Your Says of the Day: Leeds fans excited, but England’s aren’t

Date published: Friday 3rd June 2016 1:17

Roy Hodgson: come under fire after England's recent performance

Fans share their thoughts on Roy Hodgson’s England last night and whether Garry Monk has any chance as Leeds’ new manager.

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England vs Portugal and Roy Hodgson thoughts?

It is typical of another England manager trying to fit the best 11 in to a system again. We have all been here before. He may have been trialing a formation, but he should know what his best system and best 11 to suit that system is by now.

When I saw the starting 11, I thought it was not far off from the best 11, problem was like many, I did not know he was going to play a fair few out of position, which hindered the top players.

Worrying signs that he is still playing trial and error in the final warm up game. When Portugal went down to 10 men, I thought he would change it at half time, yet didn’t.

This is Sven and Capello all over again. Leaving the nation confused on what he has got planned when it matters.


The problem I have is Hodgson’s style. He’s a dinosaur and a lot of the time, he actually takes away the synergy away from the team.

Imagine if that same England team was Managed by Jurgen Klopp. I love his passion and care and that in itself for me is highly important asset.

How many years has this man been in charge? We’ve had ample friendlies. The irony is that we’re winning and we’re not losing, but ultimately, something doesn’t feel right and you don’t see my shouting from the rooftops or eager to display my car flag.


Hodgson showed how tactically inept he is yesterday evening. Any man and his dog knows that Vardy can’t play out wide and that Alli should be in the no.10 position. The balance is all wrong and he is basically winging it.

Did anyone see the amazing elevation Nani got on his “shot”. I have never seen a player as stagnant as Nani, he is still exactly the same as he was when he arrived at Old Trafford – totally inconsistent and hugely talented.


England have won all three recent friendlies, including against Portugal who we haven’t beaten in God know long. I’m not saying we’re gonna storm Euro 2016 but c’mon guys, give Hodgson some credit – he’s a built a team that isn’t all gung-ho and conceding goals and giving away possession like crazy, which is exactly what is needed for an international tournament.

Sympathy for the Devils

We just about beat an ageing team who were missing their best player,and played with a man less for 55 minutes. We had players playing out of position,struggled to create chances,and all the while, Hodgson looked as bored as the rest of us at what his players were serving up. The man has all the charisma and personality of a brick,and is a dinosaur who is stuck in the past. We won’t even get out of the group playing like that.


Looking at the responses, the papers and the social media. You would think England were torn apart. Portugal barely offered anything even with 11 men. England didn’t take risks and as a result they didn’t go a goal down. Play players out of position because he wants to use the talent he has (which a lot of managers do).

For once just once, get behind the team. Don’t sit there and say you give your soul and heart because that’s deluding your self when you turn on them like anything. This is not Arsenal where you can turn depending on the result.

Who cares if they score one goal or two, as long as they win. Some times I think England should just lost for those whiners who like to moan all day. What did you really want? Portugal actually defended well but let’s face it – offered little going forward. England couldn’t hit on the counter, couldn’t push too hard too deep at risk of losing the game. Portugal were shutdown and offered nothing except from set pieces but what happened to that? nothing.

If we are slaughtering our team, I expect Portugal to be doing worse to their side because they were nothing. The stability of our team was good, mistakes were few and it was a friendly.

What I find ridiculous is how people are quick to say “it’s a friendly” or “it’s only (insert team)” when England win well. When they don’t win well, they just win – insert the insults.

I wonder do you guys treat your clubs in the same way? because frankly you are no different to those fickle fans who say that player has talent, then change the week later. Declare manager out, then again change a week later all based on results.

Seriously guys get behind the team for once in your life. Don’t say you do when you whine so much. If I was a player, I’d actually refuse to play international football just because of you whiners. Who wants to play for fans who moan no matter what. You’re all just as bad as the press.


Garry Monk – Not a prayer?

I always felt that the next Head Coach for us would be yet another appointment from the left field to follow on from the likes of Dave Hockaday and Darko Milanic. The mad Italian did not seem to be at all serious about the whole situation and the “do nothing” option was glaring him in the face until the season kicked off and then he would ditch Steve Evans. Chaos would reign once again. But…………

I have to say however that getting Garry Monk in is something of an inspired choice; a darned sight better that the likes of Karl Robinson and Darren Clarke. So I am pleasantly surprised. I just hope he is allowed to get on with what he needs to do, gets supported in making changes in the playing squad and also hopefully keep hold of the youngsters. Considering the ways of MC that is a big ask. We just have to wait and see.

We are still in very choppy waters. Even the steady and quiet start with Adam Pearson on board that we had to last season did not last many weeks so who the heck knows what we are going to get.

Not a prayer? I don’t have a clue! I live in hope.


I’m quite excited by this appointment, I was really impressed by what he achieved at Swansea. He used his experience as a defender to make Swansea solid from the back and that is something Leeds need badly. He’s a no nonsense kinda guy who was always up against it at Swansea as nobody believed he’d be there for long but he proved he was a brilliant manager and earned another season there. He handled himself brilliantly throughout as well. I think his first couple of signings will be a massive tell as to how he’ll be and how Cellino will be this season. He’s the first manager who’s actually got experience in the place where we want to be so he’ll be hungry to get back to familiar territory. If we go up he’ll also know how to keep us up. I’ve felt some of our previous managers could get us there but none could keep us there.I just hope Cellino doesn’t mess things up if he insists on staying.

A LUFC For Life

Monk appears to have potential for sure. He also seems to come across well with the media so seems a good appointment, sadly he is no Moyes or Dyche with experience, but if it works (a big if) he could be a great appointment.

As a captaining centre half he fits the bill for managers who can organise and build a team (I think he replaced the keeper, centre half and striker at Swansea).

So hopeful. The question as always is the loony in charge. I thought loosing Adam Pearson last year was a big step back. He was an experienced and sensible man to have at the club and a foil for Cellinos whims and emotions.

First up, sign Lewis and Charlie on long term deals. Find a goalscorer, then a centre half then a talismanic midfielder.

Not much to ask.


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