Your Says of the Day: Liverpool links ‘farcical’; what Jose mustn’t do

Date published: Tuesday 24th May 2016 1:09

John Henry: Liverpool's owner

Also, Jamie Vardy’s conduct has been called into question, Manchester United fans looks ahead to brighter times but Liverpool supporters are concerned over some of their ‘far-fetched’ transfer links.

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A new era for United

I have to agree with other: David Moyes and Louis van Gaal simply did not have the arrogance needed to replace Sir Alex. Van Gaal is arrogant but nowhere near the level of Fergie. Mourinho will more than fit that bill but I doubt he may have a hold on the FA like Fergie did. The FA do not like Jose but that won’t stop his antics and underhand tactics. Look forward to a press conference dripping with arrogance and bluster. Listen for “I’m at the biggest club in the world the job I’ve always wanted. I am somewhere I am loved”



United are easily the biggest club in England and one of the biggest on earth. You have just come out of a lengthy period of sustained success, winning title after title, cup after cup AND winning with style, with an attacking philosophy and giving youth a chance to develop and shine.

You have the most supporters, the biggest stadium, the most profit making business model. You have every advantage over everybody else.

I’m not sure who defended the word ‘desperation’ earlier in this thread, but desperation IS a negative word and it is a negative thing. If United step back a moment and look at their situation, they’ll realise there’s no need for desperation.

United can make the right hire. Somebody who would respectfully go about doing things the United way and inevitably achieve success doing it. It doesn’t have to be overnight success. Even the great Fergie needed plenty of time to achieve anything.

I know I said LVG had to go, but some of what he did wasn’t so bad. He decided on a style of football and he signed young players he thought would suit the system. Given more time, who knows what he might’ve gone on to do. His problem was the supporters and the media and I guess the board never believed in his system. It was too dull and failed to demonstrate potential for future success.

Maybe the next manager will take what he started and build on it and make it something more substantial.



As long as Mourinho doesn’t do the following I am happy:

1. Register 3 shots on target per game.
2. Score the same amount of goals as Sunderland through the season.
3. Register the lowest Manchester United points tally since the EPL began.
4. Play Ashley Young at striker.
5. Play wingers at fullback.
6. Place Phil Jones on corner duty.
7. Bench Schneiderlin and Herrera for Carrick and Fellaini.
8. Place Phil Jones on corner duty.

I have no idea how Mourinho will do but it certainly can’t get worse.



It’s been so nice not having Mourinho involved with the PL these past 6 months, and it’s been a much better place. I’ve enjoyed watching MOTD on a Saturday night without the ‘pundits’ wetting themselves with excitement because he left before the match even finished, or he berated a member of staff, or refused to shake hands with someone, all so he could have the cameras pointed on himself.

The guy is the biggest clown, now at the biggest circus in town, and we get to sit back and watch the whole thing implode. Can’t wait!



Vardy ‘antics’ tarnish England win?

Jamie Vardy: Will miss Australia game after wedding

I’m going to find it very hard to get behind England if Vardy is playing and continues with his antics. Vardy “won” seven penalties last season and was sent off for diving on an eighth, no premier league team in total were awarded more penalties than this this season.

This in itself is not a “crime” but Vardy has developed this technique similar to how Suarez used to kick the ball at players to go past them, he runs past a player then slows down and throws his legs backwards, have a look at his highlights, its disgraceful and needs stamping out of the game, its just a novel way to cheat and the rules need to catch up with it.



Its not just Vardy and its not just in the box.

The season before i noticed several players cutting across a chasing defender and initiating contact, either for a free kick, or to get the defender booked. Vardy has just perfected it.

The rules/refs need to stop this cheating for next season.



I can tell you all that this is coached at a young age now, and quite frankly there is nothing wrong with it.
Youth coaches teach kids that as soon as they get front position on a defender to cut in front of them. This ensures that the attacker can keep front position as the defender has to curve his run to run around the attacker (slowing him down), or foul the attacker.

Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter, it is a form of protecting the ball. I argued long and hard that Vardy’s red against West Ham should not have been because had he done the same anywhere else on the field it would have been a foul and yellow to the defender. I know a lot of hammers fans over here and all of them agreed, there is nothing wrong with not allowing the defender to get the ball easily.



Liverpool fans far from delighted with rumours

Whether we sign these sad jokes or not it’s looking increasingly likely that the farcical FSG policy including the committee and cheap kids and rejects is going to continue just as before.

We are facing more mid-table mediocracy, false dawns and Klopp will move on after 2 seasons or so. We have the Yank version of Mike Ashley in charge. It’s the arrogant owners who are the problem and we ain’t winning trophies until they sell up.



Klopp won’t stand for their bull**** like Rodgers did. Look what happened when they signed Caulker. Klopp didn’t play him, because he was s**t.

We’re supposed to be signing Chilwell, the young LB from Leicester. We should be spending that money on a proven LB to replace Moreno, not a young kid to provide back up for him. Crazy.

FSG know f**k all about football,yet are persisting with this pathetic Moneyball policy, and just stubbornly believe in it, when all the evidence points to it being misguided and a crock of s**t!



I get your concerns but in the past Klopp has mentioned that he will have the first and last say on transfers.

He would be more likely to pay £25mil for a player on the rise than a 29-year old who has never been prolific in his career.

As for the LB situation, we have Gomez to return and Flanagan who’s yet to be given much of a chance under Klopp. Klopp might want to see what he’s got first in pre season. That said, if we do end up going for Drinkwater I will flip a table. Other than the name, there’s nothing special about him at all. Karius, Zielinski and Gotze look like promising signings if we can get them and apparently we’ve been linked with a German U21 CB as well. Add a winger to this and I think we’re in pretty good shape for next season.


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