Your Says of the Day: Lack of appealing ‘will cost Arsenal title’

Date published: Monday 15th February 2016 1:45

Laurent Koscielny: Booked against Leicester

Also, Manchester United need a five-year plan, Leicester players getting a week off is a bad move and Antonio Conte is the man for Chelsea.

Lack of appealing ‘will cost Arsenal the title’

I dare anyone to convince me that appealing dosent’ have an effect on the ref’s decisions? Sometimes the ref blatantly gives the decisions based on the players’ reaction. We severely lack in that area, and it will ultimate cost us the title.

I would Just like to start off with highlighting the City vs spurs game.The penalty incident.Look at it 3 to 4 times,clattenburg can’t even possibly see the handball,yet gives the penalty based on Rose’s reaction who madly starts pointing that it should be a penalty.Supported by kane and eriksen as well.

Ref got pressured into giving it. And that particular decision wins the game four our mighty neighbours.

As far as Arsenal are concerned,I have to come to the conclusion that most of our fans lack experience in watching the sport due to the fact they always blame the ref and never make the effort to analyse there something might be lacking on our part.

Of course it’s lacking,we don’t appeal for decisions enough and it almost cost us today yet again.Vardy was never a penalty,drinkwater should have seen red card,and most 50/50 decisions all went against us.

Do we ever have the luck where something which is not blatantly obvious that goes in our favour?No we don’t

In summary,It’s not the quality that I’m worried about.We have that.This team lack leaders.They lack unity,the lack the spirit to stand up for their teammates,the lack aggression.Only three players I admire Giroud,Monreal and Cazorla who sometimes appeal to the ref otherwise we have no guidance and I blame wenger for it.

Simply focusing on the game,thinking to play better than the team we are facing is not enough.Sometimes we need to have that bit of luck,and the only way we can have decisions going for us is if we appeal for it ourselves rather than leave everything in the hands of the ref!!

the specialone


Leicester players get a week off – bad idea

Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri has given his players a week off to recharge their batteries ahead of the Premier League title run-in.

“We make a little gamble with my players and they say to me, “If we make nine points will you give us one week away?” he said.

“Now we make just six points but in my mind I said, ‘ok, I was happy with one point from City and one point today – only two points – and we achieved three’.

“I said ‘ok, it’s the same as if you won the match. Go home and we will see you next Monday.’
“They deserve it. They made a fantastic performance. I don’t know where they will go, Dubai maybe? They go wherever they want. I will have one day in London – and then I go to Rome.”

Bad idea IMO. I knew they’d bottle their 1-0 lead at the Emirates yesterday and now’s not the time to be taking breaks. The other title contenders see the recent results as opportunity and will work harder



United need someone with a five-year plan

The problem is that the players identified and signed have been a disaster.

The way the football world has gone there really isn’t a huge difference in negotiating business contracts or football contracts these days. What has changed is the strategy of trying to sign every galactico out there.

In our history we have never been that type of club. Instead of signing players with the right mentality and character we are simply trying to get names to sell shirts.

It seems we get everything wrong. Signing class players like Di Maria who end up leaving because they never wanted to be here in the first place or the likes of Schweinsteiger and Falcao whose best days or behind them.

We also sign players with the wrong attitude like Depay or other players who just aren’t at the right level like Schniederlin.

What we need is to get a manager who knows how to build a team in the long term. No more nonsense 3 yr contracts like that given to LvG.

We need someone in with a 5 yr plan who is supported and allowed to build a proper team. And Mourinho is not that man for me…..



Villa could be relegated again next season

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham have never been relegated in the Premier league era. Throw in Manchester City and you could say these have been the biggest clubs in English football for some time.

For a number of years, Aston Villa have been selling their best players without replacing them with similar quality. Southampton have also sold a lot of good players but the quality of their scouting network has enabled them to stay in contention. Aston Villa’s scouting network seems to go no further than the reserve squads of other Premier league teams.

This season Villa have been appalling, if not the worst Premier league outfit I can remember. Their relegation is only a matter of formality. It wouldn’t even surprise me if they would also be relegated next season.

Aston Villa is still a big club, however. I am old enough to remember them winning the league and the European Cup. They have a big fanbase and the eighth largest stadium in England and it seems what is happening at Villa Park shouldn’t be possible. The blame of course is on Randy Lerner and co. with Aston Villa being yet another bad example of foreign owners that should let people who understand football run football clubs.



Two for one at Specsavers for Kane and Clattenburg?

Clattenburg is a waste of space as ref. I have lost count of the number of times he has directly cost us points. To give that handball was beyond a joke.

I was also left rather unimpressed by Kanes comments after the game: “I saw the ball hit his HAND and so its up to the ref to judge if it was in the area or not.”

No Harry. You did not see the ball hit his hand because A. it didnt happen and B. it wasnt even close to his hand, rather his elbow.

If Kane saw the ball hit his hand then he needs to get his vision checked. Maybe specsavers will do a 2 for 1 special on Kane and Clattenburg?



Conte the man for the Bridge

The thing with Simeone as whilst he is clearly a very talented charismatic coach, he does not fit what our board actually want. Also seems to be extremely happy.

Over the last 5 years from Carlo’s double, we have tried to change to an ‘attractive’ brand of football, the personnel we then recruited have reflected this.

We then bring in Jose who was the wrong fit for the brand of football (imo) & philosophy craved by the powers above.

If our board and even some supporters grow weary of Jose’s nullifying tactics to our rivals / big teams – then what will these same people would make of Simeone?

The next manager needs to fit the system the club wants, all planning and decisions on staff should then reflect this. Simeone imo, just does not fit the model.

Shortsightedness and knee jerk reactions is what has put us in this mess, lets not do it again just because he is a big name achieving success if he is not the right fit.

My choice is conte – tactically great, rebuilt Juve in a very difficult period (how convenient) & may be able to bring us hush don’t say it…. Pogba.

super frankie

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