Your Says of the Day: Klopp needs five Liverpool signings

Date published: Monday 26th October 2015 1:43

Jurgen Klopp: Manager needs to revamp Liverpool squad

Also, why Manchester United are better without Wayne Rooney, how the media are overreacting about Chelsea and where Arsenal can improve.

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Klopp needs Liverpool reinforcements

The fawning over Klopp by the media is embarrassing. The man needs time and he needs his own players. Carragher is right. We have too many no 10’s. The centre of midfield needs a big strong powerful player. I think Lucas has done well recently. Can has done OK but gave the ball away to much yesterday. We need around 5 players in my opinion which is just crazy after all the money Rodgers spent. A goalkeeper, a centre back, two wide players and powerful central midfield player. Mignolet does OK now and again but he really doesn’t install any confidence in me.

I don’t expect to see any real improvement until he gets his own players in.

Sean the sailor

‘No matter where Rooney plays, he is keeping a better player on the sidelines’

The team is disjointed and lopsided, all to accommodate a misfiring Wayne Rooney for the full 90 minutes, every week. You’ve got a £36m centre forward, lumped out into left midfield, to make way for our ever present two-league-goal striker. If Memphis was performing, he’d be starting on the left, Martial would be upfront and Herrera would be marginalised for Rooney in the #10 slot, where Herrera is infinitely better. No matter where Rooney plays, he is keeping a better player on the sidelines.

United have Martial, Memphis, Lingard, Pereira who can play the positions Wayne Rooney is occupying. As it stands, it makes more sense to persevere with young players who need games to improve, over an underperforming player who worsens by the week.

What is even more bizarre is the hoards of pundits and talking heads, lining up to defend Wayne Rooney, too scared to say a bad word about the national team’s captain. Gary Neville won’t come out and say it because of his ties to both club and country. If Wayne Rooney was foreign, the British media would be slaughtering him. Remember Torres? Falcao all last season? Di Maria? Slaughtered weekly. Wayne Rooney is cushioned by a pillow of diplomacy. Think back to last season’s Manchester derby where United won 4-2. Wayne Rooney barely had a foot on the ball, and Gary Neville called it “silent domination”. It was madness.

It’s as if Wayne Rooney is bigger than the club, and bigger than football itself.


Chelsea crisis? What crisis?

Aside from Matic foolishly getting himself sent off v West Ham and the nonsense that followed ironically there hasn’t been too much wrong with the performances v Kiev and West Ham and the 10 players left on the pitch in the second half v West Ham put in a very committed performance in fact the main missing ingredient in the last two matches has been that little bit of luck which often goes missing when teams are struggling a bit.

nine nine nine

Arsenal jigsaw still not complete

Saturday was a very satisfying win. Always a tough team to play but again we showed that we can grind out wind when we have to. I have always been very honest with my opinions on Giroud. I like him but obviously he has his limitations. He is a very good option when we use him properly and his attitude towards having to sit out a few games has been outstanding. With Ramsey injured and the Ox not performing, my preference would still be to keep him in the side and shift Theo wide again. On the Ox….something is not quite right with him. For the last couple of seasons we have been saying that he needs to break through properly but he seems to be struggling. For me his best trait is running with the ball and committing people and at present he seems to be scared of doing that. Fingers crossed he finds his form again because he has so much talent. A word on Ozil as well. I have been one of his biggest critics on here but I can hold my hands up and say, he is performing so much better of late. Still has a little to do to live up to his pre Arsenal reputation but he is starting to contribute consistently which is what we expected and needed. Long may it continue.


Captain Coloccini needs to shoulder blame

They had nothing until Coloccini gave away the pen and got sent off, so I‘m sorry, Collo is to blame, and he is to blame because he was caught short, he allowed the player to ghost past him, didn’t even follow him with his eyes until the ball was played and then because he was so far behind him panicked and gave away the pen.

That then changed the game because Sunderland had a goal to sit on, and that’s all they did, sit on it, and waited until we gifted them an opportunity to get the second.

Sorry Vodka, but that was all down to Collo, not even a Sunday league player would have let a player ghost past him as easy as that, and no he wasn’t even trying to cover for someone, he was just ball watching and pure lack of concentration.



Pochettino rids Spurs of ‘soft touch syndrome’

Whilst no-one will dispute that we have improved on last season, have we actually “turned the proverbial corner”? I would suggest there are strong signs that we have. Pochettino has addressed the main issue – making us harder to beat. This year we have shrugged off the “soft touch” syndrome which has plagued Spurs for so long. Have to say it was a masterstroke on Poch’s part to convert Eric Dier into a defensive (and creative) midfielder. He plays in this position with considerable authority and its so encouraging to see the ball actually being played out from deep in our territory instead of seeing 50-50 balls being booted up the pitch.We needed Harry Kane to start firing goals in again- (though the rest of his game has always remained excellent). Yesterday Harry made his long awaited scoring comeback- very heartening. And though Harry will not find other Premier league goalies quite as generous as Borus, the three he scored will surely give him some much needed confidence. Lamela is finally turning into the sort of player his price tag demanded and when Son gets back we should be a force to be reckoned with. Am warming to Poch with every game. What do you guys think?


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