care about the shirt is Herrera and that really p**ses me off. If I see a player is not on form then that’s fair enough but to a player who is off form and also has no workrate or passion is vexing – this applies to a hell of a lot of our players.

Mourinho might be past it or whatever but nothing peeves me like players with a bad attitude. There are no on-pitch leaders in this team and we have seen it consistently since the dressing room revolt on Moyes – they are disgustingly overpaid as well.

The club management (Woodward and Mourinho) plus the board better be very careful about how they treat this situation.


Pre-derby jitters

Arsene Wenger Arsenal

Sunday will sure be a nerve racking one as we never do anything easy.

Regardless of Spurs form or past results they always seem to find a good performance against us and not surprised as it’s the derby.

I just hope we can replicate something similar to the Chelsea game and out run, press,tackle and generally show more commitment then them.

I think for the likes Ozil and Sanchez as well as Walcott to deliver on the back of there current form and in a big game. I think the crowd will play a big part and hopefully be even more electric and push our boys on even more.

I think Coq and Xhaka in CM if Cazorla is not fit but would start with Sanchez up top and giroud on the bench if we need him.

Also hope Sanchez doesn’t over do it by trying to take the whole team on or by coming too deep but to stay in the final third and ready to capitalise on any mistake or chance.


Yannick panic

Yannick Bolasie: Watched by Jordon Ibe

Historically a bit of a bogey team for us and Koeman has got them well organised but they are still not the real deal. However, if Barkley hits form then I believe that Lukaku benefits but currently I see the main threat coming from the pace and power of Bolasie.

However, it is hard to argue with the progress we have made. Assuming no injuries then if it was me I would again go with the same starting 11 as they have done nothing wrong.

The confidence has to be growing and we have had another clear week of training to cement the methods and logic of what Conte wants to do plus plan to counter the threat of Everton

Assuming that we go into the game with the same attitude and focus then based on current form I cannot see past Chelsea taking all 3 points and probably by a clear 2 goal margin. KTBFFH


Goals, goals, goals

Liverpool banner (2)

I’d much rather see us win 4-2 than tough out a 1-0 win that’s for sure. I’m loving how we can & usually do score when we put the pedal down it’s great to watch but I’m not fond of the nerves & panic at the other end.

We closed out the Spurs game without any real problems as well so u could say our defence has improved but it’s just that nagging feeling that every time we concede a corner or a free kick around the box we will concede & it’s turning out that way more often than it should. This view that we will simply out score everyone was one I had under Rodgers but it didn’t turn out that way & I think that’ll be the case again THIS season in regards to a title challenge.

With it so tight at the top for & against could be the difference between 1st & second or even 4th & 5th.

Either way I am loving watching us & with no Europe this season we could well finish top 4 & I think that’s when we’ll see some real improvement.


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