Your Says of the Day: Liverpool legends? Walcott > Vardy

Date published: Wednesday 18th May 2016 10:56

Would the Europa League really earn Liverpool’s players legendary status? Also, Walcott is better than Vardy, and Kross for United.

Liverpool legends?

Will winning the Europa League really make the Liverpool players legends as Klopp suggests?

It’s still a great competition to win. even though it’s Europe’s secondary trophy especially as it now provides entry into the CL and I wish Liverpool all the best in winning it and I’m sure they will too and it may well lead to greater things but becoming legends for winning the EL seems a bit of a Klopp over exaggeration to me but if it inspires the players go out and win it who cares eh?

Best of luck tonight to Liverpool FC and their fans enjoy it.

nine nine nine


Villarreal > Sevilla

Liverpool have already beaten the better Spanish team. Villarreal have been much better than Sevilla over the course of this season. Sevilla are not the same side they were last season after losing a couple of key players. They’ve really put all their eggs in to the Europa League basket though. And it’s the age-old “cup football: anything can happen”.

It should be a great final. Liverpool play with great tempo, aggression and guile. Sevilla play a very disciplined game. Positionally they are very good, and like all Spanish sides, they play the ball so well. Liverpool’s tempo might trouble them though. They are annoyingly impressive to watch. Bloody Liverpool, with their good football and likeable manager. It’s an outrage!


Toni Kroos: Linked with both Manchester clubs

United need Kroos

United need a midfield general for next season, and hopefully it won’t be Rooney.

The best one available would be Kroos. During the completed season his pass accuracy was 95%.

No one else in Europe can get anywhere near that figure. However when LvG came to the club two years ago he didn’t want Kroos, although he wanted to sign for United.

Perhaps JM as manager would consider him a sound investment.



Van Gaal’s got to go

I don’t think you’ll find too many dissenters here with regard to that article.

It’s been clear for a while that there is much disquiet in the ranks with regard to LVG’s reign, both on the pitch and in the stands. Not too sure about the boardroom but I can’t imagine that the Glazers are too happy about losing out on, and these are Woodward’s words, “between £30,000,000 and £50,000,000” for not qualifying for the Champions League.

Add to this the story that reports that De Gea wants out if LVG stays, and he’s probably not the only one.

LVG bemoans the fact that we don’t have creativity and pace on the wings, he had Angel Di Maria and has Depay, both of whom he made look like a shadow of their former selves. He doesn’t use Pereira either, he has lumped the squad with players who are so low on confidence that they couldn’t possibly perform to their max.

The board should be in a position where they can’t do anything BUT fire LVG, but with the shambles that the boardroom seems to have become, we will no doubt be lumped with Lumpy Van Gaal next season as well where we will not qualify for the Champions League, we will not qualify for the Europa Cup, we will not win the F.A. Cup and we will not win the League Cup. In short, we will be more shite next season than we are now!



Alexis Sanchez: Wants away from Arsenal according to reports

Wenger won’t sell Sanchez to City

Wenger might have done a lot of regrettable things in the past,but selling the best players to rivals again he won’t do. Sanchez might be unhappy at the club, but no matter what he simply won’t go to a rival club. And as far as the transfer fees go,you’re right even considering his age £40m is still a joke.

The fact that he is 27, he’s just entering his prime.And I would not accept anything less than £70m considering of course the ridiculous transfer fees thrown around.

Wilshere?I can understand why rival fans do not like him because his name does come up for other reasons than football,but you’re just being foolish to question his talent.
He is the most talented midfielder England have produced in a long time,his only draw back is his injuries.As far as his transfer valuation goes,the fact that he is injured a lot does get it down but I wouldn’t even like to discuss the number because I don’t think he’ll leave,he’s Arsenal through and through and has a certain passion for the club which is yet another reason Gooners love him a lot.

the specialone


Walcott better than Vardy could ever be

Was it not Walcott who wanted to play centre forward?

I tell you which club he would excel at Leicester as he is a better player than Vardy ever hopes to be.

I agree that Giroud was given/is given way to many games when he goes of the boil and also about Walcott and Sanchez not being suited to same team but I reckon that would include Ozil being in the team as well. We then have to many players up top and not enough tracking back unless of course we start to play with two defensive minded players in the centre of the park and fullbacks who dont bomb forward at every oppurtunity. I believe that we should sell Walcott abroad unless we are going to give him some game time. Its obvious after spending 42m on Ozil and 35m on Sanchez that if fit they are in the team. So we have to accept that will be the case as fans. We cannot spend that amount of money on players and have them on the bench like some teams in the EPL and abroad can. What we therefore need is balance within the team. That for me is Arsenal and indeed Arsene’s biggest failing. Going beyond some players who looked good elsewhere who have not been as good for us. Our squad has a degree of balance, just needs some minor tweaks but our starting 11 most games lacks it. In my opinion. Sometimes the best 11 players do not make the best team. Sometimes they do. Even playing players out of position is not going to disrupt the overall makeup of the team as long as other aspects iron out the deficits. This is where Wenger needs a right good kick in the Arsene.



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