Your Says of the Day: Liverpool left purring; Arsenal explode

Date published: Monday 15th August 2016 12:47

Liverpool fans are left purring after scoring four at the Emirates, while United fans make comparisons to LvG and Arsenal fans reflect on another opening day defeat.

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Liverpool leave Arsenal red-faced

Not many teams will go to the Emirates this season, and have almost twice as many shots at goal as Arsenal. Very well executed gameplan and victory for Klopp and the boys.

We are currently weakened at the back with Matip and Karius out, both of who would probably be starters when we’re at full strength. So there was still some problems there but I think that will get better.

Also not saying don’t criticise, just that some people overdo it when it comes to Moreno, like bofa. That came across more like venting than criticism.

j c


Great win. Some stunning attacking play. We all know our issues; we need a left full and we need to learn to defend set plays.

Just delighted we won. It was a great time to play Arsenal but it was still a very difficult match. We did really well to come back into the game and it’s a great win.

Sean the sailor


I like Firmino, but for me, he has to do better at times. Sometimes he can be so frustrating. He has this knack of overplaying when he doesn’t need to, and his tendency to shit out of challenges really annoys me. A cracking little player, but frustrating at the same time. He reminds me a bit of Luis Garcia in that regard.

On the positive side, Coutinho was the little genius that we all love, Wijnaldum impressed me today, as did Klavan.

And Mane, what a performance from Mane! Liverpool have been crying out for a player like him for a long time. He has good feet, tremendous pace, versatility, is willing to run beyond, and in behind the CB’s, commits full backs, can finish, the lad has it all. Phenomenal performance from him today, second only to Coutinho (what a free kick)!



United fans inject dose of realism

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Great three points and great start to the new season away at what could have easily been a banana skin.

Can’t say much on individual performances but one thing is for sure, Jose has instilled hunger into the squad and spirits seems to be high in the camp which augurs well for the whole season ahead.



Granted we still have players to come back, and we were relatively untroubled today, but I do think that we still have a worrying knack for sloppiness in defence at times. Fonte would be good in my opinion because he can add leadership to our back line that has been missing since Vidic left.

I would only count Smalling, Bailly and Tuanzebe as proper CB’s at the club. Blind does well but I don’t see Mourinho sticking with him in that position. I don’t rate Rojo at all and Jones needs to prove that he can stay fit for a whole season. Timothy Fosu-Mensah may not end up as a CB so I don’t include him either.

Squad looks good to me but I’m just pointing out a couple of weaknesses that I noticed from todays performance. That could all change with games of course.



If you want to see a great attacking performance watch Liverpool and Arsenal today.

Our first goal required the defender to f*** up not once but twice. Our second goal was good work from Valencia but it was a miss hit from martial that fortunately made it to Rooney. The third goal you can’t take anything away from Zlatan. Great strike.

I’m happy with the result, just not the performance. First proper game so you can expect to be a bit cagey. Felt like there should be more though and I don’t think there is any improvement in style than we suffered under LvG.



Arsenal lose opener again to instigate meltdown

Let me just start of by saying that even if we do recover from this (which we will not in my opinion), the lack of mentality today was enough to show we won’t even come close to the title.

I mean you’re at home, first game of the season. OK even after you’re 4-1 down we get lucky to score two goals. But then what?With over 20 minutes to play,our players just didn’t seem to care after that. It was like we were time wasting, and we let Liverpool time waste (who by the way showed some fantastic mentality today and they just slowed it down in the end – dirty tactics etc., which is what you need to win the title).

But again Arsenal? What happened we just didn’t seem to give a damn towards the end. It was almost like we didn’t want to get thrashed, but the players(school kids) wanted to impress our deluded manager (Headmaster) to show enough that they tried but in reality they let them walk over us.

The title is definitely gone, and trust me when I say this Arsenal will NOT finish in the top four this time. And it is for real. The Premier League has gotten much tougher.

I mean if Liverpool can do this to us first game of the season, what will happen when we face both the Manchester clubs and Chelsea? Best thing that could happen to us if we finish outside the top four. It’s just sad though that the club makes us wish for such kind of things. Another season wasted…

the specialone


Jurgen Klopp: Gives Sadio Mane a piggyback


The big clubs all have new managers, new ideas and are looking to improve. Whilst we have the numpty in charge, the arrogant self proclaimed ‘Footballing Messiah’ who is always right in his weird world. Everyone and their dog knows we need quality central defenders and a quality finisher but will he do anything about it? Not a hope.

This loser will do nothing, he will blame everyone else and it’s only going to get worse. It will be a long hard winter but I bet Chips & The Gang offerer him another contract and he will bite their hand off.

The Oracle


I don’t see how we can win the title under Arsene Wenger. If he still loves Arsenal, he should step aside and become sporting director or something, let someone who is better than him do the job.



Wenger as sporting director is the last thing we need. All he will do is keep an iron grip on everything and we will end up with a merry-go-round of managers who won’t be able to compete because he is calling the shots.


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