Your Says of the Day: Lamela’s best to come; LVG asking for sack

Date published: Tuesday 12th April 2016 1:21

Eric Lamela: Best is yet to come

Also, more calls for Man United to appoint Marcelo Bielsa, how Man City can overcome PSG in the Champions League and one supporter’s blueprint for success at Liverpool.

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Van Gaal is ‘deliberately trying to get himself sacked’

That article on Van Gaal and his astoundingly bad tactical blunders really got me thinking about the man himself.

This is obviously a (former?) world class coach, who has been around the block multiple times in a distinguished career.

Before his United move, I bet most clubs would have been clamoring for him to be managing them. Now though, he is making these baffling decisions on the pitch, decisions that any fan from any club can see are beyond incompetent.

It’s like playing FIFA/FM with a friend, and when he goes to the bathroom you swap all the players positions so they are guaranteed to lose.

Why does he do this? Is he trying to get sacked for a payday? Is he trying to be too clever with his tactics? Has the hamster in his brain finally broken the wheel/his legs?
What does he see when he makes these decisions?


The end is nigh for Van Gaal

The end is nigh – both the god-awful season and the disastrous reign of Louis van Goose.

Quite frankly I’m not concerned about what happens in the remaining games. I know the football will be boring and the results will be meaningless. I long for the misery to be ended.

However, as the philosophers say, every dark cloud has a silver lining. And our silver lining may appear in about 5 weeks time when the season is over. By then LvG may have been sacked or resigned, and a new manager announced.

Who ever it may be, either JM or another candidate, we’ll be able to spend the summer (winter where I am) deciding on the best players the team needs after watching the Euros 2016.

LvG recently made a comment that its not CL football next season that attracts players, but the prestige and pay being offered by the club. By that I understood that players have been approached and are prepared to sign for the club in July.

Perhaps the last three years will have taught some fans that nothing is to be taken in football – that even the best of teams and clubs can be faced with situations the fans never dreamed of.

Whilst we are at the end of a calamitous period, we might also be at the start of another magnificent one.




United shouldn’t trust Van Gaal to spend transfer funds

Van Gaal: Hailed a "great performance" from his side

Man United need a new CB, two centre midfielder, a right winger and a new striker – and if the board have any brains they would get the new manager in ASAP. I wouldn’t trust LVG to assess any new players judging by his record and for this reason there is no point looking at potential signings right now unless it’s Jose Mourinho advising who he wants.

Ed Woodward needs to be clued up and sign who we need before the euros if possible.



More calls for Bielsa to replace LVG

Yep, I’d go for Marcelo Bielsa as Van Gaal’s replacement. The thumping and football lesson he gave Fergie in the CL couple of years ago was a revelation. Totally outplayed in every aspect of the game called football. Brilliant stuff to watch if you like football. He will find the right players, he’s done it before with a smaller budget so i have no doubt.

Will it happen? Of course not, Ryan Giggs is the chosen one and Fergie is still pulling the strings.



Midfield battle key in Man City v PSG clash

Exciting game this evening!

Man City simply have to win the midfield battle to stand a chance of limiting their goalscoring chances – Zlatan won’t miss as many as the first leg this time and Di Maria will be up for it.

for me: Hart. Clichy, Mangala, Otamendi, Sagna. Fernando, Fernandinho, KDB, Silva, Navas, Aguero

No Toure, Silva central



A blueprint for success at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp: Wants a Liverpool-Dortmund final

Here’s my blueprint for success at Liverpool …..Confidence and balance. That’s mainly what we are lacking and I believe that is what Klopp can bring back.

Our players are physically capable of winning the league. They’ve been training most of their lives. They’ve been scouted by many professional judges of these attributes from many different teams before they are even mentioned at Liverpool.

They are incredibly skilled individuals, it may not always look like it, but in all honesty Balotelli and Lord Bentner have the physical attributes and natural talent to be among the best strikers in the world. The reason they are not is entirely mental. Granted, somethings (and some people) cannot be taught.

Let’s consider the recent performances from Origi, mainly benefiting from a boost in confidence. Look at Lovren this season he is not playing every game with the fear of messing up, almost a different player. There are many examples, Lucas, Allen and on the other side of the spectrum, Benteke, he now plays with that fear.

Remember our abysmal home cl game v RM last yr. The manager had no confidence in his team. That is contagious.

Many young players spoke about how nervous and how in awe they were to play with or against certain players.

That goes beyond a show of mutual respect.

‘we all dream of a team of carraghers…’

Why? Determination, grit and self belief…heart. Luis Suarez was the perfect example of all these attributes with the exception of the occasional mental breakdown, but his confidence was contagious.

I was hoping we could have won the league cup to breath confidence in our young squad, we still have a cup to chase though.

As for balance, I trust we will see the necessary changes in the summer.

We need a goalkeeper who can drive Mignolet to improve or replace him. Matip may be what we need to galvanize and challenge lovren and sahko. A top quality Cm/Dm and some wingers.

The Fulcrum


Best yet to come for Lamela

With regards to Eric Lamela, I still think he is far from the finished article. He is still very reckless with his tackling and his end product / decision making is poor most the time. Where i cant criticise him is his work rate. He will give 100% in every game. He is still young and will improve but games like yesterday don’t happen often enough.



Thoughts on Chelsea transfer rumours

The papers will be full of Chelsea rumours of players both in and out – and most will be wrong.

Over the weekend we heard Eden Hazard would go for offers over £60m yet on Sunday we heard from Sam Wallace a well respected journalist on the Sunday Supplement with an in into Emenalo that Chelsea want to hold on to Hazard.

Equally on Courtois despite the exit stories that abound today we have the Standard saying last night that Conte wants to hang on to Courtois.

The reality is with all these stories inc the many players we are being linked to is that we won’t know whether they are true or not until we read confirmation on the Chelsea official club site but many of them will be nonsense.

On Ramos I would say that one rests in the area of highly unlikely.

But you never know in football as Jimmy Greaves said “It’s a funny old game Saint”. ps Love your new Avatar.

nine nine nine


Rooting for West Ham to end United’s misery

I am rooting for a West Ham win to take us out of our pathetic misery.

It’s the hope that kills. The FA Cup is a nothing trophy and winning it would serve to paper over the cracks and give this bunch of clowns on the board a straw to clutch onto.

Go Hammers!!


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